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Advice for Your 20s

As people enter their 20s, they begin to realize that adulthood isn’t as fun as it seemed in their teenage years. The responsibilities of meeting deadlines and taxes start to weigh them down; however, one’s twenties are also the best time to be alive! It is the age of self discovery.

They say you can discover yourself during your 20s by making mistakes and learning from them. However, what most don’t know is that there are certain mistakes an individual should avoid if he or she wants to live a happy life after 30.

If you think you have corrected all the errors in your life so far, take a look at these ten early-20s mistakes which are ruining countless lives. Yes, it is advice for your 20s, but if you are still making these mistakes, then its also advice for you.

Advice for Your 20s: 10 Mistakes to Avoid

Best Advice for Your Twenties

1. Not Doing Anything

A lot of people spend their 20s just trying to be comfortable with the amount of money that comes into their accounts every month. They never try to push themselves out of this comfort zone and instead survive the decade by just finding a job and settling down, not realizing they’re missing out on one great opportunity after another. A person’s twenties are meant for adventure and trying new things. If you keep saying “I’ll do it later” or “Maybe next year”, how will you ever know what you want at 30? Or even 40?

Once you start wondering why your life turned out nothing like what you had dreamt about as a child, it’s too late and people have been known to live through their entire lives regretting the things they didn’t do when they had the chance. Make a move and try something new! Whether it’s signing up for an expensive course in acting or simply learning how to cook.

2. Failing To Plan

A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that time will slow down when they get older. It won’t, so you need to take advantage of every second you have now and try your best not to waste it! Instead of wasting your 20s and getting into debt by living beyond your means (surfing through loans is easy but it comes with consequences), give yourself a future and save some money today; preferably in a tax-free plan because who doesn’t like an extra slice of their hard-earned money?

A lot of people are forced to move back in with their parents, stop pursuing further studies or even change careers because they didn’t plan ahead. Make a budget! Keep aside 10% of your earnings for yourself and never touch it unless you find yourself in an emergency situation or when the time comes to pay off your loans.

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3. Not Knowing What You Want From Life

When someone asks you what you want from life, you should have a precise answer ready. It’s better that society doesn’t know if you’re lost rather than trying to hide it from them with a wishy-washy response.

If you don’t know where you’re going , how will you ever know when you’ve arrived? The sooner you realize what your true calling is, the better. It’s fine to have a few ideas but just make sure that those ideas aren’t changing from one day to another.

4. Dating The Wrong People

One of the best pieces advice for your 20s, is to be vigilant when dating. No doubt, meeting a loved one is a once in a lifetime opportunity and people only get so many chances at it, As such, you should not waste your time and efforts by choosing the wrong type of person!

You have time enough to prove yourself as an adult now, so choose someone who inspires you and challenges you rather than just being attracted to their looks or bank balance. Heed this advice, because who you marry will impact your future success more than anything else.

Your partner for life should be your best friend and they need to be kind-hearted, understanding and supportive. Because when things get difficult in life, as they always do, having the wrong person in your life will make life extremely difficult.  So, make sure when you date, you aren’t dating the wrong people.

5. Cutting Corners

It seems like the 20s are all about spending money and living it up but that’s where people go wrong! The world is an unforgiving place and you’ll only end up paying if you give in to any of your wrong desires because at some point, they will come back to haunt you.

Be responsible with your finances; make sure not to spend more than what’s realistically possible or what you can afford (you don’t want to be forced into bankruptcy) and avoid making decisions based on emotional reasons alone (like selling off your house just so you can spend the money on a lavish holiday). 

“Experience has taught me that there is only one thing men love more than women, and that is an income!” ― Oscar Wilde

6. Forgetting About Your Health

The twenties are the perfect time to start feeling good about yourself. Until you do so, there will be something missing in your life because everything comes with a price tag.

If you choose happiness now, it will cost you nothing but if you wait until later on, keep dragging your feet and continuing doing things that make you feel bad about yourself; happiness will seem like an illusion which has no place in your life! Your physical well-being is just as important as maintaining mental balance so prioritize them both equally.

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7. Not Taking Advantage Of Opportunities

Another great tidbit of advice for your 20s is related to you not taking advantage of your opportunities enough. So, when someone offers to help you out or provide you with any sort of opportunity, make sure to take it because time can’t be turned back.

On top of this, do it because you may never get a second chance to grab the opportunity and do something great with your life. So don’t waste your opportunities, because you only have so many good ones.

8. Being Too Hard On Yourself

Life has its fair share of difficulties which you’ll have to face sooner or later but when they come knocking, don’t panic!

Instead of cursing your fate (maybe it’s not the end) and living in misery (you’ll only drive people away), look for hope in all the right places; support from friends and family is always good but try finding solace within yourself as well because that’s where true strength lies.   

9. Not Accepting Who You Are

So you made a few mistakes in your past and haven’t been a pillar of society up until now, what’s so bad about that? The world isn’t going to turn its back on you if you admit to being a little flawed! If anything, it will help the people around you learn from your mistakes rather than repeating them because they never learned any better.

You can’t force yourself into believing that everything is perfect when life has taught you otherwise but whatever the case may be; don’t forget who you are just because everyone else seems to have.

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10. Not Understanding Others

Everyone wants to feel important and listening to other people is probably the best way through which this can happen. Make sure not to judge them by their actions because you may not be aware of what led to such behavior.

Additionally, try not to complain about them; complaining is a sign of weakness and it reflects poorly on your character! It doesn’t matter if all they do is make fun at your expense or badmouth you when you’re not around; life isn’t about expecting people to behave in ways that benefit you alone.

The world will always have its ups and downs but the moment we choose to embrace our problems rather than giving up right away, is the moment we turn a new page in our lives. Life might get a little rough from time-to-time but then again, so does every story ever told! Stay strong, keep going and never give up on your dreams!

Final Thoughts

There you have it, some of the best advice for your 20’s. No doubt, uur 20s are all about figuring out who we want to be and what kind of life we want. And yes, there’s an abundance of opportunity in this decade, but it can also feel like a struggle with the weight of all those expectations bearing down on us.

With that being said, the most important thing is that you don’t give up. You’ll probably make mistakes along the way–we all do! But if at any point you find yourself asking “is this worth it?” take a step back and remind yourself why you’re here in your 20s working so hard for something great instead of just coasting through life without passion or purpose.

It’s not always going to seem easy, but when was anything worthwhile ever supposed to be? Now apply this advice for your 20s and go chase your dreams.

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