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Joes Polish Story of Success

Joe Polish is a serial entrepreneur and the founder of Genius Network, one of the highest level groups in the world for entrepreneurs. He hosts three of the top-ranked business and marketing podcasts on iTunes, including I Love Marketing, 10x Talk and Genius Network.

While Joe’s journey is one of entrepreneurial success, his story goes much deeper than the surface. In order to achieve what he has, he had to overcome many obstacles in both life and business, beginning in his childhood.

The Joe Polish Story of Success

Joe Polish Success Story

Early Days

Joe Polish was born in 1968 in El Paso, Texas. When he was only four years old, Joe’s mother died of cancer, leaving his father alone to parent him and his brother. His family moved frequently throughout childhood to Arizona, New Mexico and Texas.

During that time, Joe was sexually assaulted by a caretaker and bribed not to speak about it, an early trauma which shaped much of his life that would follow.

His family eventually settled in Mesa, Arizona when Joe was in high school, during which time he started experimenting with drugs. Beginning with marijuana, Joe progressed into full addiction, frequently doing cocaine, crystal meth, LSD and other drugs.[1]

After graduating in 1986, Joe weighed 105 pounds despite being 5’10”. Feeling his life was at risk, Joe left his friends behind and moved into a trailer with his father in New Mexico for six months to get sober.

Finding Recovery and Early Experiences in Business

After quitting drugs cold turkey, Joe started exercising and lifting weights. He found that being active helped to keep his trauma at bay and soon thereafter he got a job selling gym memberships. Through a connection he made at the gym, he got another job at a mental hospital which involved driving recovering addicts to local AA meetings.

Though he never went to any 12-Step groups voluntarily, sitting in on meetings was transformative, and made him realize that he was an addict who wanted to stay sober.

After two years long years of holding odd jobs, Joe decided to invest all of his savings of only $1,500 on equipment and supplies to start a carpet cleaning company. This new venture would be a nice change up for him. However, the new carpet cleaning venture didn’t solve all of his problems.

Joe enjoyed being in business for himself, and he worked really hard at it. But, like many new business ventures, it was extremely difficult to gain traction and he found himself getting deeper and deeper into debt.

Fortunately, a turning point came after meeting a successful real estate investor who asked Joe if anyone in his industry was making money. After replying that there were successful people in carpet cleaning, the investor replied: “Then the business isn’t the problem. You’re the problem.”[2]

Joe Polish Quote on Success

From Carpet Cleaning to Marketing Mastermind

Considering the investor’s advice, Joe worked harder at improving aspects of his business that would make things marketable again. To begin, he read countless books about building business and self-development, improving the best parts of his company to make everything more profitable in the process.

Eventually, inspiration struck: the best path forward was to systemize the company’s marketing, which was what generated the most money. After hiring a copywriter with borrowed money, Joe created the Consumer’s Guide to Carpet Cleaning, a free informational marketing product distributed to teach people about his business.

After seeing his monthly revenue 10x after that, Joe shifted his focus to marketing and quickly grew into a million-dollar business. From there, Joe founded his company Piranha Marketing, and began selling his copywriting and marketing services to other businesses to help them grow as well.

From Piranha Marketing to Genius Network

As his reputation grew, Joe worked with major clients on high-profile marketing projects, including fitness expert Bill Phillips’ book Body for Life and helping Make-A-Wish raise the most money they ever had in a fundraiser.

His program “Piranha Marketing” became Nightingale-Conant’s number one selling product for nearly a decade, and his company continued releasing audio and visual training programs and hosting seminars and super conferences about marketing.[3]

Still, despite his outward success, Joe continued to secretly struggle with trauma from his childhood and live a double life. Behind the scenes, Joe struggled with toxic relationships, embezzlement from a former employee and his father’s death. Through it all, Joe was also hiding a sex addiction from the world which stemmed from his early childhood experiences.

In 2004, Joe’s client Robin Robins paid him for two hours of marketing consulting for $6,000 and suggested he start a year-long business group to bring together the world’s best marketing minds. When asked how much to charge, Robins suggested $25,000—and shortly after that conversation, Genius Networks 25K Group was formed.

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Genius Network and Beyond

After forming Genius Network, Joe’s focus shifted once again to his truest strength as a connector, bringing together experts in many different fields. As the organization grew, he added the 100K Group for the most advanced entrepreneurs in his networks. Finally, in 2015, Joe publicly revealed everything he had ever struggled with to his members—and the mission of his companies changed forever.

Joe Polish Story of Success Quote

Though Genius Network began as a marketing and business organization, it has since expanded to discuss issues of trauma, addiction, mental health and physical health issues, all with the mission of building a better entrepreneur and creating easy, lucrative and fun lives and businesses.

Lessons of Joe’s Life

In overcoming abuse, addiction and financial hardships, Joe’s story demonstrates how powerful the human spirit can be—and how important it is to upgrade one’s thoughts and beliefs through self-development in order to be successful.

Similarly, Joe’s story teaches again and again that our success can be multiplied by connecting with other people and genuinely wanting to help others first, a topic he covers at length in his book What’s In It For Them?.

Finally, Joe’s approach to teaching business is unique in integrating physical, emotional and spiritual lessons in addition to marketing and sales principles. As his own life has shown, it is still possible to overcome incredible hardships and generate enormous success and wealth without resorting to being ruthless or exploitative.

In fact, much of Joe’s success is attributed to teaching other entrepreneurs how to help others first and to make the world a better place by any means possible.

That said, we hope you enjoyed our Joe Polish story of success and apply the success lessons it reveals to finding more success in your life.

Till you reach your aims,


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Dave Ramsey Success Story

Dave Ramsey is one of the most inspiring and well-known personalities when it comes to personal finance. He’s also a best-selling author of multiple popular personal finance books like ‘Baby Steps Millionaires’, ‘The Total Money Makeover’, ‘More Than Enough’, and the massively successful ‘Financial Peace’. And he hosts a radio program that airs on over 670 radio stations across the U.S. giving him a reach of over 80 million listeners each month. To top it all off, Dave Ramsey is also a multi-millionaire. Needless to say, Dave Ramsey is a success.

“Most Really Big Things, Start With a Pretty Simple Story.”

