The Great Transformation

Welcome back to the Greatness Project.  Episode 21 is all about metamorphosis, the process, the occurrence for both the show and the host, and the possibility and benefit of it occurring to you.

Human Metamorphosis


Listen in to this episode if you are interested in learning about human metamorphosis, and how dramatic change can happen in one’s life, for good and for the better.

Quick disclaimer, if you are not into motivation, self-development, or open to making some serious changes in your life, then you may be better off passing on this episode.

However, if you’re looking for some words of encouragement, some motivation, and some realness on how it is possible to transform ourselves and our results in life, then please listen to this episode.

(If you prefer to read vs. listen, the transcript is provided at the bottom of this page.)

You’ll Get

  • A Helpful Metaphor for Life Change
  • A Voice Encouraging You to Do More
  • A Nudge for you to Become More
  • 4 Questions to Ponder

Resources Mentioned:

 Research:  Quantum Change

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As I am sure you know, Metamorphosis is a profound change in form from one stage to the next in the life history of an organism, for instance, the caterpillar turns into the pupa and from the pupa it turns into an adult butterfly.

Now, I am no Butterfly… nor can I relate with the automatic transformation that they go through due to their nature…as mine has always be earned.


So the metamorphosis that I am going through, that you can probably better relate to….and that I hope you’ll actually experience sometime in the near future as well…especially if you keep listening to this podcast; is more akin to the metamorphism that occurs to rocks.

Why rocks?  Well, because I took a geology course in college…so I know exactly what I am talking about! Joking aside.

Well, As I see it, the personal and physical transformations that we undergo in our lives as humans…is more a result of our exposure to external or internal conditions… much like a metamorphic rock.

Now I don’t want to get too scientific on you; but for the sake of context, I explain what I mean a bit further.

Metamorphic rocks arise from the transformation of existing rock types, through the process of metamorphism, which leads to some rocks to change form completely.

So, when an original rock is subjected to extreme heat and extreme pressure over time…a profound physical and chemical change occurs in the rock, changing its entire chemical makeup.

Some examples of metamorphic rocks that went through extreme heat and pressure to come into its new form are graphite and diamonds.

So, some of the most beautiful and most valuable rocks in the world…are rocks that have been transformed through intense conditions….

I imagine there is a parallel here…and we can say the same about people…. about ourselves…

That some of the most beautiful and valuable people in the world, are people that have transformed themselves by putting themselves through intense and extreme conditions. (no plastic surgery doesn’t count)


Obviously, rocks don’t get to choose the type of conditions they are exposed to, to kick off their metamorphosis.

But we, as free-thinking and free willing humans… get to choose.  We can choose the type of conditions we put ourselves through, and as a result, we get to choose the type of metamorphosis we want to enact.

I express this metaphor because….

Over the past 6 months…. I’ve been purposely putting myself through challenging and intense situations…. through a form of high heat and extreme pressure…so to speak.

I’ve been pushing my limits physically and mentally….as I trained up to compete for an elite obstacle course racing event.

I’ve been dialing up my work-ethic towards my business…striving to squeeze in an extra few hours whenever I can to ensure what I am working on is valuable to others…

I’ve been tightening up my routines and habits……waking up an hour earlier, exercising routinely, eating healthier…. reading more, etc.

And Lastly….

I’ve been exposing myself to people who think as big or bigger than me on a weekly basis….

And because of all of this a form of metamorphism has occurred both for myself, and for the Greatness Project.

While I am only using the transformation of a rock as a metaphor for change, I believe that similar transformations and change can and do occur in us.

In fact, William James, the famous American and Harvard educated psychologist had a term for such change… he called it, Quantum Change…. Which refers to sudden, dramatic, and enduring transformation that affect a broad range of personal emotion, cognition, and behavior….  A transformation  typically comprised of permanent positive changes.

So be prepared for some changes my friends.


Now if you already feel like you are in constant strive mode, but you’re not seeing any results… any changes… the good news, it doesn’t mean that change isn’t happening.  It just means your increasing the heat and the pressure….your creating the conditions for a metamorphosis, be it personal, business, spiritual or whatever… so don’t relent.

Now this question is not for everyone listening, maybe you’re happy with where you are in life… maybe you like exactly the way things are… but if there is an ounce or inkling of something inside of you that feels you want more out of life, or that you can become more… then I want you to consider following:

What kind of actions are you taking to bring about the grander, greater life that you find yourself daydreaming about?

What kind of things are you doing to bring about the grander, greater YOU that you aspire to be?

What purposeful pressure are you applying to your life to help kickstart your own internal transformation process?

What kinds of habits are you fiercely following, to forge yourself, into a new an improved you…into YOU 2.0 or YOU 3.0?


One of my favorite mentors used to always say, “For things to change, you must change, for things to get better, you must get better.”

Think about it, then LET’S GET ON IT!

We all have work to do my friends, both in this world and on ourselves!

Let’s start the process of metamorphosis, let’s start making diamonds!!!

Alright, …. If you found some value in this session, drop me a review on iTunes, Stitcher, or whatever platform you listened to the show on today…  I’ll be forever grateful!

Till next time…keep hammering away at that greatness my friends…

because if we want to ARRIVE, we must STRIVE.


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