The 5 Fear Facts You Must Know

To Tap Your Inner Rockstar

Welcome to episode 016 of the Greatness Project.  In this episode, I review 5 fear facts to help you to live more boldly, fully, and maybe even help you tap your inner rockstar.

Fear Facts


This episode is geared towards helping you get fearless for your greatness.

To do that, I want to review with you the 5 facts of Fear.   Now these 5 facts of fear can be found in the book I recently published; ‘Go Fearless: 10 Powerful Secrets to Help You Increase Your Confidence, Start Taking Action, and Achieve Whatever You Want in Life’.     If you gain some value from what I am going over today, consider grabbing yourself a book straight off of Amazon.  It’s about 124+ pages, and includes built in activities, much like a workbook… I think you will love it!   Just search Go Fearless on

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So here we go…

Fear Fact 1 – Fear is Perpetual:

Fear never goes away, as long as we are growing, stretching, and striving for more.  Fear then, is but a natural consequence of striving.

  • You can conquer fear, one fear at a time. But if you are growing expanding and pushing your limits, then there will always be something else, bigger, something you are uncertain about, something you haven’t yet done, that will cause that next level of fear.
  • So, just remember that fear is perpetual, even if it disappears, it will always come back in some way shape or form. So, you might as well get used to it.

Fear Fact 2 – Fear Hates Action:

To start feeling confident and good about ourselves, we have to take some type of definitive steps/actions to improve the situation or ourselves.

  • Whenever we’re feeling a lack of confidence, or fearful of doing a certain thing, we can actually start to strengthen ourselves, even if we just take the smallest actions to try and reduce such feelings.
  • Some small steps include the following: mediation, getting more sleep, mental or physical preparation, etc.

Fear Fact 3 – Fear is Scared of Boldness:

The only way to get rid of the fear of doing something is to go out and do that thing which we fear.

  • Swallow that frog, just do it, get it over with.
  • Fear will never disappear entirely, but when you do that thing you fear, you turn what may appear to be a Doberman pincher of an issue, into a chihuahua… so be bold, lean into that which you fear. By doing so, you’ll eventually de-fang your fears.

Fear Fact 4 –  Fear is Universal:

Fear is something that is experienced by everyone.  To be human, is to fear. Fear is a natural byproduct of growth; it’s a byproduct of placing ourselves in unfamiliar territory, outside of our comfort zones.   We are all human, and thus we all experience fear.

  • The sooner we accept this fact, the sooner we can start facing our fears head on!

Fear Fact 5 – Regret Weighs More than Fear:

Living with the regret and the feeling of helplessness that stems from not tackling your fears is more frightening than having decided to face your fears head on.

  • Basically, in the grand scheme of things…. Those things that you don’t do, because of your fear of them, will ultimately weigh on you more, or cost you more emotionally in the long run, than the meager emotional weight you’ll bear by confronting your fears.
  • At the end of the day, at the end of your life… you’ll be happier, and regret less, if you just do those things you fear.

There you have it… the 5 fear facts you must know.

Having such insights on fear can strengthen your resolve to get out there and do those things in your life… that you deeply want to do, no, need to do, but for whatever reason (Fear), you’ve been holding back.  May these insights, along with the other valuable insights published throughout this site, help you tap your inner rock star.  #YOLO

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