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Best Motivational Movies of All Time

Movies… we love movies. Especially the ones that can inspire and motivate us to reach higher. Now, one of things we love most about movies, is the amount of value packaged into each one.

Most people don’t realize this, but every time we watch a movie, we get the chance to experience a work of art, that in most cases, took multiple millions of dollars to create.  And we get to do so for a meager $10 to $20 per movie.  We get to reap the benefits of days, months, and sometimes even years-worth of effort by a committed team of people, all in just few short hours.

Most movies are jam packed with value.  Especially, the great ones!  The ones that not only entertain, but the ones that inspire, uplift, and motivate us to new heights of energy, emotion, and belief in the possibilities that life has to offer us.

Motivational and Inspirational Movies

And that brings us to the other thing we love about movies.  Movies have the power to motivate and inspire.  They can lift us up when we are down.  They can give us hope and reassurance when we’ve succumbed to cynicism and doubt.  They can even act as a reset button when our determination has seemed to run out.

Yes, movies can be transformational and motivational, they can push us to want to do more and become more than we are.

Put simply, movies are magical.

Unfortunately, all too many of us have forgotten how useful movies can be to shake loose from our lives, any mediocrity or monotony we may have allowed to creep in over time.

Movies in Moderation

Oddly and in many instances, people use movies the wrong way.  They binge watch to the detriment of their better future.  They use movies to escape reality, to waste time, and in so doing, keep themselves bound.

So clearly, not all movies are created equal, not all movies are magical.  In fact, many movies out there are a complete waste of time.  The movies that are made purely for entertainment purposes lack soul, fire, deep meaning, and with that, an inability to help you reach that bigger brighter future that you have your sights set upon.

The wisdom from this popular quote speaks to movies as well.  Just replace read with watch, and novels with movies, and presto… sage advice from the world-renowned business philosopher, Jim Rohn.

Due to time and space constraints, we won’t be listing those less-than-magical movies for you. Sorry.

The Magical Motivational Movies

However, we will list the handful of movies that have the potential to inspire and motivate you the most.

These movies are must-watch movies.  Motivational Movies that can inspire us to new levels of success. Movies that we should all make it a priority to watch every now and again… if only to breathe new life into our endeavors.


The Best Motivational Movies for Success

Best Motivational Movies

1. Pursuit of Happyness

Best Motivational and Inspirational Movies Pursuit of Happyness

Takeaway: It can be difficult to achieve our dreams.  But, if you really want something bad enough, you can have it, you just have to be willing to put in the time and effort to realize it.

This movie is both motivational and inspirational.  Allow it to inspire you to be more optimistic.  Then let it motivate you to take more action and pursue your dreams with renewed determination.

2. Dead Poets Society

Best Motivational and Inspirational Movies Dead Poets Society

Takeaway: This is a classic movie that encourages you to question your preconceived notions about your life.  This inspirational movie will nudge you to be more courageous, to be fearless towards forging your own path in life.  If you need a reminder to live the life you’ve always imagined, while simultaneously being inspired to have the courage to say no to living someone else’s dream, then this movie is a must.

3 Forrest Gump

Best Motivational and Inspirational Movies Forrest Gump

Takeaway:  Forrest teaches us how to see the beauty of life, despite all of its challenges.  And that with the right attitude, what seems like insurmountable obstacles, really are just challenges to be overcome.

Most importantly, this movie teaches us that if your heart is the right place, and you don’t doubt what is possible for you, all things can become possible for you.

4. Slumdog Millionaire

Best Motivational and Inspirational Movies Slumdog

Takeaway: Every moment of your life, is a clue to your answers.  There will always be ups and downs in our lives, regardless of our backgrounds.  Life is a challenge.  But what really determines what levels of success and happiness you’ll find in your life, is how you perceive your current circumstances.

5. Rudy

Best Motivational and Inspirational Movies Rudy

Takeaway: Let this amazingly motivational movie convince you that you can accomplish anything.  Leverage Rudy’s inspiring determination to realize that with enough dedication, hard work, and perseverance over obstacles and adversity, that you can realize your life-long dreams.

6. Braveheart

Best Motivational and Inspirational Movies Braveheart

Takeaway: We all die, but we all don’t necessarily live.  This  is a great motivational movie because it is a great reminder that life is lived out on the wire.  That to reap that which we value most in life (for most people, it’s freedom), we must be willing to risk everything.

This movie is also a great reminder of the value of freedom, and the courage it takes to realize the freedom we most value and seek.

7. Goodwill Hunting

Best Motivational and Inspirational Movies Good Will Hunting

Takeaway:  Some people can’t believe in themselves until someone else believes in them.  And some never know how much they can have, until they discover how much they can give.  Goodwill Hunting is a great movie that reminds us that it takes more than intelligence and talent to live our life’s purpose.

It will encourage you to have faith in yourself, and to be courageous in pursuit of the things we most love in life.  More importantly, it will relay the message that sometimes we have to borrow other’s people’s beliefs in our potential, when we can’t see it ourselves.

8. The Shawshank Redemption

Best Motivational and Inspirational MoviesShawshank Redemption

Takeaway:  There really is no better movie than this one to drive the point home that life isn’t fair.  And yet, regardless of the hand we are dealt in life, we can still find redemption and beauty in it.  And if we refuse to give in, or allow our circumstances to dictate the value and quality we can draw from our lives, we can win.

9. Rocky

Best Motivational and Inspirational Movies Rocky

Takeaway:  Opportunity knocks on everyone’s door at least once, and you should be prepared to make your move when that time comes.

However, the biggest takeaway from this movie, is its message of fighting hard for what you want most in life, be it love, sport, art or business.  And with enough perseverance and dogged determination, great things can happen.

10. Goonies

Best Motivational and Inspirational Movies Goonies

Takeaway: Life is an adventure.  If you go searching for treasure, you may just find it, and have an experience of a lift time.

So, the main message, IMO, is to be open to adventure, to pushing through, to exploring, and to keep searching for what may seem like a myth or impractical, because what you stumble upon, may be treasures beyond your wildest imagination.

Like Helen Keller once stated, “Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing at all.”

Bonus Motivational Movie For Success: Founder

Alright, we have one last motivational movie for success for you that is especially inspirational for entrepreneurs. The movie is The Founder.

Motivational Movie for Success - The Founder

The Founder is an excellent movie to watch if you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or business person. The story is about Ray Kroc, a struggling milkshake salesman from Illinois who eventually became the founder of the world renowned hamburger food chain we’ve come to either love or hate today; McDonalds.

The movie does a great job at reminding us that we should not get complacent in our ways, even if we can ride off into the sunset and retire. And, that sometimes, striving for more and seeking to unleash untapped potential in ourselves and others, can lead to unimaginable prosperity.


There you have it!  “THE LIST” of the best motivational for success. These inspirational movies are particularly helpful for all you entrepreneurs, authors, and artists out there.

We hope these motivational movies serve you as you strive to shrug off the monotony, the mediocrity, and the mundane.

Use them to reignite your fire, follow your dreams, and reach the success you are after!

Till next time,


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