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Denzel Washington Success Story

What can you learn from Denzel Washington? A lot, it turns out. Denzel is a perfect example of how to achieve success in both your personal and professional life. He is one of the most successful actors in Hollywood; acting in over 60 films, winning three Golden Globes, two Academy Awards, and a Tony. But his journey has not been easy. He has worked hard for everything he has achieved, and he continues to work hard to this day. So, considering Denzel’s list of impressive achievements, we will be diving into how this success superstar came to be in this Denzel Washington Success Story special.

“Working Really Hard Is What Successful People Do.”

– denzel washington –

In this article, we will take a closer look at Denzel Washington’s rise to success and peek behind what we see on the big screen to learn what we can apply to our own lives. So, if you believe success leaves clues, and you want to learn a few success insights from Denzel’s inspiring story, let’s dive right in.


The Denzel Washington Story of Success

Youth and Challenges

Denzel Washington was born in Mount Vernon, New York City, in 1953, on December 28th. The street he grew up on was on the edge of Westchester and the Bronx, a lower-class neighborhood that surrounded him with crime, drugs, and violence.

When he was 14 years old, he dealt with the struggle of seeing his parents going through a painful divorce, leaving his mother with him and his two siblings. He had moments of involvement with gangs and getting into fights, but his mother pushed him to stay on the right path.

Despite the challenges he faced, Denzel persevered. His mother ensured a better future for her son by sending him to the military academy in New Windsor. This pivoted the young man from a life of aimlessness to one of curiosity, where he would seek to find answers to find out where he fit into the world.

“I Never Really Had The Classic Struggle. I Had Faith.”

– denzel washington –

The Search for Self Identity

Washington pursued several different paths before he found his calling as an actor. In high school, he joined the football team and was the quarterback. He continued to play football in college, and also joined the basketball and baseball teams as well.

Denzel used sports as a way to find community and learn the power of achievement, which had begun in his childhood days as a regular member of the Boys and Girls Club in the Bronx. However, he discovered that a professional path in sports was not for him.

His interests in biology and chemistry didn’t pan out after taking a challenging course called “Chordate Morphogenesis”, a daunting topic that didn’t attract his interest.

Political science was his next attempt, as he thought it would allow him to make a difference in the world as a lawyer. This got the young man interested in hearing the stories of others, leading him into the field of journalism.

At this point, Washington realized he was working his way into the field of art.

During a summer position as a camp counselor at the YMCA, he had his first experience performing in front of an audience when he was asked to put on a show for the kids.

His natural charisma and stage presence was undeniable. A fellow camp counselor recommended that he pursue acting, and Denzel took his first steps into the world of performing arts.

“I Say Luck Is When An Opportunity Comes Along And You’re Prepared For It.”

– denzel washington –

With a GPA of 1.7, he had nothing to lose and a spark of talent to follow, leading to one of the most successful Hollywood careers of all time.

From Amateur to Professional

When Washington returned to college after the summer, he immediately transferred to Fordham University’s theater department to study acting. His first role was in the play “Othello”, and he would go on to have successful performances in many more theatrical productions.

When preparing for the role of Othello in the play, one of his most influential teachers gave him a piece of advice that he carried on for the rest of his life: “Less acting is always more”.

After a rich and successful college career in theater, Washington made the transition to film with his first movie role in “Wilma” in 1977 and “Carbon Copy” in 1981.

On the set of Wilma, he met his present wife, Pauletta Pearson, who became a major beacon of support and stability during his early Hollywood years.

Denzel Washington Story Quote on Success

He then received a major break on television when he was cast as Dr. Phillip Chandler on NBC’s hospital series”St. Elsewhere”.

Despite being on the show for 6 seasons, the executive producer, Bruce Paltrow, graciously allowed him to leave the production three times to film the movies “A Soldier’s Story”, “Power”, and “Cry Freedom”.

Washington states that if he wasn’t allowed this creative freedom, he wouldn’t have become the actor he is today. Paltrow later said of Washington: “He was the kind of actor who came along once in a generation”.

A Star is Born

After his time on “St. Elsewhere”, there was no question that Denzel Washington was a star. He had leading roles in many movies, including “Malcolm X”, “Philidelphia”, “The Pelican Brief”, “The Bone Collector”, and “The Hurricane”.

In the year 2000, Denzel Washington won a Golden Globe Award for Best Actor due to his exceptional performance in the film “The Hurricane”. The last African American actor who won a Golden Globe was Sidney Poitier in 1963, making him the first black actor in 37 years to receive the honor.

This was a huge stepping stone in Washington’s career, as he was now being seen as a serious contender for Hollywood’s top awards.

And in 2002, his dreams came true when he won the Academy Award for Best Actor in “Training Day”. He has since been nominated for three more Academy Awards and has won a total of two Golden Globes.

Giving Back

While Denzel Washington’s story is one of rags-to-riches, he hasn’t forgotten his roots. He has given back to many different charities over the years, including the Boys and Girls Club of America, The Make-A-Wish Foundation, and The Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund, to name only a few.

He has also donated back to the college that fostered his love of acting, Fordham University. He has donated $2 million dollars to the theater program as well as $250,000 to create a scholarship program for young actors attending the school.

In 1991, the university gifted him an honorary doctorate degree. Morehouse College similarly provided him with an honorary Doctorate of Humanities in 2007, and the University of Pennsylvania provided him with an honorary Doctorate of Arts in 2011.

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Lessons Learned From The Denzel Washington Success Story

The most important cornerstone of this Denzel Washington success story is his transformation from a life of aimlessness to one of focus and determination. He didn’t let his living conditions, poor grades, or challenge with finding a discipline stop him from staying curious, open, and active in his pursuit of a better life.

It was only when he allowed himself to be vulnerable and truly dedicate himself to his passion that he found the success he always dreamed of.

denzel washington success story quote

And it is this same level of focus, discipline, and heart that we must all bring to our own lives if we want to achieve our dreams. Just remember: what Denzel Washington can do, you can do too. You just have to set goals for yourself and then be willing to put in the work.

Till then,


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Dave Ramsey Success Story

Dave Ramsey is one of the most inspiring and well-known personalities when it comes to personal finance. He’s also a best-selling author of multiple popular personal finance books like ‘Baby Steps Millionaires’, ‘The Total Money Makeover’, ‘More Than Enough’, and the massively successful ‘Financial Peace’. And he hosts a radio program that airs on over 670 radio stations across the U.S. giving him a reach of over 80 million listeners each month. To top it all off, Dave Ramsey is also a multi-millionaire. Needless to say, Dave Ramsey is a success.

