Leveraging Resources & Support Systems to Succeed

Power Thoughts From Professor Imelda K. Moises, P.h.D.

Welcome to Episode 002 of The Greatness Project podcast. In this session I interview Professor Imelda K. Moises, Ph.D.

Success Through Resourcefulness

Imelda is a Zambian Born, American Educated Professor who provides tons of useful insights that can help activate anyone who may currently feel ‘stuck’ where they are at in life.

A big focus of the show is about how to leverage your resources and support systems to reach your goals and ultimately succeed in life.

Imelda also gives us some of her unique strategies for overcoming personal roadblocks, adversity, and reveals insights related to how she reached her own success milestones on her journey to becoming a successful professor. Click the Continue Reading button below to listen to power thoughts from this proactive professor…

The Financially Fit Philosophic Pharmacist

The Power of Mindset, Hustle, and Financial Goal Setting with Dr. Adam Rogers

Welcome to the first episode of the Greatness Project, the designated Podcast for this site. The show’s first guest is Dr. Adam Ray Rogers:

Adam is a financially fit philosophizing pharmacist who in this first episode, provides some inspiring insights related to his humble beginnings, lays out the unconventional path he took in deciding on his profession as a pharmacist, and relays some powerful insights on the importance of hustle and mindset as a bedrock of his success both as a professional pharmacist and as a successful real estate investor.