Why You Should Embrace Resistance

Using Resistance to Level Up in Life

Not too long ago, I decided to start walking around my house with a 30-pound vest strapped to my chest.  Obviously, I am not doing this just for the fun of it.  I have a good reason.


I made the decision to start doing this to help prepare my body for a Spartan Race within the elite division.

I’ve been using the weighted vest for some time now, but only during my training sessions.  Unfortunately, with my busy schedule, I can only get to the gym about 3 times per week.  As such, I needed to find a way to up the ante.  Some way, somehow, I needed to find a way to create the type of physical resistance that is to be expected of an athlete who shows up at the starting line of an elite Spartan Race.

There’s plenty of science around how resistance training, and using a weighted vest for training accelerates improvements in performance.  In addition to the research and science, one of the best athletes in the sport of OCR uses a weighted vest to train, and seems to wear it everywhere.  As such, to get similar results to this champion, I decided I must do the same.

Leveling-Up in Life

Now, today’s post is not really about fitness and training.  In fact, what it’s about, is self-development. In training my body in the way I just described, and preparing as such for a race, I got to thinking, what are people doing to “level up” for life?  What kind of methods of resistance can everyday people, myself included, use to prepare themselves to perform at a higher level in their work, life, and in their businesses?

In my pondering, I came up with some scenarios where we can embrace the resistance of life, and leverage it to higher levels of performance in our day to day lives.  Because in life, better performance eventually leads to better results, and better results lead to a better life.  And that’s ultimately what we all really want, right?

So here we go!

In the Workplace

For some reason, way too many of us want to live the ‘easy life’.  We think that doing the bare minimum is all we should be doing, and so it’s what many of us do, especially when it comes to our jobs.  In fact, if someone asked us to do something more than we are supposed to do at work, we tend to get all bent out of shape.

We probably initially think the company or a particular department is trying to take advantage of us.

Think about it, if one of your co-workers asked you to do something today that was outside of your normal duties, you may respond to them, “That’s out of my area of responsibility”, or “That task isn’t in my job description”

If you do this, you succumb to the resistance.  You create negative vibes in your workplace, you reduce the potential your organization could have for heightened collaborative performance, and you weaken your ability to take on more.  Which in the long run, means you minimize you potential, and eventually your earning power.

So, a way we could use such scenarios as an opportunity for embracing resistance, would be to extend ourselves to do more than the norm.  By offering up a helpful hand at work, you will create stronger relationships, gain a better reputation, and position yourself for heightened responsibility ($$$).

Home Life

Similarly, you could seek out opportunities to embrace resistance in your home as well.  There is no shortage of moments where we could all do things better within the privacy of our own homes.

For instance, your spouse may typically come to you from time to time and ask for some extra help with chores or a favor.  And you may respond in a similar manner as people do at the job’s i.e., “that’s not my chore.”

Or your spouse may need your ear for a few minutes to let off some steam, and you may feel like you don’t have time or patience to hear your spouse out.

In addition, you may have children, who at times can be disrespectful, ridiculously high maintenance, or messy beyond reason.  And we may respond at times in ways that can convey an acceptance of acting with a lack of poise and patience.

In all these scenarios, we could respond to them haphazardly.  We could just go through the motions and show our disdain for having to do them.  But in doing so, we slowly create walls in the relationships that matter most to us.  We may also start in motion the seeds of bitterness and pent-up resentment.  The type of resentment we see play out in every other marriage that ends in divorce.

Or, we could embrace the struggle, the resistance that comes with the territory.

We could eagerly leap at any opportunities our spouses provide us with to be a better teammate, a better partner.  We could also make the extra effort to be 100% present when our spouse needs our attention.  Showing them that we still do care about what they think and feel, and that we are still as interested in them now as the day we met them.

For our kids, we can fully embrace those frustrating moments they give to us, to create the patience that we hope they will one day come to practice.

There is plenty of resistance within the confines of our private lives that we can use to become the superstar spouse or parent that we all want to be.

In Business

The day to day operations of a business has many moments and angles of resistance that we can use to eventually become Rockstars in our business.

From irate customers to negative employees, there are tons of opportunities to embrace the resistance and fine-tune our patience and people-skills.  If customers are angry or frustrated, it just means there is some serious work that needs to be done on our products or service.  Changes that can be made to ensure that next time, that customer will only experience delight.

When our businesses don’t provide us with the results we anticipated, they give us opportunities to become more resilient.  It also equally gives us the opportunity to become more creative and try new approaches to bring us the results we desire.  Of course, these mentioned opportunities are only opportunities if action is taken to utilize the resistance for your benefit.

The list of opportunities for embracing the resistance that occurs within the running of a business can be endless.  So, for purposes of brevity, I won’t go further.


Like my wearing of a weighted vest beyond my three days of training to level up my performance as an athlete, so to, must we seek out additional opportunities for embracing resistance in our lives.

If we want to move from ordinary to extraordinary in anything, then we must seek to maximize and embrace the inherent resistances found in our lives.  Some way, somehow, we must find more instances to leverage the resistance in our lives to become the world-class person we know we can be.

These are but a few examples that we can all learn from to “level up” our lives.  It is by no means an exhaustive list.  It is just enough examples to help you get the ball rolling.  Starting points to help you seek out and find the resistances that your self-development calls for, the ones that if embraced, will help you to level-up your life.


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