– dave ramsey –

So what is his secret? Well, we believe success leaves clues, and it’s the reason why we publish the success stories of inspiring icons like Dave Ramsey. We know every success story contains its little gems of insight that can teach, guide, and lead us towards our own version of success.  So, with that being said, if you’re ready to explore Dave Ramsey’s inspiring life and career, let’s dive in to his story.


The Dave Ramsey Success Story

Early Days

Dave Ramsey was born on September 3rd, 1960 in Antioch, Tennessee. His parents were both real estate agents and developers. And like many ambitious folks striving to be self-made, his parents were into self-improvement, positive thinking, and goal setting.

In fact, they would often have Dave and his sister listen to motivational tapes on family vacations and road trips. They also aimed to instill in them responsibility and the need for having a strong work ethic.[1]

One example of how Dave’s parents aimed to ensure he become responsible and self-reliant, can be traced back to a moment when Dave, at the age of 12 asked his father for some money, and his father’s response to his request was essentially, that he didn’t need money, what he really needed was a job, because that’s where money came from.

Dave Ramsey Success Story Quote

It was this type of encouragement which helped Dave become entrepreneurial and business savvy at a young age. He was essentially forced to tap into his resourcefulness. And it led him down the path of eventually starting his own lawncare business, bracelet selling business, and various other small ventures to earn a buck in his youth.

Then, by the age of 18, he would turn his ambition towards selling real estate.


No doubt, Dave Ramsey’s need to make his own money in his younger years was a form of real-world business education. He learned how to transform his ambition for money into a value-adding services that helped him acquire more of it.

Once Dave graduated high school, he would turn his sights on acquiring a formal education in the realm of business. Thus, he enrolled at The University of Tennessee, while still maintaining a job selling real estate for over 40 hours a week.

After a few grueling years of blood sweat and tears, his hard work eventually paid off, as he graduated with degrees in Finance and Real Estate and with zero debt.

Living The Dream

Once Dave graduated things really started taking off for him. He got married at the age of 22, end then went all-in in the real estate business. And it wasn’t long before his real estate venture started growing dramatically.

In fact, he was pulling in $250,000 a year, which would come out to around $680, 000 a year in today’s money. On top this, he had simultaneously reached millionaire status by the ripe young age of 26.[2]

For all intents and purposes, Dave Ramsey was living the dream. He had an income, net worth, family, and career that most people would be envious of. However, he also possessed something else, and it contained the seeds of his dream’s destruction; debt.

That’s right, Dave Ramsey’s ambitious business dealings in his early career led to his accruing more debt than he should have to fund his real estate investments. Things really started to fall apart for Dave after the Banking Act of 1986 was passed. This new act saw many banks change their rules for ownership and the types of risks they were willing to take.

Over-Leveraged Leads To Loss

And in their eyes, Dave Ramsey was over-leveraged and looked like a big risk to the banks. As a result, many of the banks that Dave Ramsey had loans with called on them. Meaning, they wanted their money back A.S.A.P. They eventually gave him 90 days to unload over $1.2 million dollars, and when he couldn’t unload the debt, he defaulted.

All in all, Ramsey had over $4 million in debt. And after struggling to repay his called debts for over two and a half years, and getting very near to paying them all back by trimming it down to just $378K, he eventually capitulated.[3]

On September 22, 1988 Dave decided to call a bankruptcy attorney to keep the Sheriff out of his house. So, to ensure the rest of his furniture and personal belongings that his family needed weren’t seized, he filed bankruptcy the next day.


After essentially loosing everything due to the bankruptcy, Ramsey decided to start all over again. But this time, he opted to learn everything he could about money so that this would never happen to him and his family again.

He begin studying everything he could get his hands on that related to money and it’s proper management. He also begin seeking out the advice and wisdom of elders in his community. And he eventually turned his sights towards seeing what he could learn about money from the Bible.

After pooling all of his new knowledge about money together, he slowly begin his climb back into prosperity and determined to never get into debt again.

As fate would have it, Dave was asked by a fellow church-goer for advice on how to improve his downward spiraling financial situation so he could avoid bankruptcy. Dave jumped at the opportunity to be of service, and word eventually go out about the pragmatic and wise financial council he was able to offer others.

And as they say, the rest was history. Before Dave knew it, his advice began to be sought out by more and more people from his church, and then the local community. Dave, took advantage of the the growing interest and decided to start teaching classes about budgeting, personal finances, which eventually led him to the launching of his own financial education company, ‘The Lampo Group, Inc.’

Leveraged Impact

Soon there after the opportunity arose for him to get on a radio show to share his financial advice, and the people love him. So, stay on air to scale up the amount of people his financial advice could impact. The radio show grew slowly and steadily, but didn’t make a profit for the first 10 years.[4]

However, with every show Dave Ramsey did, and every new person whom he helped financially, his popularity grew, and with it, his influence and his fortune. His show is now called ‘The Dave Ramsey Show’ and it airs all over the country. He also has a podcast and a YouTube channel where he publishes recorded versions of his talk show.

His YouTube channels have over 2.7 million subscribers, and his show now reaches over 80 million per week. Having committed to never allowing himself and his family to experience the hardship he put them through all those years ago, as well his commitment to serving as many people as he can with his financial knowledge, he’s become a multi-millionaire and extremely successful once again.

Success Ethos | Dave Ramsey Success Story

So, how did Dave Ramsey become successful? From observing his success story it should be apparent that a good share of his success is due to the strong encouragement and positive programming he received from his parents at an early age.

In addition this, much of his success is directly related to his own ambitious efforts to make money, as well the many risks he’s taken in his career to accelerate his financial standing.

Lastly, it could be said that Dave’s Ramsey’s success, especially his more recent success, is a bi-product of his ability to help and serve large amounts of people. Dave knows how to manage money, and more importantly, he knows how a person should NOT manage money if they want to avoid financial ruin. Thus, it’s his ability leverage the airways to help millions and millions of people learn of his message and advice, that affords him the massive success he’s achieved.

Success In His Own Words

Having said, that here are a handful of insightful words of wisdom from Dave Ramsey. We believe they also provide clues as to what he believes it takes to find success in life.

Dave Ramsey Story of Success Quote

In summary, success is bi-product of belief, persistence, overcoming failure, and being smart with the management of your money.

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More Success Insights

Below is a powerful video of Dave Ramsey’s story. Its worth watching if you want to be inspired, or if you just want to learn even more about Dave and his amazing success journey. Enjoy!

