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Calvin Coolidge Quote on Persistence

Calvin Coolidge was the 30th President of the United States, and has been referred to as the best president you didn’t know about. He has come to be known by his effective and fair governing while serving as President. Yet, he’s gained even more popularity in these modern times from his uttering of some of the most inspiring words about what it takes to succeed in the world. In fact, one of his most enduring and best known phrases has come to be known as the Coolidge Quote on Persistence.

Truth be told, Calvin Coolidge’s quote is so well known, that for many people, his name has just about become synonymous with the word, persistence.

So, what’s this quote all about? Well, the quote is about winning, it’s about what it takes to stay on the one true path to success. It’s about embracing the idea, that with enough persistence, anybody can, in due time, reach an astonishing level of success.

The Calvin Coolidge Quote

With that being said, here’s the famous Calvin Coolidge quote:

“Nothing In The World Can Take The Place Of Persistence. Talent Will Not; Nothing Is More Common Than Unsuccessful Men With Talent. Genius Will Not; Unrewarded Genius Is Almost A Proverb. Education Will Not; The World Is Full Of Educated Derelicts. Persistence And Determination Alone Are Omnipotent. The Slogan “Press On” Has Solved And Always Will Solve The Problems Of The Human Race.” – Calvin Coolidge

Printable Versions: Calvin Coolidge Quote on Persistence

We believe this quote is extremely powerful and if embraced, can help just about anyone get their mind right about success. We know there are existing quote cards and canvas that can be purchased with this great quote on it, but we know not everyone has the budget to pay for them. So, we decided to create a few different designs that you that you can download and print off for free.

Once you’ve saved a version, you can simply print one off at home and put it next to your desk. Or you can take one to work. You can also save one and print it off at Walgreens or use Google photos to create a canvas. The options are endless. The most important thing, is just getting a copy of one in front of you to give you a nudge when you need it.

Tip for Saving on a Desktop: If you want to save the image to your desktop, just hover over the image and right click with your mouse, then click save image as.

Tip for Saving on a Smart Phone: If you want to save to your smart phone, just press and hold on the image for 2 or 3 seconds, and you’ll be prompted with options to share, copy, or download the image. Your best bet is to choose the download image option. Once you’ve done that, feel free to set the image as your wallpaper for daily motivation.

With that being said, here are the printable/downloadable Coolidge Quotes on Persistence:

Calvin Coolidge Persistence Quote

Here’s another one…

Calvin Coolidge Quote on Persistence

Here’s the last one.

Calvin Coolidge Quote

Again, feel free to download any one of these Calvin Coolidge persistence quotes and use them as you see fit. Hopefully, they’ll keep you motivated to stick to your dreams and lofty goals long enough to realize them.

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Final Thoughts

Alright, there you have it, the ever popular Calvin Coolidge Quote on Persistence, and a few free printable and downloadable versions you can use to remind yourself of the importance of this ultimate key to success.

We hope you take this quote to heart, like we do. But more importantly we hope you come to appreciate the power of persistence enough to apply it daily.

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