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5 Ways to Harness The Power of Self-Discipline and Live Like a Champion

There was once a great champion of a wrestler who would stand on the top of the ropes and say, “Do you smellllllllllllllll what’ the ROCK is cooking?!!”

After saying this, the crowd would go wild.  They would go bananas, they’d go crazy!

But the ROCK is no more, and this isn’t wrestling. Now, there is a great champion of motivation who says, “Do you smellllllllllllll what The STRIVE is cooking?!!”



Harness The Power of Self-Discipline and Live Like a Champion

There was once a great champion of a wrestler who would stand on the top of the ropes and say, “Do you smelllllllllllllllll what’ the ROCK is cooking?!!”


After saying this, the crowd would go wild.  They would go bananas, they’d go crazy!

But the ROCK is no more, and this isn’t wrestling.

Now, there is a great champion of motivation who says, “Do you smellllllllllllllll what The STRIVE is cooking?!!

But I don’t want you to go crazy, I want you to go great!

So do you? Do you smell it?  Do you smell what we’re cooking?  It’s smells like…like VICTORY!

Oh, and it’s a great aroma let me you tell you.  It’s a smell that both haunts and invigorates.

It is truly a glorious smell my friend.


Want to know why the smell of Victory lingers in this air that surrounds me?

Short answer…. It’s because I am a champion.

Long answer, well, do me this favor first, and then I will fill you in.

Imagine if every morning, before you got started on your day, you also had this powerful sense the day was going to be a great one.  You sensed in your bones, excitement and high energy.  You felt great expectancy for what the day held for you.

Imagine, if you always had this feeling, that whatever happened in this day, you would inevitably be better off for it.

A sense that no matter what happened, you could not lose.

A knowing, that whatever you do is going to lead to something great.

Now let me ask you this….

Would having such a sense be appealing to you?  The sense that VICTORY is imminent?

If so, then you must know, it is easier to come by than you think.

And you can have it!

You see, victory is in the air this morning my friend, because of one simple reason.

Because there is work to be done, and I KNOW that I will do what it takes to get it done.

So what’s this work I speak of?

It is the completion of the tasks that will bring me closer to my goals.

Yes! Victory is in the air this morning, and will be here surrounding me tomorrow as well. Why?  Because there is always work to be done.

When I hit one goal, I move on to the next.  Goals are like Pringles to me.  Once you pop….you can’t stop!

But it is not just because there is always work to be done that I feel this way.


I feel this way daily, because of this simple little thing I’ve learned to harness.

It’s sort of a secret.  But really, anyone can harness this if they really wanted to.

It’s a secret that can provide you with the feeling of guaranteed long-term success.

It’s the one little thing can make every day seem as if it has the potential for heightened victory.

But, it is only available for those who have learned how to harness it.

When this secret has been harnessed, every day will appear to contain within it a new opportunity to not only feel like a champion or a success, but to be one.

Are you ready to learn how you too can harness this powerful secret?

My friend, every day I feel victory in my veins, in my bones… I smell it all around me!

This victorious experience is had, because I know what the secret to success is.

Everyday I know victory is one day closer, because I am willing to discipline myself every single day to do something that will one day make victory a reality.  And this my friend, is the secret.

This my friend is something we all have the power to do!

Let me say it again, but in a different way.  The secret is self-discipline.


Don’t get me wrong.  It is not just the thought of being self-disciplined that works.  It is knowing in your gut, that you can execute and apply self-discipline at will.

I have learned how to force myself to do what I must, to strive to achieve that which I wish to achieve.

Oh, and it’s a beautiful feeling!

And you can do it to.

Once you understand the power of self-discipline, you will realize how everything can change for you.

But it is only when you know how to harness the power of self-discipline, that everything will change for you.

You’re probably wondering…

“So then what does it take to harness the power of self-discipline?”

Well, I am about to tell you.

I am going to tell you, because I want you to experience the energy, the vitality, and the feelings of greatness that come with knowing you have what it takes to succeed.  I want you to know that feeling that your success is guaranteed.

In fact, I wish everyone felt this way, all day, every day!  Imagine the world we’d live in!


So, my friend, here are the simple steps you must take to zero-in on your self-discipline.  To harness it, so that you may feel, experience, and be victorious…daily!

Before you get started know that for these steps to work, you must be willing to forge for yourself the right mindset.  Because when all is said and done, your self-discipline is 100% related to your mindset.

If you have a bad attitude about this, it won’t work.  In fact, if you go into anything in life with a bad attitude, you’re usually screwed.  Any who, I digress.

You ready?  Let’s Go!


1. Know What You Want

You got to know what you want!

Knowing exactly what you want, in detail, is the most important thing for concocting the self-discipline required to obtain what you seek.  The more you know about why you want what you want, and the more convinced you become that you must have it, the more likely you’ll be to go after it.

The more likely you are to go after what you want, the more self-discipline you’ll be willing to wield to obtain it.