Video Credit: The Ramsey Show (Subscribe Here)

Final Thoughts

Having gone from being a millionaire to broke, and then back to becoming not just a millionaire again, but a multi-millionaire, Dave Ramsey knows a thing or two about success and how to make a comeback in life.

He also knows a great deal about how to be smart with your money. So, if you need a little inspiration when life gets hard, don’t hesitate to come back for some encouragement. Or, if you’re looking for some ways to improve you financial situation, be sure to check out his show. Without exaggeration, it’s a treasure trove of financial wisdom.

Now, take what you’ve learned from this Dave Ramsey success story, and get out there and create your own abundant and financially secure future.

Till your reach those aims,


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Successful Young Entrepreneurs Stories

If you’re searching for some inspiring young entrepreneurs stories then you’ll enjoy this page.

The term ‘entrepreneur’ often conjures up images of experienced, successful individuals who had arrived at a point in their lives when they felt confident to take new risks and face new challenges. Harland David Sanders was 62 when he launched Kentucky Fried Chicken, and Robert Noyce was 41 when he founded Intel. Even research shows that the average age of an entrepreneur today is 40.

But success can come at any age. And many ambitious youngsters are going against the grain to launch their own startups during their 20s and 30s… and some while they’re still in school! If you’re a young person with a big idea, it’s important to know that you don’t have to wait until you’re older to put your plans into action. Having said that, here are 10+ inspirational young entrepreneur stories that might motivate you to get started:


Successful Young Entrepreneur Stories

1. Nicholas Boehnlein

Boehnlein’s inspirational story shows that passion and determination are more powerful than age or experience, with the young entrepreneur’s rising star shining amongst the more seasoned professionals.

Graduating with an MBA from the EU Business School in 2017, Swiss-born Nicholas Boehnlein is now one of India’s most promising young entrepreneurs. Alongside business partner Ankit Chaudhari, Boehnlein founded Aiisma; one of the world’s first data marketplaces that is successfully changing the way consumer data is used, and working to transform data sets into essential, usable business assets.

Boehnlein had little doubt about his future, having grown up in a highly competitive and entrepreneurial household in Switzerland, inspired by his father’s and grandfather’s own entrepreneurial journeys. Yet despite success being in his blood, he states that the path to success ‘is not always rosy’, especially for ambitious youngsters trying to compete against seasoned professionals experienced in the industry.

The secret to his success? “As a young entrepreneur, having one foot in education and one foot in the professional life is an absolute must”, says Boehnlein. He achieved this by taking back-to-back online courses – a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration followed by an MBA – which allowed him to expand his theoretical knowledge while also gaining valuable practical experience out in the field.

2. Keiana Cave

Cave’s inspirational story shows that women really can have it all. She’s the example many young girls need, demonstrating how it is possible to juggle high school, extracurriculars, and business success.

Aged just 18, Cave is one of the youngest honorees on the Forbes ‘30 Under 30’ list for 2021. Based in New Orleans, Louisiana, Cave is the Founder of Sublima Pharmaceuticals, where she acts as CEO and Chief Scientist. The female-led startup is on a mission to launch the first non-hormonal birth control pill in the United States in a bid to provide women with more choice and control over their own bodies.

While Cave enjoyed life as a regular high school student, participating in ballet, track, and cheerleading, her passion for nanotechnology proved overwhelming. Her story fully begins in 2014, when she was awarded $10,000 – presented by NFL Quarterback Drew Brees – during the New Orleans Entrepreneur Week, allowing her to conduct research into the BP Gulf oil spill that attracted the attention of Chevron.

Having raised $1.2 million from the partnership, Cave drove the funding into her research at the University of Michigan, where she gained a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, and Entrepreneurship.

Today, Cave and her team are committed to building a community that both educates and empowers women to take back control of their own healthcare and bodies.

3. Mozia Bridges

Mozia Bridges’ inspiring entrepreneur story demonstrates that age doesn’t matter when it comes to business, all that matters is whether or not you can create something people want.

Mozia Bridges is the 21-year old Founder, President, and Creative Director of Mo’s Bows, a hand-made bow-tie company he started when he was just nine years old. His company now makes bow-ties, neck ties, pocket squares, and other fashion oriented apparel.

Mozia secured the mentorship of Daymon John after getting onto to the hit reality show ‘Shark Tank’. And since the start of his company, it’s grown by leaps and bound and is now an international company, he has a country with the NBA, and his products can be found in big name retail outlets all over the world.

4. Henry Burner

Burner’s inspirational story shows that not even a learning disability can slow down a great entrepreneur. He’s living proof that you don’t need to get top grades to build a successful business from the ground up.

Although he’s still in school, Henry Burner has already enjoyed quite the entrepreneurial journey, having gone from regular schoolboy to Founder of a company supplying Walmart within just a few years.

With the help of his family, Burner launched Buttonsmith in 2013; a company selling pinback buttons in a range of designs, including political pins and buttons inspired by famous artists like Van Gogh and Monet.

What makes Burner’s journey all the more inspirational is that the young entrepreneur had long struggled at school. Diagnosed with dyslexia, Burner found academia to be challenging and worried about his future.

The young boy, however, found that he had a very business-focused mind, and began selling his buttons at a local farmer’s market before moving into eCommerce with his own website.

With the help of a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2015, Burner’s business went from strength to strength. Today, Buttonsmith operates a physical store in Carnation, Washington, and 1600 Walmart stores across the US now stock Tinker Reel badge reels.

Despite still being in education, Burner oversees 18 employees, and is inspirational proof that struggling at school doesn’t mean you can’t succeed.

5. Espen Larsen-Hakkebo

Larsen-Hakkebo’s inspirational story shows that even when things seem challenging, it’s worth battling through. Despite financial difficulties during the early years, he now co-owns a thriving tourism business.

Alongside Agnes Arnadottir, Espen Larsen-Hakkebo is the Co-Founder of Brim Explorer; a cruise company that offers voyages onboard its silent, pollution-free, hybrid-electric vessel of the same name. In 2019, Larsen-Hakkebo and Arnadottir were together crowned Young Entrepreneurs of the Year in front of King Harald of Norway at the Nor-Shipping awards, and today the young businessman acts as CFO of the firm.

However, it wasn’t always this way. Larsen-Hakkebo earned his Bachelor’s degree in European Studies, followed by a Master’s in Innovation and Technology at the University of Oslo in Norway, and went on to work as a business consultant specializing in public affairs, and as a Project Manager for a political youth organization Jeunes Europeens Federalistes before finding his passion for sustainable tourism in his 30s.