“Most Really Big Things, Start With a Pretty Simple Story.”

– dave ramsey –

So what is his secret? Well, we believe success leaves clues. It’s the reason why we publish the success stories of inspiring icons like Dave Ramsey. We know every success story contains little gems of insight that can teach, guide, and lead us towards our own version of success.  So, with that being said, if you’re ready to explore Dave Ramsey’s inspiring life and career, let’s dive in to his story.


dave ramsey story of success

Early Days

Dave Ramsey was born on September 3rd, 1960 in Antioch, Tennessee. His parents were both real estate agents and developers. And like many ambitious folks striving to be self-made, his parents were into self-improvement, positive thinking, and goal setting.

In fact, they would often have Dave and his sister listen to motivational tapes on family vacations and road trips. They also aimed to instill in them responsibility and the need for having a strong work ethic.[1]

One example of how Dave’s parents aimed to ensure he become responsible and self-reliant, can be traced back to a moment when Dave, at the age of 12 asked his father for some money, and his father’s response to his request was essentially, that he didn’t need money, what he really needed was a job, because that’s where money came from.

It was this type of encouragement which helped Dave become entrepreneurial and business savvy at a young age. He was essentially forced to tap into his resourcefulness.

This is what led him down the path of eventually starting his own lawncare business, bracelet selling business, and various other small ventures to earn a buck in his youth.

Then, by the age of 18, he would turn his ambition towards selling real estate.


Dave Ramsey’s need to make his own money in his younger years was a form of real-world business education. He learned how to transform his ambition for money into a value-adding services that helped him acquire more of it.

Once Dave graduated high school, he would turn his sights on acquiring a formal education in the realm of business. Thus, he enrolled at The University of Tennessee.

And he enrolled while still maintaining a job selling real estate for over 40 hours a week.

Thus, after a few grueling years of blood sweat and tears, his hard work eventually paid off. He graduated with degrees in Finance and Real Estate and with zero debt.

Living The Dream

Once Dave graduated things really started taking off for him. He got married at the age of 22, end then went all-in in the real estate business. And it wasn’t long before his real estate venture started growing dramatically.

In fact, he was pulling in $250,000 a year, which would come out to around $680, 000 a year in today’s money. On top this, he had simultaneously reached millionaire status by the ripe young age of 26.[2]

For all intents and purposes, Dave Ramsey was living the dream. He had an income, net worth, family, and career that most people would be envious of. However, he also possessed something else, and it contained the seeds of his dream’s destruction; debt.

That’s right, Dave Ramsey’s ambitious business dealings in his early career led to his accruing more debt than he should have to fund his real estate investments. Things really started to fall apart for Dave after the Banking Act of 1986 was passed.

This new act saw many banks change their rules for ownership and the types of risks they were willing to take.

Over-Leveraged Leads To Loss

And in their eyes, Dave Ramsey was over-leveraged and looked like a big risk to the banks. As a result, many of the banks that Dave Ramsey had loans with called on them.

Meaning, they wanted their money back A.S.A.P. They eventually gave him 90 days to unload over $1.2 million dollars, and when he couldn’t unload the debt, he defaulted.

All in all, Ramsey had over $4 million in debt. And after struggling to repay his called debts for over two and a half years, and getting very near to paying them all back by trimming it down to just $378K, he eventually capitulated.[3]

On September 22, 1988 Dave decided to call a bankruptcy attorney to keep the Sheriff out of his house. So, to ensure the rest of his furniture and personal belongings that his family needed weren’t seized, he filed bankruptcy the next day.


After essentially loosing everything due to the bankruptcy, Ramsey decided to start all over again. But this time, he opted to learn everything he could about money so that this would never happen to him and his family again.

He begin studying everything he could get his hands on that related to money and it’s proper management. He also begin seeking out the advice and wisdom of elders in his community. And he eventually turned his sights towards seeing what he could learn about money from the Bible.

After pooling all of his new knowledge about money together, he slowly begin his climb back into prosperity and determined to never get into debt again.

As fate would have it, Dave was asked by a fellow church-goer for advice on how to improve his downward spiraling financial situation so he could avoid bankruptcy. Dave jumped at the opportunity to be of service, and word eventually go out about the pragmatic and wise financial council he was able to offer others.

And as they say, the rest was history. Before Dave knew it, his advice began to be sought out by more and more people from his church, and then the local community.

Dave, took advantage of the the growing interest and decided to start teaching classes about budgeting, personal finances, which eventually led him to the launching of his own financial education company, ‘The Lampo Group, Inc.’

Leveraged Impact

Soon there after the opportunity arose for him to get on a radio show to share his financial advice, and the people love him. So, stay on air to scale up the amount of people his financial advice could impact. The radio show grew slowly and steadily, but didn’t make a profit for the first 10 years.[4]

However, with every show Dave Ramsey did, and every new person whom he helped financially, his popularity grew, and with it, his influence and his fortune. His show is now called ‘The Dave Ramsey Show’ and it airs all over the country. He also has a podcast and a YouTube channel where he publishes recorded versions of his talk show.

His YouTube channels have over 2.7 million subscribers, and his show now reaches over 80 million per week. Having committed to never allowing himself and his family to experience the hardship he put them through all those years ago, as well his commitment to serving as many people as he can with his financial knowledge, he’s become a multi-millionaire and extremely successful once again.

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Success Ethos | Dave Ramsey Success Story

So, how did Dave Ramsey become successful? From observing his success story it should be apparent that a good share of his success is due to the strong encouragement and positive programming he received from his parents at an early age.

In addition this, much of his success is directly related to his own ambitious efforts to make money, as well the many risks he’s taken in his career to accelerate his financial standing.

Lastly, it could be said that Dave’s Ramsey’s success, especially his more recent success, is a bi-product of his ability to help and serve large amounts of people. Dave knows how to manage money, and more importantly, he knows how a person should NOT manage money if they want to avoid financial ruin.

Thus, it’s his ability leverage the airways to help millions and millions of people learn of his message and advice, that affords him the massive success he’s achieved.

