Motivation in a Box

Special Announcement (Updated)

Update! The STRIVE’s newest creation has been released.  Watch out world, here he comes!!

Motivation in a Box

Like the arrival of a new baby, this post is focused on providing information on the arrival of our newest resource.


So what is this new product?

In simple terms, it is motivation in a box.  Or better yet, it is like having a motivational life coach in a box.

I say life coach, because, much like a life coach, each box is meant to motivate you and keep you on track for reaching your biggest goals in life.

Another way to look at it is like this: if Lootcrate and a Lifecoach made a baby, they would create…. The Strive Stack.  A bad-ass looking black box, stacked full of awesome contents pulled together every month to keep your strive alive.

Imagine this.  You receive a dope looking black box in the mail every month.  You open that box, and KABOOM!!  Out comes the motivational resources you’ve been needing and wanting to consume for so long.


What you get in each box are those highly recommend success books you’ve been suggested to read, but have yet to get started on.

Or the movies you’ve been told to watch, to get fired up again for living your life to it’s fullest.  You know… those movies you’ve seen once, but never got around to seeing again because, well, they no longer offer them on Red Box.

What else can you expect in the Strive Stack?

Motivation in a Box - Strive Stack

In addition to the resources just mentioned, you can also expect mystery motivational items.  Items that have been carefully curated and/or created, to motivate you,  to keep you focused on doing, acting, striving.  Items to move you to make your moves, to achieve your loftiest goals!

To you give an idea of what to expect…. know that many of the materials to be included in this new creation, stem from some of the most highly recommended resources I’ve come across during the last 10 years of my own self-improvement research.

On top of that; many of the resources will stem from my aggressive focus on motivation during this past year, whereby much of the inspiration was pulled from answers I received from interviewing numerous highly motivated and successful people.  Some of whom have been published on my podcast, and some who have not.


As such, you can expect that this box will contain some of the best resources (both classic and new) to keep you motivated, to keep you winning, to keep you striving!


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