Speaking to Nor-Shipping, he described his entrepreneurial journey as “a bit of a battle”, relying on donations from friends and family to get the business off the ground before later receiving funding from ENOVA and Innovation Norway. It was two years before the firm took delivery of their first vessel.

Larsen-Hakkebo is proof that it’s never too late to make a change and to follow your dreams.

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6. Jack Parsons

Parsons’ inspirational story shows that where you come from doesn’t have to dictate where you’re going. Once a vulnerable young person, Parsons now supports those growing up in similar circumstances.

20-something Jack Parsons is the Founder and CEO of The Youth Group; a UK-based global initiative that supports young people as they strive to reach their full potential. What’s so inspirational about Parsons is that he was once a vulnerable young person in need of support himself, having experienced a difficult childhood and a lack of school support. Today, he’s in charge of a company of more than 155 people.

By age 26, Parsons had recognized the value of learning from failure, and he became motivated to take his own experiences and use them to help others. He launched The Youth Group as a way to build strong professional networks and secure placements, apprenticeships, and employment opportunities for those that lack academic qualifications. To date, the initiative has helped 1 million people around the globe.

Parsons’ tips for other budding entrepreneurs? Focus. “You may feel overwhelmed, feel like you want to stop, that you no longer want to be an entrepreneur, this is why it’s so important to be present in the moment and in the task you’re completing”.

Parsons believes in taking things one step at a time and never losing sight of your vision; two techniques that have helped him get to where he is today.

7. Mariia Plotkina

Plotkina’s inspirational story shows that one person really can make a difference. The young entrepreneur is changing the face of Russian education because she was brave enough to take action.

Mariia Plotkina launched Geek Teachers in her native Russia back in 2018, and just two years later was recognized as Female Entrepreneur of the Year (Europe) by Youth Business International. The organization offers online classes to support teachers as they incorporate new technology into their lessons, and Plotkina was awarded $5000 from Citi Foundation in 2020 to develop her enterprise.

Plotkina’s professional story begins with graphic design and later moves into education. Her entrepreneurial story, however, begins in a computer science classroom in Russia, where the young teacher began to feel ‘deflated’ by the current state of education across the country. Keen to make a change, Plotkina, with zero business experience, launched an innovative firm… all before age 30.

Today, Plotkina is in charge of a team of 15, with more than 40,000 users across Russia logging in to training masterclasses with the former teacher to build their confidence using technology in the classroom. And as a young entrepreneur, Plotkina believes she still has a long way to go, with big plans to expand into the United States and create a form of ‘exchange program’ with American establishments.

8. Fung Lam

Lam’s inspirational story shows that small beginnings can lead to big things. He’s living proof that taking even the smallest steps towards your goals can form solid foundations for growth and development.

He’s only in his 30’s, but Melbourne-based Fung Lam has already been crowned Australian Young Entrepreneur of the Year, and has a place on the Young Rich List for 2020. Lam is the Founder and Executive Director of New Aim; a small startup that grew to be one of Australia’s leading online retailers, reporting a growth rate of more than 40% over the past decade and with an annual turnover of $300 mil.

Lam’s story starts with a Bachelor’s degree in information technology, which was obtained from Monash University in 2003. Lam put his IT knowledge to good use, using the web to upsell low-cost products on eBay sourced from Melbourne’s two-dollar stores.

Drawing on product-sourcing networks in his native China, Lam transformed his startup with no external funding into a leading marketplace supplier.

The hardest part about moving from graduate to business leader, according to Lam? Managing people. “Data doesn’t have emotion; it doesn’t change what it says. Understanding human behavior is difficult but you need to understand why people think the way they do”.

Today, Lam’s business employs upwards of 300 people, supplying marketplaces like Amazon with thousands of products like tools and furniture.

9. Adelle Archer

Archer’s inspirational story shows that success can be born in the strangest and most unusual of ways. Archer is proof that groundbreaking ideas and true passion can hit you when you least expect it.

Adelle Archer may only be young, but she’s already become one of the leading names in the grief wellness industry having founded Eterneva back in 2017. Based in Austin, Texas, Archer’s company turns ashes into diamonds; a process that takes around 8 months. A self-confessed mission-driven person, Archer has featured on Shark Tank and now acts as CEO of her firm, transforming the death care sector.

Archer’s inspirational story begins with the untimely death of a close friend and mentor, and the disappointing, impersonal experience she had from another company when turning the ashes into a keepsake. The former Product Manager and Business Development consultant decided to put her Master’s in Entrepreneurship and Business Administration to good use, starting her own company.

Although Archer comes from a long line of what she calls ‘enterprising, stereotype-busting ladies’, she believes that the true secret to success is driving your energy into something you’re really passionate about. “I work on something that feels aligned with my passion and my values. Whenever I encounter hardships, they seem more surmountable because the motivation is deeper” says the California native.

10. Grace Beverley

Beverley’s inspirational story shows that your natural, inherent talents don’t always have to be the pathway you follow. The British entrepreneur is proof that you get to choose your own destiny.

Grace Beverley is the 20-something founder of sustainable fitness label TALA. Which is inspiring enough on its own. Add in the fact that Beverley achieved this while at the same time studying at England’s prestigious Oxford University, and the inspiration is even greater. Today, Beverley acts as CEO of the company, which promotes slow fashion and offers fitness wear for all different body shapes and sizes.

Originally planning on becoming a musician, Beverley studied violin at the Royal Academy for Music at the University of London before becoming a music major at Oxford. However, a passion for sustainability took her down a different path.

Gaining a Sustainable Business Strategy certification from Harvard Business School, Beverley went on to launch TALA, and was a Forbes ‘30 under 30’ honoree at age 23.

One of the hardest aspects of being a young entrepreneur, according to Beverley, is not how other people see you, but how you see yourself. Beverley has openly discussed feelings of imposter syndrome, often feeling like she doesn’t belong amongst others who have achieved great things at a young age. Her advice is to believe in yourself, and understand that age isn’t a barrier when it comes to success.

11. Claire Cleary

Cleary’s inspirational story shows that it’s OK to not know exactly what you want to do with your life in your teens, and that it is possible to become a young, successful entrepreneur following a career change.