Success In His Own Words

Having said, that here are a handful of insightful words of wisdom from Dave Ramsey. We believe they also provide clues as to what he believes it takes to find success in life.

dave ramsey story quote

In summary, success is bi-product of belief, persistence, overcoming failure, and being smart with the management of your money.

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More Dave Ramsey Success Insights

Below is a powerful video of Dave Ramsey’s story. Its worth watching if you want to be inspired, or if you just want to learn even more about Dave and his amazing success journey. Enjoy!

Video Credit: The Ramsey Show (Subscribe Here)

Final Thoughts

Having gone from being a millionaire to broke, and then back to becoming not just a millionaire again, but a multi-millionaire, Dave Ramsey knows a thing or two about success and how to make a comeback in life.

He also knows a great deal about how to be smart with your money. So, if you need a little inspiration when life gets hard, don’t hesitate to come back for some encouragement. Or, if you’re looking for some ways to improve you financial situation, be sure to check out his show. Without exaggeration, it’s a treasure trove of financial wisdom.

Having said that, now it’s up to you to take what you’ve learned from this Dave Ramsey success story, and get out there and create your own abundant and financially secure future.

Till your reach those aims,


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walt disney success story

Walt Disney was an innovative American animator, film producer, and visionary entrepreneur. Being the founder of Disneyland and all things Disney, he hardly needs an introduction as most people know who he is. However, what most people don’t know about Walt Disney, was that before he became the American icon that everyone has come to know and love, he was the product of a true rags-to-riches story. So, that’s exactly what we aim to unravel in this Walt Disney Success Story.

“If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It.”

– walt disney –

Every successful person leaves a blueprint, and more often than not, their journey leaves small clues that we can all benefit from, if we look closely enough. Every success story we publish about visionaries, success icons, and high achievers Walt Disney, aims to reveal some of those clues for you.

So, if you’re ready dig into Walt Disney’s story to see what can be learned for the benefit of your own personal journey, then let’s get started:


Early Days

Walt Disney was born in Chicago, Illinois in December of 1901. His father was a construction worker, but also dabbled in a variety of businesses like mail delivery, orange grove farmer, newspaper delivery, and carpenter. And his mother was a grammar schoolteacher and a homemaker.

Walt was the fourth youngest of five kids. And his family moved around quite a bit in his formative years. As a kid, he lived in Chicago for a few years, then a farm in Missouri, then eventually Kansas City, Missouri, wrapping his final years in high school back in Chicago.

The family bounced around to make ends meet.[1] That, and Walt’s father was restless, but he was hard worker. He often put Walt to work, getting him to assist him with his newspaper delivery route. His father’s hard-driving ways, with little to show for, actually pushed his two of his brothers to run away from home early on.

But Walt stuck around, at least for a while. At the age of 16, he set his sights on joining the military to help the war effort during WW1. After getting declined because of his age, he signed up with Red Cross and was shipped out to France.

Stumbling To Success

Walt Disney didn’t spend much time overseas, as he caught the tail end of WW1. Barely a year later, he found himself back in the United States looking for work.

Following his interest in drawing, which was a skill he grew fond of growing up, he found work with the Kansas City Star newspaper in Kansas City, MO. It was one of his first jobs, but he was fired shortly after starting, as his editor felt he lacked imagination and had no good ideas.[2]

Walt Disney stumbled, but he dusted himself off and quickly found work with a Commercial Art Studio. Just a year later, in 1920, Walt Disney and a friend named Ub Iwerks, decided to go out on their own, and start their very own business as commercial artists.

They named their company the Iwerks Disney Commercial Artists.

First Failure

Unfortunately, the enterprise failed miserably after just one month of being in business. This forced both entrepreneurs to get a job.

Fortunately, they found work with the Kansas City Slide Company, which was essentially an advertising firm. With this new job, Disney was able to pay the bills, while simultaneously improving his craft of drawing and animation while at work.

He was also known to experiment with different drawing and animation styles while at home.

Second Failure

Not being one to rest on his laurels, Walt Disney believed that the animation style he had been practicing at home was superior to the style that was being used by his employer.

So, at the age of 20, after having his suggestions to implement this new style shot down at his place of work, he decided to strike out on his own again. This time, his business would be focused on creating short entertainment films known as Laugh-O-Grams.

Walt aptly named his new venture, Laugh-O-Gram Studios. The goal of this studio was to produce short entertaining films that incorporated advertising, using the animation style he had been working on.

The venture started off strong with Disney being able to secure a few contracts. But the money soon dried up and they found themselves in financial trouble.

Disney eventually found himself sleeping in the studio and being forced to eat dog food, as he couldn’t afford to pay rent for his own place or a decent meal. In 1923, just after two years of being in business, Disney’s venture went bankrupt.

Third Failure

With just $40 in his pocket and a dream to start fresh as a film director, Walt Disney bought a one-way ticket to Los Angeles, California. He moved in with his Aunt, Uncle, and his brother Roy, but Walt was still determined to become a success.[3]

Just 2 months after getting settled in at his new home, Walt Disney was contacted by a film distributor in New York who was losing her rights to a few silent films that belonged to her. Being aware of Disney’s talent, she connected with him to contract out a new series.

It was at this moment that Walt Disney Studios was born. The company was initially named the Disney brother studios, as Walt and his brother Roy founded it together, but it would eventually take on the name of just Walt Disney.

The studio produced its first set of works from his Uncle’s garage. Worked soon picked up, and Walt Disney eventually created a cartoon character that skyrocketed his success.

The character’s name was Oswald The Rabbit. Unfortunately, Walt’s string of failures wasn’t over. After partnering with Universal Studios to distribute this hit character far and wide, Walt learned that his character was secretly patented by them.

Walt soon lost his artists, as Universal Studios hired them away, and they refused to pay him.

Persisting In The Face of Failure

Despite Walt Disney’s setbacks, he persisted. He went on to create even more characters and story lines. And the public soon fell in love with his hit creation, Mickey Mouse.

After Disney aligned his studios with Columbia Pictures and United Artists, his business and fame began to improve. But his biggest break would come at the age of 37, after Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs went viral, becoming the most successful motion picture of 1938.

And for the next 20 years, Walt Disney would grow the number of characters produced by his studio, as well as the stories; and with it his fame and fortune.

His persistence eventually led to him and his studio winning multiple Academy awards for their films. They also achieved over 3 Golden Globes, and an Emmy Award.

