How to Create Positive Change

Gary Szenderski

Welcome to episode 28 of The Greatness Project.  In this episode I interview the inspirational author of the ‘Szen Zone’, Gary Szenderski.

Positive Change Gary Szenderski

Agent of Positive Change

Gary is an internationally acclaimed expert on the subject of branding and marketing.  He works with all kinds of major corporations from around the world, and has been featured in multiple episodes of the PBS TV Series known as ‘Between the Lines’.

Gary is also the author of multiple books, with his most recent book being Szen Zones… where he shows us how we can rebrand ourselves by overcoming obstacles, limiting thoughts… and all those things that try to hold us back in life.

In this episode Gary and I discus his books, the novel concept of branding and rebranding ourselves for positive life change, the habits that have helped him write more and in an inspired way, some techniques we can all use to be more productive, in addition to ways we can find more success in our lives; via discovering, embracing,  and then pushing out to the world our truest most authentic self-brand.

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You’ll Also Learn:

  • The Simple Habit Gary Uses to Write Productively
  • Ways to Come Up With Inspirational and Creative Content
  • How to Shift Your Perspective to Become More Productive
  • Why People Usually Don’t Get What They Want
  • Exercises to Help You Tap into Your Most Authentic Self

Resources Mentioned:

(Gary’s Motivation Hacks)

Mount Crushmore:  Gary’s Mount Rushmore of inspiration, which are the people who have inspired him to strive to pursue his greatness.  In short, the inspirational people who make him want to crush life more!

Jerry Walters

John O’Donahue

Books:  The most inspirational and motivational books Gary recommends that can help others significantly improve their life.

7 Spiritual Laws of Success

Infinite Possibilities

(Addition Resources Mentioned)

Gary’s Book:  

Szen Zone

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Special thanks again to Gary Szenderski, for coming onto the show to share so many of his insights on writing, inspiration, personal change, branding, and leading a more successful life.  To learn more about Gary you can visit his site at, or if you want to reach out to him directly, you can do so via his email at gary[@]

Till next time, let’s keep to it… Let’s Strive!

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