So, find out exactly what you want.  Go deep if you must.  Because once you know, you’ll never want to stop reaching for it.  By doing this, you will set the stage for perpetual self-discipline.

2. Make A Goal to Get What You Want

Alright, so you know what you want.  But wanting is not enough.  Dreaming is not enough.

You must make up your mind to get what you want.  And the best way to do this, is to simply ensure that what you want is set up as a goal.

Many of the gurus often say, “Goals are nothing more than dreams with a deadline.”

So give your dreams, your desires, or that thing you desperately want a deadline.  And ensure your deadline is one that motivates you to take action.

Now, please, pretty please, don’t give yourself a deadline that is 50 years from now.

“But why not?  What If my goal takes that long to accomplish?”

Because if you do, you will trick yourself into thinking you can coast.  And if you coast, your dreams are toast.

So be sure to give yourself a tight deadline, a time frame that will push you to act, move, hustle.

Do this, and you will add fuel to your fire.  You will effectively be creating the conditions for action.

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3. Understand This Simple Truth About Success.

It is vital that you understand this simple truth about success.

By holding to this truth about success you will be fortifying your mindset.

When you have the right mindset about what success is, you’ll be more eager to chase it.  The more eager you are to chase it, the more likely you’ll be to apply the disciplines to capture it.

So here is the simple truth about success that you must know.

“Success is the gradual realization of a worthy goal.”

Understand this, believe in this, and take consistent action to realize it.  I promise you, you’ll be better off for it.

When you understand that success is both the pursuit and the arrival of an accomplishment, you’ll improve your chances of doing what it takes to make success a reality.

4. Be Willing to Suffer and Sacrifice More for Your Goals

Let’s be honest here.  Easy street is for lazy people.  And lazy people never get the prize.

You must be willing to embrace some suffering, sacrifice, and a struggle.

Make these S-words your best-friends.  Suffering, Sacrifice, Struggle.

When you know you are willing to out suffer others to realize your goal, you will realize you are on the right-track to success.

So how will you know if you are willing to do this?

You must become willing.  You must make up your mind to be one tough son-of-a-bitch.  That’s it!

Strength, toughness, extra effort should be lauded.

Swinish ease, laziness, and extravagance should be looked down upon.

Aim to have a high mental threshold for pain, suffering, and sacrifice.

Force yourself to love labor.  Not just the thought of it, but the actual labor itself.  The harder the labor, the better.  Look forward to the struggle.  Because when you do, the struggle becomes easy.  And when the struggle becomes easy, the doing becomes easy too.

When you are willing to suffer, and when you know you are willing to sacrifice more than others to reach your ends, you give yourself an advantage!

And having this simple mental advantage, is like high-octane gasoline for self-discipline.

Supercharge your fuel for self-discipline, and you supercharge your chances for victory!

5. Become Friends with Time and Embrace Patience

Self-discipline is easy to have when you know that no matter what you do, you’ll eventually arrive.  Such knowing is called patience.  When you play the long-game, and realize that all you need to do is outlast the competition, you will find the energy to do what it takes to do so.

I wish I knew this when I was a college athlete.  I didn’t though, which is why I didn’t go pro.  Had I played the long game, had I made friends with time, I would have had a fighting shot.

So embrace the long-game.  Play for keeps, play until you win.  Knowing that you will play until you win, will keep you wanting to play.

Isn’t this a mind trick?  Yes, it is.

So be patient, play the game, and get to work!


And that’s that.  You now have the means to harness your self-discipline.

Here is a quick recap:

The Smell of Victory Every Morning is a GREAT thing!  It’s a Champion Thing….

To Be Graced by the Feelings of Victory Every Morning Like a Champ. You Must….

Know That You Will Do What It Takes to Succeed

To know That You Will Do What It Takes to Succeed, You Must….

Know the Secret to Success, and be Able and Willing to Harness it.

The Secret of Success is Self Discipline, And The Steps Below Will Allow You to Harness It:

The 5 Easy Ways to Harness the Power of Self-Discipline Are….

  • Know What You Want
  • Make it a Goal
  • Embrace This Definition of Success
  • Be Willing to Sacrifice and Out Suffer Others
  • Embrace Time, Become Patient

Alright, there is your recap.  You’re welcome.

You now have some serious secrets to success, but it’s up to you to decide what you’ll do with them.

If you apply the 5 steps, your self-discipline will grow.

The stronger you embrace these steps, the more you’ll know and trust in your ability to put your self-discipline to work for you.

Before you know it, you’ll be waking up every morning to be greeted by more than just the smell of great coffee.  You’ll be greeted by the smell victory and the power that comes with it too.

Do all this, and you will realize that your victory is imminent!  Do all this and you will become the victor and the champion of your life!

Go forth and live like a champion my friend.


High effort, self-discipline, and fearless action are “my things”.  If you could use a bit more of these life-enhancing attributes, or if you want to be nudged from time to time to start taking action on your goals and dreams, follow me on Twitter.