Walt Disney’s persistence would also eventually help him open one of the largest entertainment parks in history, Disney Land. Legend has it, that he was denied over 300 times by financiers and bankers, before he was given the green light to build Disney Land.

Walt Disney studios now owns Pixar, Buenavista, Miramax, Marvel and more.

Persistence in the face of failure and rejection paid off. And that’s Walt Disney’s success story in a nutshell.

Success Ethos | Walt Disney Success Story

It’s easy to see what character traits lead to Disney’s staggering success over time, but sometimes it’s best to get success insights straight from source. So, here are a handful of Walt Disney’s best thoughts on what it takes to succeed in life:

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More Walt Disney Story Insights

And if you’re looking for even more insights related to Walt Disney’s inspiring story and massive success, then you’ll enjoy this video. So, if you want to dig even deeper, it’s worth the watch:

Video Credit: Biographics (Subscribe Here)

Final Thoughts

There you have it, Walt Disney’s story of success and achievement. We covered his past, how he stumbled through multiple failures, setbacks, and bankruptcies, and how he ultimately persisted in creating one of the world’s most famous brands.

Here’s a quick recap with regards to Walt Disney’s success. These are, in our estimation, the three success qualities of his, that you may want to emulate:

Use Your Talents | Chase Your Dreams | Never Give Up

That said, we hope you’ll take the insights and inspiration you’ve gathered from this success story and use them to help you unleash your unique gifts into the world.

And of course, persist. Because it’s the only thing that’ll annoy failure enough for it to get out of the way of your success.

Till you reach your aims,


PS – If you enjoy this Walt Disney Story then you may also find this related article interesting: Walt Disney’s Net Worth.

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Nick Vujicic Story

Nick Vujicic is a highly successful motivational speaker, international bestselling author, entrepreneur, and investor. But what makes Nick so remarkable isn’t just his accomplishments in the world of business and speaking; it’s his incredible story of overcoming adversity.

“Obstacles Equal Opportunities”

– nick vujicic –

Despite being born without arms and legs due to a rare birth condition, he’s managed turn his obstacles into opportunities and achieve a wildly successful life. As such, we aim to zero-in on the mindset and methods he used in this Nick Vujicic Story.

In this story, we will take a closer look at Nick’s journey and showcase how he’s become a beacon of hope for millions of people all across the world. By understanding the steps he’s taken to become successful, we can better apply his principles to our own lives and hopefully conquer our own mountains.

With that said, if you’re ready to learn about the mindset of one of the inspiring humans alive, let’s dive right in to Nick Vujicic’s story.


Early Days

Nick was born in Melbourne, Australia in 1982. He was born with a disorder known as tetra-amelia syndrome, a rare condition that leaves the newborn without limbs.

From the first day he was born, he faced the realities of a hard world. His own mother struggled with his condition, and refused to hold him as a newborn.

It took his family some time to come to terms with his condition. They left the hospital as soon as they could, to avoid the unwanted attention caused by Nick’s condition.

The family struggled with Nick’s condition at first, but they eventually realized they had to deal with it, and raise their young child as best as they could.

Nick’s parents would go on to encourage him to be optimistic, and look for the silver lining in all-things. Of course, he would struggle with his peers because of how he looked.

He would even get bullied and mocked from time to time. The teasing strengthened Vujicic, but, it almost killed him. Especially when Nick considered what perceived as a hopeless future, where he’d never be able to hold a job, have a family, or get married.

In fact, when Vujicic was just 10 years old he considered taking his own life. He attempted to drown himself in his bathtub. But, the thought of how much it would pain his parents to take his own life, on top of the fact that they already had child born with such challenges, caused him to opt out.

Change Of Heart

As Vujicic grew older, he began to see the light. For years he was bitter, and angry at the world and God for his condition. Often times crying out to God, begging him for a miracle, that his arms and legs might reappear.

But, after stumbling across a specific chapter (chapter 9) in the Gospel of John, he had a change of heart. Instead of being angry and upset because of his situation, he started to look at the purpose behind his challenges.

He realized that much of his suffering was due to his attitude, the incorrect assessment of his value, and his perceived limitations. He found a new hope.

Thus, as a teenager he began sharing his message of hope, purpose, and the benefits of resilience with people at his school. He then began giving inspirational speeches at schools and events throughout his community.

A Star Is Born

Once Nick Vujicic accepted the truth of his value, the truth of his purpose, and the truth of his destiny, a star was truly born.

Nick’s change of heart opened up all sorts of opportunities for him. His message and his empowering mindset became infectious to all who would listen.

nick vujicic story quote

Before he knew it, Nick was being asked to give speeches not just across town, but across the country. Then, across the ocean, then the world.

Nick’s courage and tenacity for life would help him become one of the most in-demand and successful motivational speakers in modern-history. He’s since travelled to 78 countries and counting, has presented on over 3,500 different stages, and touched the hearts of hundreds of millions of people.

He’s also become a best-selling author of multiple books, a family-man with four children and a beautiful wife, and has started his own international non-profit ministry, Life Without Limbs.

On top of it all, he managed to become a multimillionaire, achieving an estimated net worth of approximately 2.5 million. It’s safe to say, Vujicic has achieved massive success.

Success Ethos | Nick Vujicic’s Story of Success

Nick Vujicic’s story is an inspiration to many. His life has been filled with many obstacles, but his willingness and ability to reframe his challenges, has helped him become the success he is today.

That said, here are just a few of his best and wisest words. Words that perfectly encapsulate the mindset that’s helped him surmount obstacles and achieve so much:

 “In Life You Have A Choice: Bitter Or Better? Choose Better, Forget Bitter.”

– nick vujicic –

“Defeat Only Happens To Those Who Refuse To Try Again.”

– nick vujicic –

“Character Cannot Be Developed In Ease And Quiet. Only Through Experience Of Trial And Suffering Can The Soul Be Strengthened, Ambition Inspired, And Success Achieved.”

– nick vujicic –

“If You Can’t Get A Miracle, Become One.”

– nick vujicic –

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Success Insights

Video Credit: 60 Minutes Australia (Subscribe)

Final Thoughts

There you have it, the inspiring story of Nick Vujicic. A story of redemption, realization, and transformation. A story of a man born without arms and legs; who went from feeling hopeless, depressed, and confused, to leaning into his challenges and living out his true purpose.

