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The Monday Blues

We all have those mornings that drag from time to time, especially when Monday is the beginning of our work week. Many of us begrudgingly wake up on Monday mornings, dreading the entire workday. It is an experience that has come to be known by a few different names. Some call it “Having a Case of The Mondays”, others, “The Monday Blues”.

But regardless of what you call it, the experience is the same for most. The good news is, there is a cure, and we have it. So, if you’ve been suffering from the Monday Blues lately and you’re ready to kick that Monday malady to the curb for good, then keep reading, because we’ve published some of the most effective ways anyone can beat the Monday Blues for Good.

Top 10 Ways to Beat The Monday Blues

How to Beat The Monday Blues

1. Determine Your Level of Happiness with Your Current Job

One thing to consider when you’re trying to get to the bottom of your Monday blues that you may not have thought of is your level of job satisfaction. Are you satisfied with what you’re doing? Do you feel you’re getting paid what you’re worth? Do you like your work environment? The people you work with? Is your boss appreciative of your work?

If you conclude that you’re not satisfied with your job, part of your plan to beat the Monday blues for good may entail finding a new job. 

If you’re feeling underappreciated or you’re not happy with your current position, that could be the main cause of your Monday morning blues. If, after taking the time to carefully assess how you feel about your job, you decide that you’re happy where you’re working, but Monday mornings continue to be difficult for you, here are eight tips to help you beat those annoying and energy-zapping Monday morning blues for good.

2. Keep a Gratitude Journal

A gratitude journal is a daily journal that you make entries in that provides you with many health benefits. These entries will focus on the everyday things that you’re grateful for, even things that you would normally take for granted, such as a beautiful sunset, perfect weather on the day you planned a picnic, and much more.

The idea is that the more you focus on gratitude, the happier you will be. Studies show that people who keep gratitude journals are happier, less stressed, less depressed, and more motivated.

With that said, the effects of keeping a gratitude journal are cumulative, so the longer you maintain one with daily entries, the more beneficial it will be for you, and the less likely you’ll be struck by the Monday Blues.

3. Create a Daily Mantra

Creating and saying a daily mantra aloud can work wonders for bolstering your mood and level of motivation. What is a mantra? A mantra is a word or phrase that you repeat throughout each day that helps you meditate and focus on achieving positive goals.

For example, your mantra could be “I’m overflowing with joy and positivity,” but the sky is the limit! You could choose one mantra to focus on each day, or you could create new mantras on a daily or weekly basis.

You can experiment with frequency and see what works best for you. If you need help coming up with a mantra, here are a few good Monday mantras to get you started.

4. Try Meditating at the Start of Each Day

If you check the internet, there are numerous guided meditations that can positively impact your mood and level of motivation. You should find a guided meditation that you enjoy listening to, that inspires you and helps you feel relaxed and motivated. Once you’ve found one or more that you like, you should listen to them each morning before you go to work. This can help you immensely, and if you listen on the weekends as well, you’ll only increase the benefits that you derive from them. 

5. Do Some Meaningful Things Over the Weekend

If you feel like your weekends are going by quickly and you’re doing nothing but lying around, you need to change this. While you may want to rest over the weekend, you should plan something every weekend that you will look forward to participating in. This could be anything from seeing a movie with your mom, hanging out with friends at a local karaoke bar or going to dinner with your significant other.

The more you feel as if you’ve done something important during your weekend, the more prepared you will be to return to work on Monday morning. You will also find yourself feeling anxious to get to work on Monday morning so you can tell others how fun your weekend was.

6. Leverage Positive and Inspiring Quotes and Sayings

There are a number of apps and websites that will send you a daily positive or inspiring quote via email or text message. These quotes can inspire you and increase your motivation to go to work, regardless of what day it is.

You can also find a handful of sites that have the best motivational quotes, and bookmark them for easy access. Here a few great supporting resources for Monday Motivation:

Here’s a pro tip; don’t just read these quotes on Monday morning, because the more you read them, the more positive and motivated you’ll be on a daily basis. And that motivational momentum can be used to pull you through your Monday slumps.

7. Be Sure to Get Plenty of Rest

While it’s a good idea to have some meaningful activities over the weekend, you don’t want to do so much that it will interfere with your sleeping schedule. Staying up later than usual and partying well into the early-morning hours can really take its toll on you, making getting up on Monday morning pretty difficult.

By ensuring that you get plenty of rest over the weekend and during the week, as well, you increase your chances of feeling more positive. Not many people can feel positive and motivated if they’re exhausted and not feeling well.

In fact, scientific studies have shown a lack of sleep impacts your motivation to achieve. So, if you want to crush your Mondays, get to bed early the night before.

9. Eat a Healthy Diet

Just like if you fail to get adequate sleep, if you eat an unhealthy diet on a regular basis, you’re likely to feel as crappy as you would if you failed to get enough rest. Your diet should consist of lean meats, fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as whole grains and healthy fats.

The occasional treat is fine, but if you overindulge in junk food or highly processed food regularly, you’re likely to suffer the consequences mentally and physically.

So, as odd as it may sound, if you improve your diets, you can and will improve your ability to take on Monday mornings.

10. Make Rejecting Negativity a Habit 

It’s easy to allow negativity to seep into our lives, but if we can be mindful of negativity, we can quickly replace the negativity with positivity. For instance, if you wake up and start dreading going to work and you’re thinking about how the constantly ringing phones are going to annoy you, you can immediately nip those negative thoughts in the bud before they begin to fester and wreak havoc on your mood.

Instead, you can focus on seeing some of your favorite co-workers or working on tasks that you enjoy. The key to staving off the Monday Blues with this tip, is to reframe your thoughts to something positive once you feel any negativity taking hold.

For sure, it is a practice that will be difficult at first, but once you get the hang of it, your moods, especially on Mondays, will be completely under your control.

Final Thoughts on The Monday Blues

The Monday blues can really zap our motivation levels, if we allow them to. However, if we practice these helpful tips on a daily basis, we have the ability to beat the dreaded Monday morning blues on a permanent basis. 

With that said, be sure to bookmark this page for a quick reminder on how to beat the Monday Blues, so the next time you feel them coming on, you can defeat them quickly.

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