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Rebrand Yourself

This post is about choosing to rebrand.  I discuss some reasons behind why this site will be going through with a rebrand, in addition to why you should consider a rebrand yourself, even if you are not in business for yourself.

Rebrand Yourself


A question I’ve been asking myself since the early days of this site, is “Should I rebrand?”.  In fact, I conducted a survey just two months after I created this site, because I was uncertain about the name, almost from the get go.  Unfortunately, the alternative names that I included in my survey, were no better than what I already had, so no change was made.

The name, THINK STRIVE BECOME is a name that I love (more accurately, it is a success process that I believe in), but I am not so sure that it is the quintessential name needed to communicate the site’s purpose, intent, and value as swiftly as possible to my audience.

As such, a rebrand is in order, and the process to make such a shift has begun.  The entire process will take some time, but when all is said and done, THINK STRIVE BECOME, will be morphing into, TheSTRIVE.

Why the decision to rebrand? Well, a couple things happened recently that finally helped me make up my mind.


For starters, I just finished reading a book, called ‘The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing’ by Al Ries & Jack Trout, and it was chock-full of timeless wisdom on branding and marketing.  It was so good, I went ahead and ordered the follow up book, ‘The 22 Immutable Laws of Branding’ by Al Ries and Laura Ries.

Both books were fantastic resources.  Resources I should have read months…no years ago.  I now highly recommend them to everyone, and as the book cover warns, ‘violate them (the laws) at your own risk’.  As you can probably guess, I was violating many of the laws.

I also met with rockstar entrepreneur Evan Carmichael and we discussed the importance of having one word as the focus for your business, career, or approach to life in general.  He mentioned how everything comes together for us, when we drill down to our one word, and use it as a starting point for all our efforts.

Shortly after meeting with Evan, I also had the privilege to interview branding expert and founder of Szen Marketing,  Gary Szenderski, who said, ‘Image is Destiny’.    That one phrase made me realize, that THINK STRIVE BECOME does not conjure up the image that would correspond to the destiny that I have in mind for my efforts.  During our meeting, Gary also confirmed everything Evan Carmichael, Al Ries, and Jack Trout espoused, which was to be true to yourself, and to aim do so with the appropriate naming of your brand.

I guess you could say, the writing was on the wall.  The time has come for this site to rebrand.  The time has come to make some changes, to improve, to aim for better results, to aim to be truer to oneself.


Okay, so you now you know what some of the future plans are for this site, and why we are doing them.  Now, let’s talk about you.  Here is something I’d like you to consider.  Rebranding.  If you have a business or product, or a platform, then for all the reasons I mentioned above, you should consider rebranding.   But if you don’t, I’d still like you to consider rebranding, but a rebrand of yourself.

That’s right, changing your brand, as a person.  Have you ever thought about doing that before?  I know I never had.  Not until recently.

In the past, I’ve consider becoming a better person or a different kind of person, but I’ve never looked at making such changes as a form of rebranding.

When I look back on some of my biggest decisions to improve who I am and how I plan on showing up in the world, I realized, that rebranding is exactly what I was doing.

I imagine, had I looked at those moments of deciding to change as a rebrand, the shift would have been easier.


There was a moment in my life, when all I was seen as, was a ‘jock’.  It was an image that others held of me that I found to be inaccurate.  As such, I started reading tons of books, educating myself, and learning new ways to better present myself to world.  I chose to rebrand, to showcase that I was more than just an athlete.  In turn, I managed to become more, both in reality and in the mind of others.  It wasn’t an easy or fun process.  But it was a process that I had to go through in order to be true to myself.

When I was grinding on my ‘9-5’, working for Corporate America, I did not just want to be another cog in the wheel.  I wanted to do more, be more, than just another statistic, another person working only to pay the bills.  As such, I made adjustments and started pursuing activities that would help me become more than just an employee.  I started striving towards my goals outside of my job.  As such, I rebranded myself as an entrepreneur, a leader, a striver.

After I married my wife, I decided I didn’t just want to be a typical husband.  You know, the type that fits all the stereotypes.  The kind of guy that does just the bare minimum to keep the marriage intact, or the type that only puts in effort to make his wife happy when it benefits him.  So, I strove to become more than just an average husband.  Like really, really tried.  As such, I preemptively branded myself as the type of husband I wanted to be, and the type that my wife wanted to be with.

Undoubtedly, there have been many more instances where I’ve ‘rebranded’ in my life.  These are just a few examples to give you an idea of how you too can rebrand.

4 Simple Actions You Can Take to Rebrand Yourself

1.) Pursue Self-Discovery

A simple resource you can use for self-discovery, is to read Clifton’s Strength Finder 2.0. and then take the quiz.  The books is an easy read and it provides great insight into who we are!  Plus they have a powerful survey that you can use to help you discover your key strengths.  And it is these key strengths, that you will want to focus your personal rebrand around.

2.) Fast Forward

Close your eyes, look to the future and image the you that you want to be in the future.  Once you have that image, consider the type of changes that you will need to make to get there.  If that future you is healthier, but you are not in the best shape, then now is the time to mentally rebrand yourself a fit person.   If that future you is a well-dress confident person who exudes success, consider what things you can do to make you feel like that image.  If it is being better dressed, then perhaps it is time to go shopping.   If you lack confidence, but want to have more of it, start doing your homework on ways to be more confident.  Solutions are out there!

You get the point by now I hope.  Spend some time thinking about the person you want to be, look to the future if you have to, and then decide to do what it takes to become that person.

3) Find Your One Word

Make a list of words that you feel make up the core of who you are.  Consider incorporating words that are associated with the strengths from the Clifton Strength’s Finder Quiz.  Once you have the list, classify them by how they make you feel on a scale between 1 and 5.  The words that evokes the strongest emotions in you, should be given a 5, while the words that you feel less attached to should be given a score of 1.   For every word that you score a 5, create a new round for scoring.  The word that you end up with, is the word that you should focus your personal rebrand around, because it is the world that will be aligned with your true self.

4.) Tie Everything Together

Take inventory of all the images and answers you came up with while doing the previous 3 steps.  After pulling all three associated words together, consider writing a sentence in the first person, about who this new you is, and how this new you will be showing up to the world from this point forward.  Be sure to include descriptions and words that align with the answers you came up with earlier.

For example, if the words you came with from the following exercises comprised of Disciplined, Persistent, and Strive, then you should create a first person statement like this….

example:  I am a disciplined, and persistent person who takes action daily, who takes chances,  and who strives to do the things which are necessary to achieve those achievements which are designated for the select few who have the persistence, the courage, and the will to obtain them.

Alright, there you have it.  The follow through is now up to you.


So, the question remains.  What aspects of your current identity are not serving you?  Do others see you in a different light, then you see in yourself?  Are there results in your life that you have yet to experience because of the type of person you still believe yourself to be?

Perhaps now is the time, to change your personal brand.  Perhaps now is the time to align your personal brand with the image and results that your ideal future calls for.  Let’s go all in for being true to ourselves.

I’ve made up my mind to rebrand my site, and there’s no doubt that with it comes a need to rebrand myself.  Will you join me….will you rebrand yourself?

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