Certainly, we could all learn from Nick’s positive attitude and powerful mindset. And use him as an inspiration to live our lives on purpose and to their full potential.

Till you reach your aims,


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Robert Herjavec Success Story

Robert Herjavec is a highly successful author, venture capitalist, and motivator. On top of this, he’s one of the most popular entrepreneurs in North America, especially after he earned himself a spot as one of the key panel members on the hit reality T.V. show, ‘Shark Tank’. Having sold multiple IT companies, authoring multiple best-selling books, and making it into the entertainment business, it’s safe to say that Herjavec knows a thing or two about success. As such, we aim to unravel some useful insights for you in this Robert Herjavec story of success.

“It Is Not The Strong Or The Weak That Will Survive — It Is The Resilient.

– Robert Herjavec –

We’ve noticed that success leaves clues, and every success story contains a blueprint for achieving success for those who look close enough. And, because it’s our aim to help you find more success and fulfillment in your life, we’re publishing this article.

Of course it’s ultimately up to you to follow what you learn. So, if you’re to ready to discover what success gems Robert Herjavec’s success story contains, then let’s dive into his story:


The Robert Herjavec Success Story

Early Struggles | The Robert Herjavec Story

Robert Herjavec was born in the eastern European country of Croatia in 1962. Back then, the country was part of Yugoslavia, which was a one-party socialist state governed by Communists. Herjavec’s father was a tough and brave man who was willing to speak out against the ruling regime, and their unjust governing.[1]

Not surprisingly, his father’s vocal anti-communist sentiment was more often than not met with incarceration. And, after being thrown in jail over 22 different times, his father finally had enough. So, he escaped his captors, and then fled the country with his family.

Robert Herjavec’s family relocated to Canada with only $20 to their name, but his father eventually found work in a factory. The money wasn’t great, but it was just enough to raise a family.

Herjavec was only 8 at the time, but his experience with the totalitarianism of the communist state of Yugoslavia, along with the dire economic conditions, and the hopelessness that his father raged against, had a lasting impact on his psyche.

The Decision

In fact, he learned very early from his father, that complaining was wasteful, demonstrated a lack of appreciation, and that he should never do it, especially in light of all the sacrifices his father was making and had already made to provide him and his family with a better life.

After growing up in near poverty, Herjavec around the age of 14, became determined to contribute to a better life for his family and himself. As such, he made up his mind that he would be successful.

With a head full of hope and a heart full of ambition, he would eventually make his way to college, go on to graduate with degrees in English Literature and Political Science from the University of Toronto, and then dive into the working world.

Getting To Work

Herjavec had lots of dreams growing up. He wanted to be a detective, a vet, and even a race car driver at one point. Like most of us, he was ambitious, but a bit unfocused.

A such, his first few jobs were menial and didn’t pay much. He worked a variety of gigs such as waiter, debt collector, newspaper deliveryman, and even landed a very short-lived job as an assistant director and field producer.

Eventually, Herjavec found himself working in the computer industry, selling IBM mainframes. [2] He landed the job after a friend of his told him how much the salary was, and that he didn’t get the job. So, Herjavec, being extremely impressed with the $30,000 starting salary, applied for the computer job and managed to land it!

After learning the ropes of the computer business, he decided to try his hand at entrepreneurship, and started BRAK Systems, a company that focused on security integration. Herjavec’s business would thrive, and it quickly grew into one of North America’s top companies for security integration. And, fortunately for Herjavec, AT&T wanted to buy his company, which he promptly sold for approximately $20 million.

Robert Herjavec Story Quote

Herjavec would then leverage that experience into an executive position with a company known as RAMP Networks. As the VP of Sales for one of the first developers of VPN technology, he helped grow the company till it was acquired by Nokia for $225 million.

The 2nd Round

After experiencing such high levels of success in the business world, and getting filthy rich; Robert eventually decided to become a stay-at-home-dad. But, after three years, he became listless and wanted something more.

So he started another business and named it the Herjavec Group. And similar to his first company, he quickly grew it into a dominant player in the information technology industry. After a recent merger with Fishtech Group, his company is now known as Cyderes and is one of the largest cyber security companies in Canada.[3]

Media Ventures

After experiencing so much success as the founder of two businesses, and participating in multiple buy outs that made him a multimillionaire many times over, the next-phase of Herjavec’s life would begin.

After claiming to pay over $10 million dollars for a mansion in the early 2000’s, he caught the attention of writer from the National Post. And it was this publication and media exposure that eventually garnered him the attention that helped him land a role on Dragon’s Den, an earlier and Canadian version of Shark Tank.[4]

The show was a hit in Canada, and Herjavec starred on the show from 2006 till 2012. In 2009 before he completely ended his run with The Dragon’s Den, he also worked out a contract with ABC’s Shark Tank. And the rest has been history.

Since then he’s been permanent fixture of the show, and his popularity and celebrity status continues to grow.

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Success Ethos | Robert Herjavec Story

Robert Herjavec has proven himself to be a dynamic entrepreneur. Having built multiple businesses from scratch, to selling a few for hundreds of millions, he has a strong grasp on what it takes to succeed. So, what it is Herjavec’s success ethos? What’s his secret sauce to success?

After studying Herjavec’s achievements closely enough, you’ll likely notice that he loves his work. He seems to always have a passion for what he is doing. And that passion and enthusiasm he has, has lent to his strong work ethic and his unrelenting drive to convert his vision into reality.

In addition to this, Herjavec has also pointed at the fact that success is a biproduct of being exceptional at what you do, having a willingness to take action and calculated risks, as well as having a vision you can stick with.

Here’s how he has put it, in his own words:

“Find something you’re going to be great at and let the money follow you.”


“Success doesn’t happen because you ‘re lucky — it happens because you worked for it!”


“Successful businesspeople retain a quality most others not only lack but often fail to comprehend, and that’s the unrelenting drive to convert a vision into reality.”


“Greatness comes when you marry passion with your job.” – Robert Herjavec


“Without the ability to visualize a goal and believe it will be reached, nothing of substance will be achieved.” – Robert Herjavec


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Fina Thoughts

There you have it, the Robert Herjavec success story that describes his journey of growing up in a land of limited opportunity, to experiencing near poverty in his youth, to then creating and selling multiple profitable businesses.

His penchant for success has allowed him to build a fortune that’s over $200 million, publish many best-selling books, and become an international celebrity. With that said, we hope you gathered a few success nuggets from Robert’s story.