Author of popular articles such as 7 Ways to Get and Stay Motivated, New Jersey-based Cleary is the Founder of Claire Cleary Coaching; a self-improvement business offering life coaching and personal training to help women achieve their goals. Cleary has been featured on ABC’s Good Morning America, Fox News, and Business Talk Radio, where she’s shared her story with the world.

And her story is truly inspirational. Despite seemingly having it all, Cleary began to feel ‘stuck’ in her 30s; as though she could achieve more, but didn’t know how, or even where to start. She bravely made the decision to step away from the stability of the corporate world to focus closely on her passion for fitness and, having found a way to realize her own dreams, is now on a mission to help others realize theirs.

“Even when people feel physically strong and healthy, some are still stressed, unfocused, and unhappy” says Cleary, who felt that way herself. Today, Cleary is a National Academy of Sports Medicine-certified personal trainer, behavior change specialist, corrective exercise specialist, and performance enhancement specialist, and is one of only 300 certified High Performance Life Coaches in the world.

12. Fraser Doherty

Fraser Doherty’ entrepreneurial story shows how small a passion, can transform into an amazing business opportunity that revolutionizes your entire life.

Fraser was only 14 years old when he started his first business. He took what his grandmother taught him about making marmalade, and transformed it into a recipe and brand he called SuperJam.

His jam product consisted of 100% fruit and after selling it to friends, neighbors, farmers markets and people around his community, people fell in love with his product.

As demand grew, he decided to get onto the shelves of his local supermarkets. He devised a production plan, and got to work.

And it wasn’t long before word spread far and wide about how delirious and healthy his sugar-free jam was. Doherty’s business exploded with his products flying off the shelvs. He’s since sold millions and millions of his special SuperJam. And with all those sales, he’s also become one of U.K.s youngest ever self-made millionaires.

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Becoming an Entrepreneur

Many people – particularly young people – have big ideas, yet feel held back by their age or lack of experience. But as these inspiring entrepreneur stories show, some of the world’s most innovative and transformative new companies have been built by those who are still in school, or by those who have completely shifted their career path to follow their passions.

Today, you are reading these stories. But tomorrow, you could be one of these stories. It’s never too early – or too late – to follow your dreams.

Till next time,


PS – If you enjoyed these inspiring young entrepreneurs stories and if becoming an entrepreneur is something that is interesting to you, then you’ll likely love this article on the top reasons to become an entrepreneur.

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Master P Success Story

Master P, a.k.a. Percy Miller, is one of the most successful rapper’s, record-executive’s, and record producer’s in American history. He’s an entrepreneur, actor, and multi-millionaire who inspired countless others, rising rapper’s and inner-city kids alike to go after what they think their worth. His music defined an era, and his iconic work-ethic helped many others dream bigger and hustle harder. Needless to say, Master P understands success, which is what we aim to highlight in this Master P Success Story special.

We believe success leaves clues, which is why we cover icons like Master P. Every story contains hidden insights that can teach, guide, and benefit us in unimaginable way. That said, if you’re ready to see what Master P’s story can teach you about life and success, then let’s get started.


The Master P Story

Early Days

Master P was born in 1970 in New Orleans, Louisiana. He grew up rough in the inner-city’s third ward and the notorious Calliope projects; which had a reputation as one of the most dangerous and violent projects in the United States.[1]

In fact, he only five years old when he was first acquainted with the rough world he was born into, having witnessed a man get murdered just outside his window.[2]

P and his four other siblings were split into different household after his parents divorced in his younger years. He and his brother Kevin lived with his father, and the other siblings with his mother. But, the family would also bounce around between his grandparent’s house and his mother’s house daily.

That said, struggle was an everyday experience for P and his family. Growing up in a the projects with a house full of siblings and extended family, with parents struggling to make it made for lean times. Poverty was real for P.

In fact, Master P once stated that he felt as if he was always hungry growing up, and that it was as if they always had a house full of people yet always an empty refrigerator.

Fortunately, sports helped P survive the streets. In fact, he was known for being a pretty good basketball player. So good, that he earned himself an athletic scholarship to the University of Houston. Dreams of becoming a pro basketball player and helping his family get out of the projects was a huge motivator for Master P.

Tore Up Dreams

Master P would go on to leave the hood to chase his basketball dreams in Houston. However, things didn’t work out as planned, and P eventually dropped out after he tore his ACL during that first year.

Devastated by the injury, he quickly found himself back in the Calliope projects. At first he tried making money in phone sales, but success was slow to come. So he eventually turned to dealing drugs.

His grandmother got wind of what he was up to, and started to pressure P to turn away from that life. He was slow to take heed of her advice, but shortly after P had his own son, he started thinking differently about his life’s trajectory.

Seizing Opportunity

So, he packed up his son and his wife and moved to Richmond, California to get out of the drug game and make an honest living. While driving down the street one day, P noticed a long queue of people wanting to get into a local record store, and decided to get into the music business himself.

Having recently received $10,000 from a malpractice lawsuit related to his grandfather’s death, he leveraged this money to open up his own record store.

Like all businesses though, gaining traction was a challenge at first. In fact business was so slow in the beginning that he had to move his family into the record store to make ends meet.

Times were tough at first, but P didn’t give up. Instead, he doubled-down and starting looking for ways to make his venture work. He soon noticed that there was a demand for Gangster Rap, but there were very few other record stores selling it. So, he made his move to fill this void, and began offering his customers the high-demand product.

Master P Success Story Quote

Eyes Wide Open

Success soon followed, and Master P’s small record store became a hit. His store became the local go-to-place for obtaining the latest and greatest gangster rap music.

Gaining insight into the mindset of rappers, P started to notice that many of these rappers were simply telling their struggle stories of life in the streets. And P, having lived his fair share of surviving the game, decided to rap about his experiences too.

Knowing he had a built-in distribution center with his record store, P dove into the music making business, and launched his rap career in short order.

After connecting with a few local music producers, P started making his music. Just his record business though, his first few tracks were not instant successes. But, he kept at it.

His brother Kevin Miller, was murdered in New Orleans, and this event really catalyzed P’s hustle. Vowing to save his two other brother’s and his son, he poured everything into making his rap career take off. He brought his brothers into the T.R.U. (The Real Untouchables) fold and started shooting for the stars in the music industry.

