How to Say Yes to Life: Norman Bell

In this episode, I interview inspirational speaker, business storyteller, and Host of the Hell Yes Life podcast, Norman Bell.

Norman Bell

Say Yes to The Hell Yes Life

Norman is all about helping people discover what really lights them up and makes them come alive.  In our conversation, Norman reveals his inspiring journey of coming to realize what lights him up, and how he is now on a mission to inspire and help others find out what lights them up as well.

Norman also provides tons of valuable insights that he has gathered from his own entrepreneurial quest, helpful insights to get you moving forward on your path towards living an amazing life.

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  • How Past Success Can Be Used as a Foundation For Future Achievements.
  • How to Thrust Yourself into Public Speaking
  • How to Trust Your Inner Voice
  • How To Create Your Dream Job
  • The Importance of Planning and Having a Routine


(Norman’s Motivation Hacks)

Book: The Happiness of Pursuit  +  Big Magic

Movie: Shawshank Redemption  +  I am not your Guru

Music:  Bad  by U2

Mt. CRushmore:

Tony Robbins

Erick Tolle

Jeni Stepanek

(Other Resources Mentioned)

The Miracle Morning

The 4 Hour WorkWeek



One of the best ways to turn your drive time into strive time, is by using  Audible is seriously one of the best way to catch up on the books that you don’t have time to read, and to put your personal growth on auto-pilot.


One of the best ways to get your unique message out to the world is to create your very own blog or media platform. There are free hosted options available, but you lose creative control when you go that route.  To own your own platform, use bluehost.


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Special thanks again to Norman Bell for sharing so much of his fire, along with so many actionable insights… so others can ultimately find theirs.   You can learn more about Norman via his website at the Hell Yes Life, or via his online community on FB.  Till next time, Go BE GREAT!!

Music By:  

“Follow Your Dreams” by Scott Holmes

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2 thoughts on “How to Say Yes to Life: Norman Bell

  1. Thank you Nate for having me on the show! It was a pleasure! Hell Yes! Let’s go be Great! 🙂