But most importantly, we hope this Robert Herjavec story of success inspires you to dream more, believe more, and do more when it comes to going for your dreams.

Till you reach your aims,


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rhonda byrne story

Rhonda Byrne is the highly successful Australian television producer and writer who created the hit film, ‘The Secret’. She also published her ideas in book form, which also became a best-seller and further popularized the law of attraction concept. Rhonda Byrne wasn’t always a household name or the posterchild for the mysteries of attracting success. In fact, she stems from humble beginnings, which is why we’ve decided to publish this Rhonda Byrne story.

We believe success leaves clues. We also believe that every story possesses hidden insights and some inspiring truths that can benefit us in a variety of ways.  This is why we cover inspirational people like Rhonda Byrne. 

So, if you’re ready to see what this Rhonda Byrne story can teach you, then let’s dive right in to the beginning of her inspiring journey:


Note: We’re reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission.

Early Days

Rhonda Byrne was born in Melbourne, Australia in 1951. She is the oldest of five girls, and had an upbringing that was very modest. Her family didn’t have a lot of money, but she felt like she grew up blessed, stemming from a secure household where her mother and father were both madly in love with each other.[1]

Byrne attended public schools and didn’t attend any prestigious institutions of higher education. Her early career was in radio production, but she eventually moved into video production.

After a few years in the business, she would eventually become an executive producer for television.

Life Struggles

Her father passed away in 2004, and she took it pretty hard. Her mother especially struggled with the passing of her father, and was having a difficult time moving forward. At the same time, Byrne was expressing lots of stress with the production of a handful of crime-related movies that she was responsible for fulfilling.

After suffering numerous setbacks on her ‘Sensing Murder’ production, including going over budget, she was on the verge of losing everything.[2] Thus, her financial stressors combined with her being grief stricken due to the loss of her father, led to her virtually collapsing in despair.

This low point in her life, led to what would eventually become her rebound. On a day when her whole world seemed to be collapsing, her daughter handed her a book, as way to help her overcome some of her financial challenges.

The book was ‘The Science of Getting Rich‘ by Wallace D. Wattles, and it would become the basis for would later become Rhonda Byrne’s ticket to turning her whole life around.

The Secret

Rhonda Byrne read the book her daughter handed her. And she acquired much wisdom and comfort from reading the insights contained within Wattles’ masterpiece.

But the big secret that lead to her eventual break through can be summed up in one word, surrender. Byrne’s life was on the verge of spiraling out of control and she didn’t know how to fix the grief she was experiencing nor the bankruptcy she was facing.

But, once she surrendered, her entire outlook on life changed. In that moment of surrender her biggest inspiration had finally arrived. And as a result, everything in her physical life would dramatically change for her as well.

Taking the inspiration she gathered in her moment of surrender, along with the inspiration from the book that helped her break through her negative mindset, she got to work on producing a video that could help others do the same. The video was titled ‘The Secret’, and was published in 2006.

Later that year should would follow up that video with the book by the same name. Her results were miraculous. Just one year later, the sale of the book reached over 19 million copies sold, and the video with a few million as well.

At the age of 55, Rhonda’s life went from rock-bottom to being on top of the world. She was invited to appear on the Oprah Winfrey show, was named one TIME Magazine’s most influential people, and even made it on to Forbes Magazine.

In almost the blink of an eye (a little over a year), she went from near bankruptcy to multimillionaire.

Rhonda Byrne’s Enduring Success

Rhonda Byrne discovered the secret, shared the secret, and achieved an enduring peace of mind and a substantial level of success as a result. Even though years have passed since she first published her breakout book, she’s still living out the secret and sharing her wisdom with people all over the world.

She has since created multiple books and videos like ‘The Power’, ‘The Magic’, ‘The Greatest Secret’, and many more. In addition to these, she’s also produced popular films like ‘The Secret: Dare To Dream’.

Needless to say, she’s still practicing what she preaches, and is reaping the rewards that comes from helping so many people. That said, here are some of her wisest words regarding success and achievement that you can gleam from her short of reading her books:

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Final Thoughts

There you have it, the Rhonda Byrne Story story of success. Her story demonstrates that even in our darkest hours, or during our biggest life challenges, the seeds to a miraculous new future can be planted.

Byrne’s story also shows us that it doesn’t matter how old we are. We can be in our 40’s or 50’s, or any age for that matter, and that things can completely turn around for us. So, if you’ve yet to experience your big break in life, just know, late doesn’t mean never.

Till you reach your aims,


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David Goggins Story

David Goggins is a former Navy SEAL and USAF Tactical Air Control Party member who served in Afghanistan and Iraq. He is also a world-renowned ultramarathon runner and triathlete. But what makes David so remarkable isn’t just his accomplishments in the military or the fitness world; it’s his incredible story of overcoming adversity.

“Mental Toughness Is A Lifestyle.”

– david goggins –

In this story, we will take a closer look at David’s life story and showcase how he became one of the fittest men on Earth. By understanding the steps he took to become successful, we can better apply his principles to our own lives and hopefully achieve our own slice of greatness.

With that said, if you’re ready to learn about the mindset of one of the hardest men alive, let’s dive right in to this David Goggins Story.


david goggins story of success

How It Began | David Goggins Story

David Goggins’ beginnings were challenging, starting in the home. He endured a violent and controlling father, a family divorce, and poverty, all by the age of 8 years old. These adversities ended up manifesting as problems such as memory and attention issues as well as a stutter.

Despite having a rough home life in his youth, David had longed for a fresh start after he moved to Indiana with his mother and brother. He longed for a place where he felt safe. Nevertheless, Goggins did not anticipate the pain he would suffer during his first days at school, where he would eventually get bullied because of his unique appearance, and because and he didn’t know how to read.

Goggins didn’t appreciate the bullying, and as a result, he began skipping classes in order to escape the ridicule that was constantly lobbed at him by his classmates.

Needless to say, Goggin’s youth was not filled with sunshine and rainbows. It was a very tough and challenging way to grow up. Fortunately, those hardships didn’t break him, and instead made him stronger in the long run.

Once Goggins completed his schooling, he gave the military a shot. Unfortunately, after a failed attempt to join the Air Force’s as an elite pararescue team member due to sickle cell anemia, he became defeated for a very long time. But, Goggins persisted.