Relentless Hustle

Master P and his No Limit Soldiers started turning out track after track with a relentlessness unseen by any other local groups. P decided to get serious about making money, so he started traveling across the country to do shows. He also began giving away his music and merch to influencers to establish brand recognition. Master P was trying to go viral.

After connecting with a few high profile music producers during his travels, Master P realized he needed to get even more strategic about his business efforts. So, he started studying business administration at Merritt Junior College.

In addition to this, P also began bringing in more business minded partners into the fold to help him gain more exposure and strategically capture market share. Master P was committed to having his rap label take off.

Everything changed for P when he dropped his hit single ‘The Ghettos Tyrin’ to Kill Me’. He followed this success up with ’99 Ways to Die’, and sold over 250,000 copies. He then went on to produce ‘Ice Cream Man’ with his newly hired in-house producers ‘Beats By The Pound’, which helped him eventually hit No. 3 on the Billboard album charts. Master P had arrived.[3]

The Dynasty

It was from the foundation of this success, that P would move on to launch even more projects. He chose to relocate No Limit Records back to New Orleans as he prepared to take the hip hop industry by storm.

Master P Story Quote

Once Master P released the album ‘Ghetto D’, his song ‘Make ‘Em Say Uhhh!’ went certified triple platinum, propelling P into the mainstream spotlight.[4]

Master P then went on to leverage his honed business savvy approach to connect with other aspiring artists, and turn out fresh hip-hop beats that the public craved into massive success.

He would then go on to turn out countless new records, with fresh beats, high profile artists, with trendy packaging that the public could not resist, all at breakneck speed. The result?

Master P ended up becoming one of the hottest names in the industry, getting himself ranked by Forbes as one of the top 10 highest grossing entertainers.

Master P would go on to create one of the greatest hip hop dynasty’s in history and become a multi-millionaire many times over.

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Master P’s Success Ethos

Master P would go onto to achieve even more success in film, apparel, sports management, and many other industries. He built one empire to go on to build another. He achieved the American Dream, and then some.

So, what helped Master P achieve so much success? What was the success ethos that gave him his edge? Here’s our distilled answers. We believe his success had a lot to do with his vision, his purpose, relentlessness, and grit.

P had a vision. He wanted more than the average person. And he took his grandmother’s suggestion that having a dream was the most important thing.

Master P was also driven by purpose. Much of his efforts were about helping his family out. His ambitions were fueled by his wish to save his family. To get them out of the projects and living a life free of the dangers that come from living in poverty.

In addition to this, P also had a relentlessness to him that aided in his success. It may have stemmed from the work-ethic he acquired in sports, but regardless of where it came from, he applied it to all of his ventures. And it paid off.

Lastly, Master P had grit. Almost every single aspect of Master P’s life, and each of his ventures were first met with adversity. But, in each situation, P took the obstacles, adversities, and tragedies that were placed before him, and consciously decided to see things through until he surmounted them. P is the epitome of grit.

Success In His Own Words

To give you a few more insights on what helped Master P become so successful, here are few of his most insightful quotes on success.

Read More: Master P Quotes

Final Thoughts

There you have it, the Master P story of success. We highlighted his challenging beginnings, his crushed basketball dreams, to his overcoming of countless adversities and life tragedies to ultimately come out on top as one of the most successful businessmen and hip hop icons in history.

We also covered some of the key success principles that led Master P to achieving so much in his lifetime. Here are those qualities summarized again as a quick recap:

Vision | Purpose | Relentless | Grit

That said, we hope this Master P success story inspires you to dream big, pursue your purpose, and back your vision up with relentless effort and grit. No doubt, if you do so, your grand dreams will come into reach.

Till you reach your aims,


PS – If you enjoyed this Master P success story, then you may also enjoy this collection of inspiring success stories.

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Jim Rohn Story

Who is Jim Rohn? He was one of the most influential personalities as well as one of the greatest speakers of the late 20th and early 21st century. He was also known to many as America’s foremost business philosopher, and a rags-to-riches multi-millionaire who helped countless others achieve meaningful and significant success in their lives. His heyday in business as an entrepreneur and motivational speaker was in the 80’s and 90’s, whereby he influenced many of the greats of the business and self-development world, like Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Jack Canfield, Darren Hardy, and many more.

“We Can Have More Than We’ve Got Because We Can Become More Than We Are.”

– jim rohn –

Not surprisingly, his wisdom and success insights persist to this day. As such, we’ve decided to strengthen his legacy and shine a brighter light on his story and his life-changing wisdom by publishing this Jim Rohn Story of Success.

Every high achiever and successful person leaves clues as to what helped them reach their success. Just as every success story also leaves a blueprint that others can learn from and follow, if they look for it . It is for this reason we choose to highlight high achievers and success icons like Jim Rohn. That said, if you’re ready learn more about Jim Rohn, his legacy, and the many success gems his story undoubtedly contains, let’s dive right in:


Jim Rohn Story of Success

Early Days

Jim Rohn, a.k.a. Emanuel James Rohn, was born in Yakima Washington in 1930. His parents were from Odessa, Russia, but after being selected through a migration lottery system, they won the opportunity to migrate to America. Starting out initially in Washington, Rohn’s family would eventually move to Caldwell Idaho.

In essence, Jim Rohn grew up as farm boy in small farm town of about 5,000 people. His family was not rich, but they got by, by working the land.

Rohn attended public school, and after graduating high school he eventually made his way to college. But, after one year of college, he decided he was smart enough and so decided to quit. Dropping out of college was a mistake he would come to regret years later.

After dropping out, he was ambitious and willing to work hard, so he joined the work force. Three years later he eventually started a family. He got married and had two children.

He worked at Sears and earned a weekly paycheck of $57, which would be valued around $631 per week today. Put another way, he was only making around $32,000 per year, which by today’s standards would place him just barely above the poverty threshold for a family of four.[1]

Needless to say, Rohn got himself into a precarious situation early on. Having started a family, and not having an education to find himself a better paying job, Rohn’s life became extremely challenging.

He started to fall back on his bills and his promises, and was increasingly becoming discouraged. He knew his life and his financial situation were getting especially desperate when one random day, when Girl Scouts came to his door trying to sell him cookies, and he couldn’t bare telling the girls scouts the truth as to why he didn’t want to buy their cookies; because he couldn’t afford them.

Disgusted with himself and his situation, Jim Rohn knew that something had to change. Not knowing what to change or how to change, he became open to learning and open to opportunity.

