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The Surge: A Secret Path to Success

The little known secret that champions use to succeed.



Welcome to episode 12 of The Greatness Project.  In this session, I discuss a little known secret that only a small group of elite athletes and professionals know about.  It is an abstract concept, but it is truly a viable path to success if understood and embraced.


Today my friends….I want to talk about how to WIN…when the chances of winning seem to fade!  Today, we’re going to talk about a secret path to success.

I’ve studied the best of the best for some time now…..and a lot of my findings have been a handful of great advice on how to get better, persevere, think positively, make goals, stick to them etc….

But what I feel many of them have left out…. And least in my opinion, is a visceral aspect that I think needs to be told, a visceral aspect that needs to be communicated for how to WIN…..a visceral aspect that I call the SURGE.

I want to go over the Deep feelings and mental hurdles that we must experience and be prepared to tackle…  if we wish to WIN and OVERCOME more in life.   Especially for those who may currently be in a position where they feel like throwing in the towel or giving up …

Understanding this perspective can be helpful to anyone… be it in a sports,  training, your job, or in business…. Writing a book… whatever project it may be.

All in all… It’s a champion perspective….. and being a champion is something that happens both on and off the field….. in business, during business, and even on our off days!


Seth Godin has a great book, called The Dip, which discusses how to know when we should quit….and extols how it can actually be a good strategy for one’s career and life.

It’s a fantastic book… and it reveals excellent insights on finding out how to determine when we should quit….   so that we can start something that we have better odds of winning at, and when we shouldn’t!

He also talks a bit about how the path to success is to get through the dip… which is where the real WINNING is done.

So Today, I want to expand on getting through the dip, through the tough times, through the HURT.   I want to discuss how to flip the switch, how to win…. especially when we find ourselves in this so-called dip, the place that all too many of us have found ourselves in at some point in our lives….  Especially in those times when we start to wonder if we should quit.

Now what I going to say today may or may not work for you….  It’s simply what I’ve found to be true in my experiences.

Expanding on the dip… I want to talk about what I call The Surge!

So here are some examples of where the surge can be found…

  • Training:
    • After you’ve completed 4 out of 6 sets of an endurance training, but you want to stop
    • When you’re conditioning, and everyone else is slowing down, and you want to as well.
  • Blogging:
    • When you start feeling like all that you’re doing is in vain, that’s the dip, that’s the pain. It is at this moment that you must dig deep, and surge.
  • Applying for that job:
    • Tired of sending out resumes…tired of jumping through hoops….  It’s at those moments, when you need to surge.  The game is on the championship is on the line….you’re moment is now, you must rise up, and push through!!!
  • Writing a Book:
    • You’ve written three chapters, and have realized how time consuming and painstaking this whole book writing process can be.
  • Working on a Project:
    • The project could be any project, but when boredom hits or you feel you are in over your head and want out.


Ray Lewis has this quote where he said “Effort is between You and You.”  Meaning, only you know if you are giving that thing you are working towards the appropriate effort levels for you to succeed at it….

I believe we all have this Well of infinite strength, infinite power within us…. We just have to want what we want bad enough….and when we do want what we want bad enough, we tap that well.

We tap that infinite strength, we tap that infinite power…  and it is almost as if it is by some stroke of magic, we find the energy, the enthusiasm, the strength to press on even harder and more intensely than we could have ever imagined…. That’s the SURGE my friends!  And the surge, is the secret path to success.

The Surge is almost like this magical and powerful 2nd wind that only appears, after we’ve swallowed the suffering that comes with deciding to move forward!

When we prefer the ease of something over the pain it will take to get it, then quitting is the only option….. but if we’re prepared to accept and ASSAULT THE PAIN….   Then the surge is bound to come forth… and with that surge your ultimate victory!

When you feel you have nothing left to give…  is the moment when you have everything left to give, you have to know, that you always have something left to give… and you must give THAT.   When you give that thing that you feel you don’t have… is the moment you embrace the surge…. It’s the moment when you will start to win!!  The moment when the path to success becomes clear.


You have a champion inside of you my friend. There is tons of winning to be had in your life.  And the best of what you have to give, is going to need to pass through the forest of pain… that dip, before it will bring you the benefit OR glory that you seek.. and I want to help you get there!!

So who was this episode for?  This episode is for anyone interested in following the path to success, this episode is for…

The underdog, the fighter, the outcast, the person who has always wanted to WIN, but has yet to find out how.  This episode is for the person who has always won, but has recently forgot how to.  This episode is for those who are over getting told its okay to throw their hands up in the air… to quit.  It is for the winners who want to keep on winning!  This show is meant for YOU!


I created this episode because we are on the same team….  When you find a way to win, to express your greatness… we all WIN.  You, your family, the world, and by extension me!

Let’s do this Friends… when you find yourself down… hurting, not wanting to get up….. feeling as if you have nothing left to give.  Remember, you always have something left to give… so GIVE IT.   SURGE!!!!

Thanks for your attention my friends….

Keep striving, keep moving forward towards your ultimate victories in life… and GO GREAT!!!!!

Resources Mentioned:

Book:  The Dip

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