Despite the diagnosis, he refused to give up. “I wanted to feel something besides defeat. I wanted to just go the distance,” David said.

Eventually, he made his way into the Air Force, but as part of a different squad. This time around he made the cut to become part of the United States Air Force Tactical Control Party. But after a servicing for 5 years, he left the Air Force.

From a Nobody to a Somebody

After his 5 year stint in the Air Force, David found himself barely able to make ends meet. He worked as an exterminator, ate tons of junk food, and gained lots of weight. David’s life started to spiral in a downward direction and he began living an uninspired life.

Fortunately, David watched a documentary about the Navy SEALS one day, and found something to be inspired by. The challenge of becoming a seal, and having the mental and physical toughness of the program participants, gave David something to aspire towards.

Serendipitously, that show inspired Goggins to want to do more with his life. It inspired him to strive to become something more, something great. He was tired of being a nobody who just watched the lives of other great people on TV.

So, in was in that sudden moment, that he had found the motivation that would help him go on to lose more than 100 pounds in under three months. He discovered a newfound fire and energy. Thus, he channelled his driven to finally get fit and apply for the program.

He reflects that “It made me reflect on my fears, my insecurities. I saw real men who were overcoming adversity.”

Forward March

In order to get in shape, David joined a gym. Despite his intentions, he was unable to run more than a quarter mile on his first day. As a result of his psychological defeat, Goggins returned home crying and turning to food for emotional support.

Despite the minor regression, this man wasn’t the same as the person who was unmotivated to grow.

So, he got back on his proverbial horse and kept moving forward. He began to cycle and heavily restructured and restricted his diet and successfully brought his weight down to be able to apply for the Navy SEALS within 3 months.

The rest, as they say, is history.

The Turning Point

David Goggins held strong to his commitment and entered Navy SEAL training. Despite tremendous progress and growth in the program, he particularly struggled with the infamous “hell week”, an intense week-long training session where SEAL candidates are forced to move with minimal sleep and food.

David Goggins Success Story

Despite failing this grueling week the first time around due to a case of pneumonia, and the second time due to a stress fracture injury, he responded by completing two successful “hell weeks” in the same year. This shattered his limiting beliefs around his performance abilities and further fueled his progress.

This was the lightbulb moment for Goggins where he realized he needed to acquire a strong mental toughness in order to maintain a strong physical toughness. He dedicated himself to training both the body and the mind from this point forward.

His career in the military lasted for two decades and he received the “Top Enlisted Man” award for his efforts.

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Challenges Along the Way

One of the most challenging moments in Goggin’s life was when a helicopter, containing several of Goggins’ close friends inside, crashed during Operation Red Wings in 2005.

He used this devastating tragedy as fuel to drive him further. He raised money by long-distance running and donated the proceeds to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation, which grants educational scholarship opportunities to students who had lost their parents in the special operations sector. He has raised over 2 million dollars for charity.

David became an ultra-marathoner as a way to add momentum to his tragedies. The Badwater 135 is a grueling 135-mile run beginning in Death Valley, 282 feet below sea level, and ending at an elevation of 8,374 feet. To add to the excitement, it takes place in July, when Death Valley is at its hottest.

His qualification race was a one-day 100-mile run in San Diego, which he completed in 19 hours with little preparation. Upon finishing, he spent an entire year training for the Badwater 135 as hard as he could. Taking fifth place, he completed it in 30 hours.

He would next face challenges with his personal health. When David’s doctor examined him for a routine checkup in 2010, he found a birth defect called an atrial septal defect. Due to a hole between two of the atrial chambers of the athlete’s heart, the organ wasn’t able to operate at its maximum capacity. He was also struggling with progressive muscle weakness and wasting.

In order to save his life, David began to work intensely on rehabilitating himself. With consistent daily stretching, his body began to heal itself and realign. His heart also had time to restore and grow stronger.

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Lessons Learned

According to Goggins, his success is attributed to his “day one, week one” mentality. Every day he lives as though it was the first day of his new job. According to him, even though this mindset rubs people the wrong way, it works and makes him show up completely and with integrity.

He has also learned to never get comfortable with his accomplishments. He has stayed hungry for more and believes that if you are not continually challenging yourself, then you will never be satisfied with life.

David Goggins states that every day is an opportunity for achievement, and he doesn’t feel complete unless he has strived for that. His discipline is internally motivated, and unshakeable by any external standards. He aims to hold his standards higher than others do in order to achieve what others deem is impossible.

“Never Let People Who Choose The Path Of Least Resistance Steer You Away From Your Chosen Path Of Most Resistance.”

– david goggins –

One of the most important things that David Goggins learned over his years of training and competing is the importance of mental toughness. This was a lesson that he learned early on when he first joined the Navy SEALs, but it has stuck with him throughout his life.

Goggins believes that strength of mind is what sets people apart from each other in their ability to accomplish goals and achieve success.

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Heavy To Hardcore

If you have a few minutes to spare, here’s a short video that provides additional insight on the mindset that helped David Goggin’s go from being over 300 pounds to becoming a hardcore Navy Seal.

Video Credit: CNBC Make It (Subscribe)

Final Thoughts

David Goggins story is an inspiration for all of us who are looking to challenge ourselves mentally and physically, and change our lives in the process. He has now shared his story with many people around the world and has inspired an entire community of individuals to challenge and push themselves to achieve the impossible.

These days, David Goggins also shares his message with people all over the world through his motivational speaking business, where he uses his life stories to inspire audiences everywhere to get off their butts and get disciplined, to push their limits, and most importantly, to stay hard.

david goggins life story quote

With that being said, we hope you learned a few of those strong life lessons from this David Goggins story. Namely, that if you want to achieve our full potential, we have to rid our lives of laziness and stop making excuses for our lot in life.

Till then,


PS – If you enjoyed this David Goggins Story of success and hardcore persistence and overcoming adversity, then you’ll love this inspiring article on the true story of Rudy.

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Ben Carson Success Story

Ben Carson is one of the most successful American neurosurgeon’s in U.S. history. CNN and TIME Magazine once named him one of America’s 20 foremost physicians and scientists. In 2008, he’s was awarded the prestigious Presidential Medal of Freedom. He was also a candidate for the office of the President of the United States for the 2016 election, and was the nation’s 17th Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. In short, Ben Carson has accomplished quite a bit in his life time. As such, we’ve decided to dig into the inspiring life and achievements of the Mr. Carson in this Ben Carson Success Story special.