Turning It All Around

Around the age of 25 is when Jim Rohn’s fortune would begin to change. He happened to came across a man by the name of Earl Schoaff while attending a lecture a friend of his invited him to. Earl Schoaff was an extremely successful business man who’s lifestyle and charming personality caught the eye of the young Jim Rohn.

In fact, Jim was so inspired by Schoaff that he often thought to himself that he would give anything to be like him. And just a few months later, he managed to get personally acquainted with Earl Schoaff who eventually took a liking to him.

Jim Rohn Story Quote

Shortly after Schoaff would offer Rohn a job, and Rohn jumped at the opportunity to begin working with his new mentor at a nutritional supplement company known as Abundavita.[2]

Jim Rohn appreciated the job that Schoaff gave him, but it was the relationship and the philosophy that Schoaff bestowed upon him that truly helped him turn it all around.

Schoaff introduced Jim Rohn to the uncommon thought, that he could be more than he was.

Thus, Rohn would go on to work with Earl Schoaff for the next 6 years until he passed, learning everything he could about the fundamentals of living successfully, becoming more valuable to the marketplace, and ultimately how to be both wealthy and happy.

And as fate would have it, those fundamentals worked for Jim Rohn. Not only did he manage to turn his whole life around by increasing his income as a powerhouse salesman, but he would eventually go on to make himself a small fortune in this new business venture.

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Making It Big

Jim Rohn made his first million in the vitamin supplements business by the age of 31. And it was this success that eventually led him to move on to greener pastures in Beverly Hills, CA.

It was around this time that he would get on a different life track that would help him solidify his legacy. After giving a speech at a Rotary Club about his success story, people fell in love with his story, charm, and electrifying success insights.[3]

He started to receive more and more invitations to share his story, and eventually businesses started offering him money to deliver it due to the positive motivating affect it was having on their sales people.

Eventually, Jim Rohn saw the opportunity that laid before him with this new found demand in his speeches, and decided to start his own speaking business in the self-development industry. He named the company ‘Adventures in Achievement’, and the rest was history, as he quickly became one of the most in-demand and distinguished leaders of the motivational and self-development industry.

As a self-development and motivational speaker he gave seminars all over the world, sharing his story, and the principles of prosperity and success that he learned under his mentor. In addition to this, he also generously shared the many success insights he acquired during his own experiences in business, which eventually allowed him to amass millions of dollars many times over.

Accolades & Achievements

Here are just a few of the accolades that Jim Rohn managed to achieve during his lifetime….

  • National Speakers Association CPAE Award
  • The Master of Influence Award
  • He’s Authored Over 17 Different Educational Products
  • Mentor of Mentors (Leaders Influenced By Jim Rohn)
    • Tony Robbins
    • Mark Victor Hansen
    • Jack Canfield
    • Brian Tracy
    • Mark Hughes
    • Todd Smith
    • Les Brown
    • Chris Widener
    • T. Harv Eker
    • Darren Hardy

Jim Rohn’s Enduring Legacy

Jim Rohn’s enduring legacy is not just experienced by the people he’s influenced, or the books he wrote, his legacy also lives on in the numerous speeches he gave that have been recorded and released in both audio and visual form.

These days, with a bit of digging, anybody can access some of the most popular and insightful seminars he gave on how to achieve success and live an exceptional life. And the great thing is, much of it (not all) can be consumed for free via YouTube.

Most Popular Jim Rohn YouTube Videos:

That said, Below is a small collection of the top five most impactful and in demand Jim Rohn YouTube videos. If you’ve never heard him speak, give one of these videos just a few minutes of your time. Not only will you acquire a few powerful success secrets that can improve your life, but you’ll quickly come to see why he’s considered one of the greatest speaker’s of all-time. Enjoy!

How To Take Charge of Your Life | Jim Rohn

Out of all of the Jim Rohn YouTube videos included, this one has the most views with over 4 million views. However, it is one of the longest, coming it at 2 hours and 4 minutes. So, if you’re pressed for time, you may want to come back to this one later.

Video Credit: Business & Self-Development Resources (Subscribe Here)

Work On Yourself | Jim Rohn

This Jim Rohn Video has managed to accrue over 3 million views in just a few short months. As such, you can bet that it is one of his best speeches. It’s 46 minutes long, but worth every minute. If you’re pressed for time, just move on to the next video.

Video Credit: Motivational Stories (Subscribe Here)

Enemies of The Mind | Jim Rohn

This is one of Jim Rohn’s most powerful speeches. It’s only 13 minutes and 40 seconds long, so be sure to watch it, or more importantly, listen to it. This short speech can change your whole life, so whatever you do, don’t skip over this video.

Video Credit: Motivational Stories (Subscribe Here)

10 Things You Must Improve | Jim Rohn

This Jim Rohn YouTube video is only 23 minutes long, so it is easy to digest. You’ll enjoy the actionable insights provided in this video, as well as the smooth delivery. Enjoy!

Video Credit: 247 Motivation (Subscribe Here)

Jim Rohn YouTube Video | Time Is Valuable

This is another powerful motivational speech of Jim Rohn’s. It’s rife with life lessons and wise words on how to better manage your time, appreciate time, so you can become a better manager of your life and as a result, your success. On top of this, it’s also one of the best Jim Rohn YouTube videos to just have play in the background, with it’s great audio quality.

Video Credit: Motivation Madness (Subscribe Here)

Success Ethos | The Jim Rohn Success Story

So how did Jim Rohn become so successful? Based on what we know of his story, our assessment as to how Jim Rohn achieved his success comes down to a handful of observations.

who is jim rohn

The first thing that helped Jim Rohn get on track towards achieving greater success, was the self-belief that his mentor helped him acquire. His association will Earl Schoaff opened his eyes to the very real possibility that he could actually become more than he was. In short, Schoaff helped him believe in himself and believe in success.

This new self-belief was the foundation for the next key to the puzzle. Jim Rohn was able to achieve staggering success because of his receptiveness to learning. He never would have discovered the next level success he achieved for himself had he not resigned himself to needing to learn something new, because what he knew up until the point he met his mentor wasn’t working.

The next thing that helped Jim Rohn achieve so much success was his commitment to self-development. Jim Rohn committed to becoming a better version of himself. He read all the books he could get his hands on; he learned as much as he could about sale, people skills, story telling, business, history, etc.. All what he learned made all the difference in how he presented himself, and influenced others.

