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3 Reasons Everyone Should Strive to Be Self-Reliant



To Be Self-Reliant

In this day an age, becoming self-reliant is more important than ever. People spend years in college striving to earn their golden-ticket, otherwise known as a degree. But then reality sets in, and they quickly learn that their liberal education has led them to the exact opposite of what a liberal education was meant to do, liberate.

Instead, all too many end up graduating into a form of self-indentured servitude. No one tells them that they will be beholden to their debt for decades to come. Not one educator, counselor, or administrator will tell them of alternatives. They will never learned about the ways that will really set them free. At least not while they are in school, and in the machine. Nope! No one will tell the truth about how a degree does not set anyone free.

1.) An Expensive Degree Won’t Make You Free

But, I’ll tell you. When you graduate from college, you will be in debt. At which point, you will need to get a job. You’ll need this job to pay off that debt. And then, once you land that job, you will have to toe the line of an employer until that debt is paid off. You will have to follow their every rule, and rely on them for a paycheck. Which is why, if you are still in college, think twice about how much debt you take on. And if you have already graduated, it is critical that you start striving now to pay off that debt pronto.

Less debt leads to self-reliance sooner. So, find a way to get educated without creating an insanely large (debt) ball and chain for yourself. More debt equals less self-reliance, and to the degree you are less self-reliant, you are equally less free.

2.) Reliance On One Employer Isn’t Freedom

Now, once you pay off your debt, you won’t automatically be free. Why? Because you will still have to go to work and clock in just to pay your bills. You’ll likely have to work with people you don’t want to work with, doing something you really don’t like to do, just to eek by. Again, you’ll be beholden to a corporate employer for your living for the foreseeable future. On top of that, you’ll also have to ensure you stay within the lines of that employer’s political and social beliefs. Diverge even a little, and you’ll get canned. Again, reliance on one employer is not freedom. Staying in one place, doing what your told, and allowing them to force feed you their twisted ideas of how the world should be is not freedom either.

Which is why, finding a way to earn a living independent of one single employer or income stream is necessary to be self-reliant. Otherwise you truly aren’t free.

3.) Dignity

A person who doesn’t have to answer to anybody, and that can truly fend for themselves is free. Any person who must bow their head in subjection to any person, debit, or entity, is a slave. And a person who does not what they want, for the benefit of someone else, has little to no dignity.

So, for the sake of your own self-worth and dignity you should strive to be self-reliant.

Final thoughts

And that’s that. Three important reasons every person should start striving to be self-reliant. And it doesn’t matter if you have yet to start college, completed it, or have yet to join the workforce, you should keep in mind with every decision you make, that self-reliance is the end game, else you’ll never be free, because the world doesn’t want you to be.

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