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dan lok net worth

Dan Lok is a highly successful entrepreneur, mentor, venture capitalist, author, and influencer who moved to North America when he was 14. Having once been poor, he overcame 13 business failures and clawed his way out of over $150,000 in debt to eventually achieve substantial riches by the age of 27. How rich? Well, that’s exactly what we intend to reveal in this Dan Lok Profile page.

So, if you’re looking for insights on Dan Lok’s wealth, how he build his wealth, and how much his money could easily earn him on autopilot these days, then let’s dive right into it:

What Is Dan Lok’s Net Worth?

After calculating data drawn from various public sources past and present, in conjunction with the performance of the markets and his various asset classes over the past few years, Dan Lok’s net worth is approximately between $112 to $120 million as of 2023.

Money doesn’t sleep, it’s always working and growing, even when we’re not. So, despite the volatility seen in the markets over the past year, most assets are still up in value.

So, considering Dan Lok is a go-getter who is still, to this day, building his high ticket businesses and investing aggressively in new up-and-coming businesses and technologies, we’ll lean on the higher value of $120 million for his current net worth.

How Much Does Dan Lok Make Per Year?

There are various sources that have claimed Dan Lok’s annual income is around $5 million to $15 million per year. However, due to a lack of sources, we can’t say this is true for sure.

That said, if Dan Lok’s estimated net worth of $120 million is accurate, his money could very easily earn him over $4.8 million per year virtually on autopilot.

How so? Well, if Dan Lok hypothetically liquidated all of his assets, and them moved all of his money into an extremely safe monthly dividend paying stock of around 4%, he could very easily earn this amount annually. Sure, there’s riskier assets our there that he could invest in that would bring him way more money per month. But, Dan’s a smart man and we know he’s intent on growing his fortune, not dwindling it away.


Money MetricAmount
2023 Net Worth:$120,000,000
**Earnings Per Year:$4,800,000
Per Month:$400,000
Per Week:$92,308
Per Day:$13,186
Per Hour:$549
Per Min:$9.15
Per Sec:$.15

Note:  This is a hypothetical earnings metric based off the earning power of Dan Lok’s estimated net worth presupposing a 4% annual yield.  We apply our own rigorous methodology to supply you with accurate calculations; however, these figures are ultimately for informational and entertainment purposes only, and do not include earnings from his business ventures, projects, sponsorships, etc…

Dan Lok’s Social Media Earning Power

Dan Lok has a massive social media reach. He has over 2.4 million Facebook followers, 1.8 million Instagram followers, 53.5K twitter followers, 420K TikTok followers, and over 4.5 million YouTube subscribers. So, in total, Dan Lok’s social media reach is well over 9.2 million social media follower.

With a reach like this, Dan Lok’s social media earning power is estimated to be approximately $90,000 per sponsored post using the current social media marketing rates.

How Did Dan Lok Get So Rich?

Dan Lok was initially driven to support his mother. After his father’s business went bankrupt, his mom started to struggle financially. Dan didn’t like seeing the despair and worry on his mother’s face day in and day out, so he committed to making money to help his mother.[1]

Dan got started with all kinds of side-hustles that he would transform into business ideas. He took big risks on all of his ideas, but lacked the experience to turn them into successful enterprises. As such, he started to rapidly accrue debt, and by the age of 21, he already owed over $150,000 to his creditors.

But, he persisted and by happenstance managed to set up a mentorship with a man named Alan Jacques who taught him how to master sales copy. Lok would leverage this newfound skill by starting his own advertising agency. And through this agency, he helped countless entrepreneurs and businesses increase their sales, helping him to quickly grow into a multi-million dollar company.

Lok would then go on to invest into real estate deals and very quickly became a millionaire. After a short retirement, boredom pulled him back into business, and he’s since created many difference businesses.[2]

These days, Dan charges $25K per hour for consulting. He also runs a consulting/coaching business, a sales training company, speaks, and invests heavily in various startups across the world. He’s also the author of 12 books and counting.

Needless to say, Dan Lok has cracked the code to wealth building, and his massive net worth demonstrates this fact.

Success In His Own Words

Having said that, Dan Lok constantly shares his success wisdom with all of his followers via social media, and too all of his mentees at his speaking events. Here’s what he has to say about success:

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How To Become A Millionaire Like Dan Lok

If you’re looking for Dan Lok’s step-by-step guidance on how you too can build wealth and become a millionaire, then you’ll enjoy this short 4 minute video:

Video Credit: Dan Lok (Subscribe Here)

Key Takeaways

Here are some key Dan Lok takeaways:

  • Master P Net Worth:  $120 million
  • Annual Earnings **:  $4.8 million
  • Social Media Followers:  4.5 million
  • Social Media Earning Power: $90K per commercial post
  • Keys to Success:  Taking Risks, Persistence, Sales Mastery

Dan Lok’s sizeable net worth is a result of his ability to push through the dips of entrepreneurship and learning, and his mastery of sales copy and closing high-ticket sales.

With that said, now you know how Dan Lok built his fortune. Hopefully these insights will help you get out there and build yours.

Till you reach your aims,


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