The Shift

Today’s post is going be short and sweet.  This post is primarily a notification post to all Think Strive Become (TSB) readers.

The Shift

I mentioned in last week’s post, how the process of a rebrand for TSB has begun.  Initially, it was going to be a month-long process, but instead I decided to just make it happen already.

There is a lot that goes into such a project, but I won’t bore you with those technical details.

Parkinson’s Law

Why the hurry?  Well, I am big believer in Parkinson’s Law, which is a theory stating; ‘that work expands to fill he time available for its completion.’

In short, the accomplishing of our goals will take about as long as we give them time for.  So delay, is the enemy of accomplishment.

Hence, I didn’t want to lose time unnecessarily, both on future projects that would have needed to wait on the shift, and the time that would be wasted due to managing the increased complexity that goes along with creating content while simultaneously and slowly conducting a site migration to a new domain.


So, the change is being implemented this week.   TheStrive.Co will be the new home for all our future content, beginning next Tuesday.

In addition to this domain name change, we are also changing the name of the site to match the domain.  Hence, starting next week, your favorite motivational media brand, will be known as ‘The STRIVE’.

As I mentioned last week, this change was made because it is more aligned with my message.  Namely, to motivate and inspire you to go for your dreams, to make the great effort, to strive for your Greatness.


I love Ryan Holiday’s books.  In one of them, he stated that “People who are thinking about things other than making the best product, never make the best product”.  Well, I want this platform to be the best motivational and self-improvement platform you experience, and so this change is necessary.

Will this be the last change that our brand goes through?  As a student of Kaizen (Constant and Never-Ending Improvement) Probably not.  But what you can count on, is my commitment to you. I am committed to creating information, resources, and an experience that no only motivates and inspires you, but that adds real value to your life.

Till next week,


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