How to Be Successful in Anything

Matt Rushbrook

Welcome to episode 017 of the Greatness Project!  As you probably already know, Think Strive Become  is all about encouraging, curating, and sharing greatness.  So you’ll find plenty of greatness being shared in this episode, on how to be successful in anything.

How to Successful In Anything - Matt Rushbrook


In this episode, instead of interviewing an inspiring guest, or providing some of my own insights on how you can become your best, I decided to incorporate an insightful and motivational speech (with permission of course) from an inspiring guest I had on the show a few months back, Matt Rushbrook.

His speech is related to what it takes to be successful, and it contains massive value.  If you listen to it with an open mind and earnestness, you can walk away with a more powerful and renewed philosophy to rock your own success.

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You’ll Learn

  • The Importance of Being Open to Learning
  • The Power of Determination
  • Why Talent is Overrated
  •  How to Be Successful in Anything

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Big thank you to Matt for sharing his FIRE on How to be Successful in Anything!  I hope you gathered some key takeaways from his message, insights you can apply to your life to help you reach your dreams.

You can learn more about Matt via his Instagram page, by contacting him directly at, or by listening to our interview on episode 007.

Till next time friends… keep striving!


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 Fleslit –via CC license.   No changes made to soundtrack.

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