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bruce lee be like water quote

Every now and then we stumble upon a quote that really resonates with us and is truly great. And the Bruce Lee Be Like Water Quote is definitely one of them. As such, we’ve dedicated this short post to his famous be water quote.

We aim to not only provide you with the quote, but we’ll also include a downloadable screensaver that you can pin up on your computer as screensaver to inspire you daily. That said, let’s dive into this quote and give you what you came for.


“Be Water, My Friend. Empty Your Mind.
Be Formless, Shapeless, Like Water.

You Put Water Into A Cup, It Becomes The Cup.
You Put Water Into A Bottle, It Becomes The Bottle.
You Put It Into A Teapot, It Becomes The Teapot.

Now Water Can Flow Or It Can Crash.
Be Water, My Friend.”

– Bruce Lee –

There you have it, one of the greatest quotes of all-time. That said, here are the downloadable be water quotes we promised.

Just click on buttons below to download the version you want. If you want on your mobile phone, click mobile download. If you want one for your desktop screensaver, click the desktop button.

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