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Benefits of The Spartan Race

It was around the end 2014 when I decided to sign up for my very first obstacle course race (also known as an OCR).  I decided to sign up for the Spartan Race in particular, because I heard from friends how challenging it was, while at the same time being extremely fulfilling if completed.

It sounded a lot like life.  Difficult at times, but extremely fulfilling during and at the end of the journey.  So, I made up my mind one night to sign up for  the most grueling and physically challenging OCR race on the planet.

As luck would have it, signing up was actually one of the best things I did for my life at the time.   When I signed up I was 33.  I had one kid and another on the way, while struggling to get my new internet startup up and running.  You could say that life seemed pretty stressful at the time.

On top of the stress, I wasn’t exercising as routinely as I’d liked.  I was consuming unhealthy food regularly, and in general I just wasn’t feeling very inspired.  Life appeared to be getting the best of me, until I signed up for the race.

Check out these 5 benefits I experienced from my experience with the Spartan race.  Hopefully you see them as the 5 reasons why you should  run the Spartan race too.

1. Re-ignite Your Discipline Muscles

The night I signed up, I made the decision to go-all-in.  I decided to train to perform.  The very next day I started out on my  spartan training regimen.  I began preparing my mind and body to go to battle, and win.

With that decision, I began an excellent workout routine that I pulled straight from the Spartan website.  It’s a brutal regimen that required much dedication, and a slight tolerance for pain.  I didn’t want to let myself or my teammates down, so I did not waiver from missing a work out day.  The commitment I made to myself to stick to my new training regimen, and the commitment I made to my team to show up on race day, ready to “represent” did wonders for my discipline.

2. Learn to Optimize Time Management Skills

At first, scheduling my workouts was a bit of a challenge.  At the time, my wife was pregnant with our second child, and she was due to have the baby around the same week that my 1st race was scheduled to start.

So, in order to not stress my lovely wife out, I had to create a schedule that worked around her needs (and my little rowdy 2 year old son’s needs).  Thus, I had to be creative with my scheduling, and find ways to optimize every hour of every day.

This forced me to create an optimal schedule that worked for everyone.  It seemed like a challenge at first, but we ultimately figured it out.  The great thing about it was, I learned some new time management skills.  And they were time management skills that I’ve been using ever since.

3. Can Improve Your Business

Having improved my discipline, and being fiercely focused on optimizing my scheduling and activities, I started making more focused efforts on only the business activities that mattered most.  It was like I got hyper-focused on the 80/20 rule.  In turn, I saw an enormous traffic increase for my online business.  The growth was actually quite staggering (1303% increase as a matter of fact). In turn, my revenue shot up as well.

Things were going great. My discipline started to improve, my time management skills got optimized, and my business saw excellent results too!  I began to wonder why I hadn’t started one of these races sooner.

4. The Spartan Race Will Get You into the Best Shape of Your Life

Training for the Spartan race will get you into super-human shape.  I was about 217 lbs. when I first started off on my Spartan race journey.  After my first race, I got down to 202 lbs.

I enjoyed the Spartan Sprint so much, I signed up for two other races, a 10 mile Spartan Super that was to take place 2 months later, and a 13 mile Spartan Beast which was scheduled out 5 months after the Super.

From the Sprint to the Super, I went from 202 lbs. to 192 lbs. of pure muscle.  Then from the Super to the Beast, I went from 192 lbs. of pure muscle to 188 lbs. of lean mean half-marathon running machine.

Not only that, but my endurance had shot up dramatically as well.  When I first started training, I could barely run half a mile.  By the time my first race came around, I was able to run at least 6 miles non-stop.  However, by the time I got to my 3rd race, I was able to run a half-marathon, with 30 plus obstacles in between.

I was able to get into GREAT shape! I was in SPARTAN shape!

5. Reinforce a Positive Mental Attitude

The most important benefit I experienced from getting involved with the Spartan race, was a strengthened mindset.  Training and performing in the race reinforced within me a positive mental attitude. When you are training to be your best, you stop focusing on thoughts that weaken you.  Not only that, but when you are training with other like-minded people, the encouragement that you give to one another reinforces positive thinking in your life.  Those reinforced positive vibes then compound in an extremely beneficial way to your overall outlook on life.


In the end, signing up for the Spartan race(s) was one of the best things I did to get my life back in order.  Yes, it was akin to signing up for a boot camp. Yes the Spartan workouts were hard.  But it was the need to surmount those difficulties that made me stronger.

My commitment to train for and perform in the Spartan race helped me become more disciplined, improved my time management skills, positively impacted my business, got me into great shape, and dramatically strengthened my positive outlook on life.

If you’re not afraid of changing things up in your life, experiencing positive results, and getting a little dirty in the process, maybe a Spartan race is exactly what you need.

Till next time,


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