“There Is No Such Thing As Useless Knowledge.”

Ben Carson, is a world-class leader and a successful professional, who’s inspiring success story can teach us, guide us, and benefit us in unimaginable ways.  So, with that being said, we aim to touch on the making of Ben Carson, along with insights he has conveyed over the years on how other people can lead successful lives as well. So, without further ado, let’s dive in.


Early Life: The Ben Carson Success Story

Ben Carson was born in Detroit Michigan in 1951. His mother was one of 24 children, who got married when she was 13 years old to Carson’s father who was a factory worker at a Cadillac plant.

When Ben Carson was just eight years old his parents separated, and his mother was forced to go back to work to support Ben and his brother. Considering his mother was only 13 when she got married, and had never worked, she had to take up employment as a domestic worker (in other words, as a maid) and moved her and her kids back to Boston to live with her sister.

Carson and his family would eventually move back to Detroit after a couple of years. Carson would describe the experience as a desperate situation, stating that he lived in multi-family tenement. His environment was miserable, where boarded up windows and doors in his neighborhood was the norm, along with sirens, gangs, rats and roaches.

On top of living in poor living conditions, Ben Carson was being made fun of at school. Kids would call him a “dummy”, make him the butt of class jokes, and teased him constantly. All of which ultimately led to Carson’s lack of belief in himself, which became apparent to his mother.

A Mother’s Intervention

It was at this time that his mother also noticed that his grades were lagging behind his peers. As such, she put her foot down and minimized the amount of T.V. she allowed Carson to consume.

She also began requiring multiple books reports every single week from Ben and his brother. His mother’s intervention went into full effect.

Fortunately for Ben, this strict regimen would eventually pay off as both Ben and his brother would begin doing better in school, and eventually aspire for higher education and succeed at it.

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School Days

Ben ultimately excelled in school and would eventually earned a full academic scholarship to Yale University. And after four years, he eventually earned his Bachelors degree in Psychology. Once he finished his undergraduate degree Ben Carson would go on to attend Medical School at the University of Michigan.

Ben Carson Success Story Quote

During his first he struggled academically. In fact, because of the challenges he was facing, he considered for a brief moment dropping out from medical program entirely. However, he persisted, and after the first year, Ben got his bearings by spending most of his time studying the text-books and lecture notes versus attending the lectures. Eventually, Ben mastered his medical studies, got elected to the school’s Medical Honor Society, and acquired is M.D. from the school.

Ben Carson’s next act would be played out at John Hopkins University School of Medical School, where he would finish his residency.

Professional Years

Ben would eventually become John Hopkins’ Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery. And after a few years there, he became the lead neurosurgeon of a 70-member surgical team. Ben would go on to perform increasingly complex surgeries, with one of his most well-known being that of the first separation of conjoined twins.

After nearly three decades of performing increasingly complex surgeries, and gaining a celebrity-like status from his medical successes, he would eventually retire from the medical profession. And it was at this point that Ben Carson would go on to have a successful career in publishing and public speaking; publishing multiple New York Time’s Best Seller’s, dozens of peer-reviewed articles, star in movies, and become a contributor on various Mainstream Media News publications.

Ben Carson would eventually become a house-hold name after running for the presidency of the United States of America.

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Without a doubt, Ben Carson is an inspiration to many across the country and world. He had a slow start, but he overcome his adversities, gained momentum as time went on, and has become a shining example of possibilities for millions of people. Here’s just a sample of his many accomplishments:

  • Awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom
  • Horatio Alger Award
  • 38 Honorary Doctorates
  • Has had a High School named after him
  • Awarded the Library of Congress Living Legend Award
  • Awarded the William E. Simon Prize for Philanthropic Leadership
  • Named by US News & World’s report as one of ‘America’s Best Leaders’
  • Elected into the National Academy of Sciences Institute of Medicine

Ben Carson’s Net Worth

In addition to all of Ben Carson’s accolades, he’s also managed to build up a large fortune for himself during his career. How large?

Well, as of this year, Ben Carson’s net worth is approximately $30 million. So, another major accomplishment of Ben Carson, is that he’s become a multimillionaire.

Success Insights

Ben Carson has shared many of his success insights in his books, and in the many interviews he’s given. And he has given credit to his mother for much of his success.

In fact, he states that it was his mother’s belief in him that helped him believe in himself. He also states that his mother never accepted excuses from him or or his brother, and that she did not accept victimhood for herself or for them. As such, the foundation for much of his success comes down to his mother’s belief in him, and her unacceptance of excuses.

Ben Carson’s Secrets To Success

In addition to this, Ben Carson has learned a thing or two about success over the years. In fact, he enjoys sharing his success secrets with all who are interested. One of the best ways he’s summed up his philosophy of success has been through the Acronym THINK BIG. Here’s how:

T: Talent – Develop your talents, use them, and let them carry you to new heights.

H: Honesty – Keep your life simple by remaining honest.

I: Insight – Learn from others who have already done what you are interested in doing.

N: Nice – Be nice to people, because life is lived with and through people.

K: Knowledge – The way you make yourself more valuable is through knowledge. So learn as much as you can.

B: Books – The mechanism for gaining more knowledge and becoming more valuable is through books.

I: In-Depth Learning – Learn for the sake of understanding, as opposed to learning just to put an answer down for a quiz. In short, in-depth learning should be focused on versus superficial learning.

G: God – It is important to keep God in our lives. Not push God on others, but not allow for God to be pushed out of our lives by Government.

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Key Takeaways

“There is no such thing as useless knowledge, because you never know what doors it is going to open for you. The more you know, the more options you have.”

– ben carson –

There you have it, the Ben Carson success story that covers his journey from the impoverished neighborhoods of Detroit, to becoming one of the most well-known surgeon’s in the world.  We’ve uncovered the success ethos that has guided Ben Carson in creating the massive success he now enjoys. Here they are again as a recap…

Work on the following:

Improving Your Self-Belief | Making Zero-Excuses

While focusing on:

Your Talents | Being Honest | Appreciating The Insight of Others | Being Nice  | Gaining Knowledge | Reading Books | In-Depth Learning | God

If you enjoyed the success insights above, then you’ll love these short stories on success. Surely you can gain some motivation or success insights from them as well, that can help you find more success in your life.

Till next time,


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