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7 Traits of Highly Successful People



Highly Successful People

There is a reason why the word success is held in such high esteem. It’s because it’s not easy to achieve.  While hard work and dedication typically pave the way for success, studies have found that there are other characteristics that play equally important roles as well.

It has been found that most highly successful people have several characteristics in common.  The purpose of this post, is to provide you with these traits to help prepare you for your higher success.

The Common Traits of Highly Successful People

The paths that lead most highly successful people to to their grand achievements are unique. But there are a few common traits that all of them share. These characteristics ensure success at the end of their long endeavors. Let’s take a brief look at some of these traits of successful people below.

Common Traits of Highly Successful People

1. Have a Passion For Their Work

Being passionate about your work yields the courage to work harder, and keep at it until your goals are achieved. Highly successful people typically love what they do.

Passion for work also allows you to enjoy what you are doing, which means it is more fun than just work. When you are having fun, work doesn’t feel like a duty.

Robert Greene, in his book Mastery, goes into great depth about this phenomenon.  He calls it living one’s ‘Life’s Task’, which equates to living one’s passion.

2. Highly Focused

People who achieve success in their lives are focused on their goals. They know what they want, and usually know how to achieve it.

However; if they don’t know how to achieve their goals, they are typically very eager to learn how.  But once they learn of a path to achieve their goals, they zero in on it, and don’t lose focus until they get it.

To achieve success, one needs to devote themselves completely to their primary purpose or goal. Many lose focus midway, but successful people don’t.

If you want to become highly successful, you must become highly-focused.

3. Go Beyond Their Comfort Zones

People who are serious about achieving their goals do not hesitate to go outside of their comfort zones.  Pushing their limits is a part of who they are. It is important to let go of anything that holds you back, even if that means going outside of your comfort zone.

When the discomfort of not achieving your goals is higher than the discomfort of getting our of your comfort zone, going beyond your comfort zone will become that much easier.

And when it becomes easy, that’s when you’ll be well on your way to becoming a highly successful person.

4. They are Teachable

Highly successful people are always eager to learn, and are open to new ideas.   In short, they are teachable.  New ideas open up new avenues that helps us achieve success faster.

Having more knowledge and being eager to always learn, increases one’s capacity for solving problems.  And success is usually discovered by those who have found a way to solve the problems of others.

To be successful, it is important to keep learning, as only knowledge can help you proceed further.  Be open to learning, become teachable.

5. They Can Redirect Unproductive Emotions and Thoughts

Negative emotions can interfere with one’s ability to focus on their goals. The most successful people have learned how to effectively redirect their negative thoughts, and stay focused on what’s most important.

It is vital to learn how to let things go, and move on to be achieve what’s most important to us.  Typically, the less able you are to redirect your negative thoughts and emotions, the less productive you’ll be.

As such, the sooner we learn how to redirect your negative thoughts and emotions, the sooner you’ll be able to tap into our higher levels of success.

6. They Have Staying Power

One of the most underappreciated traits of successful people, is their ability to keep to their goals till they reach them.  Successful people understand the power of tenacity, and perseverance.   They know, that if they stay in the game longer than their competition, then their chances of winning increase….dramatically.

In short, they know how to play the long-game, exhibit grit, determination, and never surrender.

7. They Are Competitive

Being competitive is one success trait that follows most high achievers.  However, it is not always a must for one to find success.  There are many scenarios where a great success was found by a person who was not very competitive.

In most cases however, being competitive has its advantages for the ambitious seeker of success.  The reason being, is because when someone is competitive, they have a strong desire to win, and that strong desire to win forces them to put more time and effort in all they are doing.  And  as we all know, our money, attention, or love… goes to the product, service, art, or person that adds the most value to others.

Bonus Trait of Highly Successful People


This last bonus, really should be listed as the number one trait that all successful people posses.  The most successful people in any industry have always exhibited an ability to be self-disciplined.  And typically the more self-disciplined the person is, the more success they find.


The 7 traits of highly successful people covered in this post are some of the most important; however, they are not the only traits that exist.

In fact, there a quite a few more characteristics that successful people have in common. To learn more about these success traits, consider checking out this collection of success stories.

If you think there are more important traits of successful people that I might have left out, feel free to leave a comment.

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