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Spartan Challenge

I did something quite bold early this week and signed up for the ultimate Spartan challenge.  This Spartan challenge will be a test of will, commitment, focus, and my ability to endure ridiculous levels of discomfort.

On the surface this won’t sound appealing to most, and that’s okay.  In fact, it is because of the ‘off-putting’ difficulty that resides within this challenge, that I decided it must be done.  Preparing to take on this challenge will not be fun.  In fact, it will be very hard, it will be grueling, but ultimately, it will be defining.

The Ultimate Spartan Challenge

So what is this ultimate Spartan challenge I speak of?  It’s none other than this; I decided to sign up for and to compete in the elite class of the Spartan race.  And I made the decision to do so with only three months of training to get into elite Spartan race shape.

In this post, I will provide you with some more context as to why I decided to do this, and I’ll give you some background in terms of where I am at with my physical capabilities.  By doing so, you can join me in my three-month journey of transformation into an elite Spartan war machine.

If you follow me through this journey, you will at the very least get some entertainment out of it.   And at the very most, a bit of inspiration and loads motivation.

The Why

Naturally, you are probably wondering why anybody would decide to run a Spartan race, let alone one in the elite class.  To answer your question on the former, you can read my last Spartan race related post here.  For the latter, the reasoning is a bit different.

The last time I participated in the Spartan races, I recognized massive improvements in not only my health, but also improvement in my mindset and in my business.

With this new ‘arm’ of ‘The STRIVE’ coming into fruition, I felt it necessary to give it the type of ‘ethos’ injection it needs… no, demands, as a mouthpiece for the champion’s mindset, and for greatness.

By deciding to take on such an extreme Spartan challenge amidst my current efforts to support this motivational start-up, along with all my other commitments as a father of two, and husband to one; I am embracing the #strive philosophy of this website.  A philosophy that can be summed up in the following quote by the ancient Greek biographer, Plutarch.

The enemy in this context are the challenges that lay before me, and the overcoming of those excuses that would keep me from rising to the challenge.

The reason why I chose elite vs. the competitive, or open races, is because I aim to be my best.  And there is no better way to force oneself into eating, sleeping, dreaming, and living their greatness, than to associate themselves with the best of the best.  To strive to compete amongst the greats is the foundation of my reasoning.

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The Background

Here is some background to give you some context on how challenging this is going to be on a physical level.  First off, I currently weigh about 210 lbs. and can only run about 2 miles without stopping.   My current pace when running these 2 miles is about 9:57 seconds.  Yes, I know… it’s SLOW, and that’s the beauty of it.  There is massive room for improvement, for growth, for becoming more.

According to my research, the fastest historic course time in the elite race I just signed up for, is 40 minutes for a 5 mile run.  That equates to about 8 minutes a mile.

You’re probably thinking 8 minutes a mile doesn’t sound so tough to achieve; however, these 8 minute miles include 23 punishing obstacles thrown in between.

Obstacles like the Bucket Brigade, which consists of filling up a huge bucket with gravel, and carrying it for a prescribed distance (in my experience, about 100 yards).

Another obstacle for your reference, is the Atlas Carry; which is the lifting of a stone weighing around 70 lbs, carrying it about 30 yards, dropping it, doing 5 – 10 burpees, then picking the heavy stone back up and carrying it back to the starting point.  So, that 8 minute pace with these types of obstacles in between, is in no way an easy undertaking.  Not to mention, if an obstacle is failed, 30 burpees are required.  Oh yes, it’s going to hurt so good!!!

The Means

To get to my desired result of elite status, I am aiming to get my current 9:57 minute/mile pace down to a sub 7 minute pace.  As I write this, sub 7 sounds pretty gnarly, even crazy.  Sub 7 means a pace under seven minutes.  God, please have mercy on my soul.  This is going to be rough.

In order to get this desired pace, I will be using a mixed training regimen that I’ve acquired from the Navy Seals, and the training regime of past elite Spartan racers that are now known legends.  I will provide exact details in future posts if any interest is shown in them.

My diet will become a lot stricter and health focused.  I will also provide details of my diet in future posts.  As for supplements, I will be using my secret weapon for endurance, Shroom Tech Sport, and a protein/creatine blend for post workout recovery.   Lastly, on my long run days, for extra ‘juice’, I’ll be starting back up with my bulletproof-coffee routine.

The End Result

Needless to say, the end result has yet to be determined.  However, the envisioned end result, will be that of a new and improved specimen of steel.   The outcome will be the forging of a new iron will, a transformed body, and the creation of heightened levels of iron-clad self-discipline.

The benefit to you will come through association.  Perhaps this proverb below can sum it up better than I can explain it:

Much time has elapsed since my last race in the Spartan Beast.  With over a year and a half, I have allowed myself to go from a 13 mile-running monster to a 2 mile-running mollusk.

The mental and physical degradation that has occurred over this time frame has come to an end.   My former path of maintenance and mediocrity is now over.  My sights are set on looking only up, and only forward, as I embrace this new path of ascension.

Stay tuned friends, as I surmount this ultimate Spartan Challenge.  Till next time…

Go Be Great!

High effort, self-discipline, and fearless action are “my things”.  If you could use a bit more of these life-enhancing attributes, or if you want to be nudged from time to time to start taking action on your goals and dreams, follow me on Twitter.