Who Am I?

From Conquered To Conqueror

This is Episode 004 of The Greatness Project! It’s an introductory session, where I give details related to what you can expect from the show.

Conquer Self Doubt

Plus I also reveal a bit of dirt on myself and give you the low-down on what the show is all about.

In this 16-minute episode, I am going to let you in on some events that happened to me in my past that I’ve learned a lot from.  They are events that side-lined me so-to-speak, so I am not 100% comfortable saying them out loud, let alone to the entire internet world who will be able to listen in as well.  You’ll definitely notice my discomfort in sharing the information when you listen in.

From Conquered to Conqueror

I feel if you’re going to be an active listener or reader of the blog, you should know a bit more about the host.  As such, I plan to fill you in with two short stories related to self-belief, because they are essentially the foundation for what I am doing with this podcast and my business in general.

You’ll Learn

  • How to Leverage Past Failures into Current Success.
  • The Underling Message Behind Think Strive Become
  • More about Yours Truly, Nate The Great
  • Importance of Self-Belief
  • Expectation and Frequency of The Podcast


I share quotes from the following resources during this session.

Music:  Amen Omen

Book:   Think and Grow Rich


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Thanks again for your attention and for listening in my friends.  I sincerely hope you got some value from this episode.  If your fire was lit just a bit after listening to the show, but you still need a slight nudge of self-belief to get you out there to start Rocking Your Life, check out this resource I created… IT WILL HELP YOU IGNITE!

Lastly, if we aren’t already connected on Facebook and Twitter let’s change that.  As they say… Iron sharpens Iron.

Until Next Time!  Go BE GREAT!!!


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