Lastly, we believe that one of the biggest factors in Rohn’s success trajectory stemmed from his passion to help people. Jim Rohn knew that service to many, lead to greatness. As such, much of his energy was focused on adding as much value as he possibly could towards improving the lives of others. And the result was…. his ability to make a fortune many times over and a supersized legacy.

Related Success Quotes

Here are a few of his most popular quotes related to his success ethos:

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Final Thoughts

This Jim Rohn success story was created to highlight the success journey that was taken by Mr. Rohn, which allowed him to achieve massive success, and helped him cement his legacy as one of the most influential motivational speakers and self-development icons of all-time.

We’ve provided his most viewed and inspiring videos, and uncovered the success ethos that guided Jim Rohn in his becoming the legend he is and always will be. Here they are again to answer the question as to how Jim Rohn became successful:

Self-Belief | Receptivity to Learning | Commitment to Growth | Service to Others

Now that you have these handful of Jim Rohn success insights, go forth and apply them to improve your life.  And remember…

“For Things To Change, You Have to Change. For Things To Get Better, You Have to Get Better.”

– jim rohn –

Till you reach your aims,


PS – If you enjoyed this Jim Rohn Success Story, then we have a hunch you’ll enjoyed these collection of powerful success stories.

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the man in the arena quote

Theodore Roosevelt was a pretty amazing character!  He was a great and daring president, but even more so, he was an extraordinary human being.

When Theodore Roosevelt was just a kid, he was told by his doctors that he was too weak, sickly, and asthmatic, to live a normal life like his peers.

He was specifically instructed by his doctors, to avoid participation in any physical activity, for fear that it could aggravate his condition; potentially leading to his death.

The opinions of others initially bestowed upon him a constrained life. A life that appeared at first to be fated to limitations.


Instead of allowing someone else’s limiting beliefs about what he could do and accomplish, (considering his condition), he went on to live life fully.

Despite his doctor’s admonishments to remain inactive, he revolted, and instead did the exact opposite.  As such, he went on to have daily adventures in the woods as a boy.

Theodore Roosevelt shrugged off the fate that the world, and seemingly, even nature was trying to enforce upon him.  And, instead forced himself to be active.  He made up his mind to live a no limit type of life. He made up his mind to strive!

in the arena quote

Roosevelt didn’t want to be relegated to the “stands” of life. He didn’t want to be a casual observer of the world as it passed him by. He wanted to be a part of it. He wanted to be in the arena.

So, against the odds, he eventually went on to play sports when he got to college.  In fact, he didn’t just play, but he excelled in both boxing, and rowing; two sports that require astonishing levels of physicality and great endurance.

When Theodore Roosevelt graduated from college, another one of his doctors actually suggested that it would be best for him to find a desk job so that he could avoid any strenuous activity.

The doctors were still not convinced that his health condition was normal.  They still believed that he would be putting himself in serious danger, as the heart problems he was initially diagnosed with, had not changed.


Once again, not being one to accept someone else’s fate for him; Theodore Roosevelt decided not to heed the seemingly misguided advice of his doctors.

Instead, he would overcome his physical limitations by going on to live an extremely strenuous adult life.

In just about every capacity, he would aim to push his physical limits.  Impressively, he would go on to do so as an explorer, a hunter, a cowboy, an author, a soldier, a judoka (practioner of judo), and a politician.

Ultimately, Theodore Roosevelt transcended the limits imposed upon him by both nature and those figures closest to him, to go on to become one of the most powerful men in the world, when he took office as the 26th president of the United States of America.


man in the arena

On April 23rd, 1910 in Paris France, Theodore Roosevelt made the following speech.  It is a speech that has gone on to become one of his most famous, and it is the essence of his political and personal philosophy.

“It Is Not The Critic Who Counts; Not The Man Who Points Out How The Strong Man Stumbles, Or Where The Doer Of Deeds Could Have Done Them Better. The Credit Belongs To The Man Who Is Actually In The Arena, Whose Face Is Marred By Dust And Sweat And Blood, Who Strives Valiantly; Who Errs And Comes Short Again And Again; Because There Is Not Effort Without Error And Shortcomings; But Who Does Actually Strive To Do The Deed; Who Knows The Great Enthusiasm, The Great Devotion, Who Spends Himself In A Worthy Cause, Who At The Best Knows In The End The Triumph Of High Achievement And Who At The Worst, If He Fails, At Least He Fails While Daring Greatly. So That His Place Shall Never Be With Those Cold And Timid Souls Who Know Neither Victory Nor Defeat.”Theodore Roosevelt

In Audio Form

Here’s a powerful version of Theodore Roosevelt’s ‘Man In The Arena Quote’. It’s only 2 minutes and 49 seconds long, and is worth listening to as well for the effect. Enjoy!

Video Credit: RedFrost Motivation (Subscribe Here)

There is much to learn from Theodore Roosevelt.  He was the ultimate man in the arena.  And he has the list to prove it, as he achieved the following:

  • Became The Youngest U.S President in U.S. History
  • Facilitated the Construction of the Panama Canal
  • Was Awarded the Medal of Honor
  • Was the 1st American to Be Awarded the Nobel Peace Prize
  • Graduated from Harvard University
  • Made in onto Mount Rushmore
  • Created the U.S. Forest Service

Considering all these accomplishments, it’s not hard to imagine him being marred by dust and sweat and blood.  In figuring out how to transcend his limits, he came to know high achievement.

Certainly, the great man who we have all come to know as Theodore Roosevelt, lived up to the famous quote which he eloquently spoke to the world so long ago.


If you’re the type of person who wants to do more, wants to achieve more, and aspires to become something more in this life, then I respectfully suggest that you reflect upon the life of Theodore Roosevelt.

Study the powerful suggestions weaved throughout his famous ‘Man In the Arena’ quote, and consider what limits you yourself have allowed to suppress your own achievements up until this point.

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, artist, author, or just someone who secretly knows that they can become more than they currently are… I ask you this; what limitations are you allowing to hold you back?  

Once you have the answer to that, channel your inner Theodore Roosevelt, and make up your mind to revolt against them.   If you do this… you too, can become the man in the arena.

Till next time,


.PS  –  If you’re ready to unleash your inner Teddy Roosevelt and start living like a lion, and not a lamb, leverage this post to build confidence in yourself A.S.A.P.

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