5 Years Till Forever

Living a Life of Purpose

In early 2011, I expressed to my soon-to-be wife my intention to write a book.  I informed her that the book I wanted to write, was going to be called ‘5 Years Till Forever’, and that it would be published around late 2016 or so.

I asked her to bear with me, as I needed a little time to write this book, especially after accomplishing some Big Harry Audacious goals that I was preparing to set for myself over the next five years.

The Book That Wasn’t

The premise of the book was to be a real-word account about my journey of going from just being laid off, and having very little money in the bank, to reaching a strong and secure financial point in my life.  A point in my life where I could essentially retire early, freeing me up so I could pursue my life’s purpose (my Dharma).

The complete title of the book, sub-heading and all, was to be called ‘5 Years Till Forever: 1,825 Days to Dharma’.  As you probably guessed by now, the book was never written, nor published.

You see, a lot occurred in those past five years.  All the goals I was setting up to achieve, so that I could reach ‘multi-millionaire’ status and retire early didn’t quite pan out like I had planned.

For instance, one of the big goals that was to occur by the end of that five year period, was for me to own 10 investment properties free-and-clear, so that I could live off of the passive income from each.  Once I reached THIS point, I would THEN be able to get started on what I was called to do.  I would be able to finally begin living a life of purpose.

The Magic of Goal Setting

The crazy thing is, nothing happened the way it was ‘supposed to happen’, accept… that it did.  You see, I didn’t become a multi-millionaire, I didn’t ‘hit it big’ in any of my businesses, I didn’t even pay down the mortgages on those 10 homes, let alone purchased 10 of them.

I even had a couple of monkey wrenches thrown into the whole process.  You know, having kids, career changes, moving, life events, etc..

What did go right; however, was that I reached my main objectives.  It didn’t happen exactly like I had planned it.  The book wasn’t written, and every detail of the process didn’t occur in the order or the way I initially thought they needed to.

Amazingly, with the way things turned out, I can now write my book. Five years have passed, and through much focus and serious effort, I am now in a position financially, physically, mentally, and spiritually, where I can do exactly what I want… where I can do what I believe I am called to do.  I found my forever!  I am now living a life of purpose.

It Happened for Me

You see, here I am today, living an awesome, financially-sound life, with massive time-freedom, publishing not a book titled ‘5 Years Till Forever’, but a post on this website, with the same message and title that I wanted to provide to the world five years ago.

It happened for me! I now get to focus on my Dharma, my life’s purpose, my greatness in the making.

The very fact that you are reading this intro message to my new project, The STRIVE, is a testament to the fact that dreams do come true, and if such “luck” can happen for me, it can happen for you.  Although it may not always occur in the exact ways we first envision it, it comes none-the-less, when it is earned.

So here we are.

What are you called to do?  Are you striving to live a life of purpose?


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