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Top 5 Video Marketing Ideas That Can Help Your Venture Grow



Video Marketing Ideas

The marketing strategies of most businesses aim at being recognized for the things that set them apart. To achieve this, brands are in a constant pursuit to strike a chord with their target group. With an average internet user watching over 100 minutes of video content every day, video is the best window for consumers to see a business.

In today’s world, when a business promotes themselves through video, they effectively convey the reasons why a potential customer must trust them. This gives the customer a clear picture of what to expect from a brand and strengthens the brand. With video contributing to one-third of all digital activity, over 30% of businesses plan to increase their promotional videos.

Thousands of hours of video content are generated every day. For a brand that intends to grow in the digital space, merely create videos will not be enough. Such brands need to strategize their videos and come up with innovative ideas for business growth.

As such, we’ll be discussing five marketing ideas below to help you gain clarity on how to leverage videos in your marketing story, and grow your venture.

5 Best Video Marketing Ideas to Grow Your Venture

Best Video Marketing Ideas

Every Second Is Precious

While video consumption on mobile devices sees a 100% increase every year, you need to understand the increased competition. The average internet viewer has a dwindling attention span, and you need to make every second of your video count. The first 10 seconds of the video are the most important in attracting the audience’s attention. Your aim should be at getting the audience to recognize the business. In this pursuit, you cannot afford any room for ambiguity.

Start by being clear about your message from the very beginning. For example, a video that intends to educate the audience will have a different tone as compared to one that is introducing a new product. To make a poignant first impression, you can use an intro maker such as InVideo to get your message across to the viewer.

The purpose of the first few seconds of the video should be to generate curiosity among the audience and have them hooked to your content. If you have brand colors or logos, we suggest that you incorporate that in your intros. Consistent intros for all your branded videos will help establish brand familiarity and win the trust of your viewers.

Establish Your Target Market

The latest video marketing statistics tell us that 64% of internet users admit to purchasing a product after watching promotional videos on social media. While such statistics are encouraging, to make the most of your campaigns you need to identify your target audience. When your video catches the attention of someone who is looking for similar products or services, they will be more receptive to your content.

Avoid generalizing your content and take a focused approach to target your videos. You can create customer personas to have a better picture of your audience’s expectations from your video. The more personal you are in your video-making approach, the higher are the chances of striking a chord with the audience.

Have Your Video Tell A Story

Humans are creative beings and enjoy stories. If you want your promotional videos to get viral, look for ways to tell a story. For example, you can create behind-the-scenes videos that offer the audience a glimpse of the life at your organization. By bringing the people behind your brand to the forefront, you illustrate a human face to the customer. This makes your brand more relatable, and potential customers will be likely to choose you.

If you can create a storyboard for your video, add relevant narration, voiceovers and subtitles in your video, you will effectively tell the story. That way, you will have an edge over the competition while promoting your business.

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Leverage Video Testimonials

Statistics establish that brands that created more than 51 videos in a year saw a 46% higher growth in 2020. In the coming years, the figures are expected to rise, and brands that create regular and consistent content will have an advantage. In such a situation, testimonial videos are a welcome addition to your video posting schedule.

Testimonial videos are short clips where satisfied customers talk of their experience with your brand.  For a potential customer, words of affirmation from someone who has been in their shoes come off as more convincing than a brand promoting itself.

When a satisfied customer creates a testimonial or review video, they associate themselves with your brand. That way, they act as ambassadors of your brand in their respective circles, thus improving your brand reach. A look at the latest social media statistics also establishes that such video content stands higher chances of being shared.

Establish Your Expertise

Modern times are highly competitive, and most consumers do not want to settle for anything less than the best. In such a situation, video is a powerful tool for brands to establish their industry expertise. For example, if you are a brand that sells household cleaning products, you can come up with videos that share cleaning tips.

DIY hacks, how-to videos, and explainer videos are powerful tools to get your potential customers to frequent your brand page. If your videos can give real-life advice and show the results, people will start respecting you. Over time, consumers will relate your brand to industry expertise and respect you for your knowledge. This will boost your brand visibility and contribute to your digital growth story.

If your brand cannot afford to devote a lot of time to video making, you can leverage live videos to share your knowledge. These days most social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and others offer content creators the luxury of interacting with their followers in real-time. Although live videos account for only 12% of Facebook’s video posts, these get twice the engagement as compared to pre-recorded videos. Since these videos are filmed in real-time, they have an air of authenticity and make it easier for you to showcase your knowledge and expertise.

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Final Thoughts

While video marketing presents a sea of opportunities, you need to understand that standing out in the crowd is important. If you want your videos to get you better business, you should be ready to walk the extra mile and plan the video strategy. Try to include different types of video content in your strategy to maintain diversity. Ideally, you should plan the posting in a way that garners the maximum viewer response. As you look to leverage the power video to build an online presence, here’s hoping that you successfully portray the things that set your brand apart from the competition.

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