The Best Accountability Partner to Help You Reach Your Dreams

Just about everyone has something they really, badly, want to do in this life. And most of the time, the day comes, when many of us make the brave decision to get started on ‘that thing’.

The Best Accountability Partner to Help You Reach Your Dreams

And when we do get started, we start it with gusto.

We begin by taking some small initial actions towards bringing that dream or goal to life.

For the first few days we are filled with a level of enthusiasm and excitement, the likes we’ve never quite experienced before.

In our zeal, we press forward with so much energy, and focused determination.  We feel as if we are on top of the world!


But then, unexpectedly, something happens.  Something changes in us almost out of the blue.

We go from having feelings of being unstoppable, to having feelings of just wanting to stop.

Basically, this pesky thing called resistance starts to kick in, and it causes a dramatic shift in our motivation.

It’s at this moment, that our dream, goal, wish, want, whatever you want to call it, starts to seem like a whole lot of hassle.

That glorious vision we had of achieving ‘that thing’ we recently wanted so badly (be it a fitness goal, a book we wanted to write, a website we wanted to start, art project to kickstart, or a business idea we wanted to launch) loses much of its luster, sheen, and attractiveness.

As such, we start to see that goal in a whole different light.   What once seemed like an awesome idea, or what would one day be a magnificent accomplishment, starts to seem like an achievement that’s, well, just not worth the effort.

Accountability as a Cure

As you can probably guess, this is the phenomenon that all too many of us experience.  It is a phenomenon the occurs and is experienced by just about every person who strives for a goal.

This is why there is such a big market for accountability coaching these days.  It is the reason that at one point in my life, I paid over $1,000 per month (for an entire year) for an accountability coach.

Goal achievement is better ensured, when we have someone or something holding us accountable.

Many of us, need to be pressed, nudged, and encouraged continually, to get past that so-called resistance.  And others, just need some help and encouragement to execute to the degree that their goals call for.

Unfortunately, the high cost of hiring an accountability coach is a perceived barrier that keeps a lot of people stuck in their current situation.

The Accountability Partner

Accountability Partners

Fortunately, there are alternatives.

Beyond paying a $1,000 per month for direct one-on-one accountability coaching, (or $75 – $200 per coaching session, which is the industry average) the next best way to be held accountable for goal achievement, is by finding an accountability partner.

Many times, all you need is just one person who you trust, and who is willing to work with you, and not  let you off the hook.

You basically just need to find a friend who you are willing to let nag you, and who is willing to commit to nagging you, to ensure you do what you say are going to do.

When you find such a partner, consider yourself lucky, because by having one, you can seriously accelerate your goal achievement, and as a result, your successes in life.

Here are 3 steps you can follow, to ensure you set your accountability partnership up to help you succeed.

3 Steps to Set Up An Accountability Partnership

1.) Ensure that your accountability partner is someone you trust, goal-oriented, and somewhat ambitious (at least to the types of goals that you are aiming to achieve for yourself).

The last thing you want, is an excuse-maker as an accountability partner, because an excuse-maker isn’t going to be very good at holding you accountable.  An excuse-maker, will eventually join you in making excuses as to why it’s okay that you didn’t reach do the task you said you would do to reach your goals.  Needless to say, it is okay to be picky with your partner.

2.) Once you’ve found an accountability partner that is a good fit for you and your goals, share your goals with each other and establish your accountability ground-rules.

By sharing you goals with each other, you establish what is important.  And when you know what is important, you can each gauge the level of pressure that you’ll need to apply to help each other reach your goals.

It is at this time, that you will also want to set up some general guidelines for how you both plan to hold each other accountable as well.  Be sure to include the specific actions you’ll be taking to reach your goals, the time frames you aim to reach your goals by, and the type of accountability you would like to receive when you do not execute on what you promised you would do.

3.) Schedule check-ins and revisit each other’s progress consistently

Regular check-ins are an important part of the whole accountability partnership process.  Many times, accountability partners are feeding off of each other’s energy, and when regular, consistent check-in’s are scheduled, it ensures you both are committing to your commitment of holding each other accountable.

It is also helpful to revisit each other’s primary goals and strategies from time-to-time to ensure that you are on track to meet your goals.

Can’t Find an Accountability Partner?

Okay, now here is the tricky part with using an accountability partner.  The challenge with an accountability partner is in the finding or matching.

Many would think this an easy thing to do, but trust me, finding a strong accountability partner is not always an easy thing to do, especially as your goals and ambitions start to grow.

The small fitness goals, or medium-sized career goals are easier to relate to for most, but many times, those grand goals, the goals that you really, truly deeply desire to accomplish, may be out of scope for the friends and family whom are currently in your circle.

Many times, the bigger the goal, the less likely your friends will be to meet you with enthusiasm and excitement for helping your reach those goals.  The reason for this?  Well, that’s a subject for a whole other article.

But, the bottom-line is this, if you are looking to be held accountable for taking action on goals and dreams that might not be aligned with your peers, you may be setting yourself up for some frustrating experiences.

Use an Accountability Community

So, for those of you who have big dreams, big goals, and would like some accountability for helping you keep to those goals, there is a solution.  The great news is, it’s not a $1,000 per month coaching service. Nor a $200 per hour coaching session.

In fact, it is quite the opposite.

The alternative, is leveraging an accountability and encouragement community.  These communities can be found throughout the web, and are extremely valuable. There are free communities, and then there are paid communities.  Typically, the paid communities will be the ones where you’ll find more engaged members.   Why is this?  I am not sure, it might be because people have more skin in the game and expect more, so contribute more.

If you are interested in finding yourself an accountability community,  I’ve recently created one, and it’s free!  Well, at least for now anyway.

I’ve created this community help create the accountability and encouragement we could all use to reach for our big dreams, for a big goals.

To become a member of this private accountability community, go here.


With that being said. I wish you the best of luck in finding a strong accountability partner.   Not only do your dreams need one, they deserve one!

And, if it becomes a challenge to find one, well, you know what to do.

Till next time,


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