Trust Your Gut Avoid The Rut

If Life Seems Gray It May Be Time To Stray

Welcome to episode 6 of the Greatness Project.  In this solo session I provide background on my journey out of the darkness of monotony and into the light of opportunity.



I begin the session with a review on  how I got back on my feet after dropping out of graduate school, and how I went about getting my fire back after it slowly started to be smothered.  A smothering that started to take place shortly after re-entry into the labor force after grad school.  I also give an account of my decision to trust my gut, and to turn away from the ordinary in the hopes that I may one day experience living the extraordinary.

You’ll Learn

  • How to Leverage Your Commute to Crush Life
  • About One of My Mentor’s: Jim Rohn
  • Why You Should Trust Your Gut
  • How It’s Okay to Stray if Life Seems Gray

Resources Mentioned:


Audio:  Jim Rohn

Inspiration MentionedJim Rohn

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Thanks for your attention and for listening in my friends.  I truly hope you got some value from this episode.  Remember, we only get one shot at this thing called life… so trust your gut ….seize your moment… seize your Greatness,

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Until Next Time!  Go BE GREAT!!!


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