The Power of Extra Effort

Welcome to episode 018 of The Greatness Project.  In this session, I talk about one of my favorite topics, extra effort.

The Power of Extra Effort

The Power of Extra Effort

Extra Effort has been my secret sauce for much of my success in almost every endeavor of my life.  No I haven’t yet made a bazillion dollars, but I have done some pretty cool and very unique things in my life thus far.

I would venture to say, that I’ve had enough successes in various areas of my life, to speak confidently on the subject.  If I didn’t believe this, I wouldn’t be wasting my time, because I would be wasting yours.

As such, this short free-form session dives into the idea of embracing extra effort as a superpower.  Use it as a simple reminder, to dial up your effort levels.

Why?  Because a little extra effort applied in any area can’t hurt. And because extra effort is key to you getting better results in your life; be it financially, professionally, or personally.

Keep what you like, disregard what you don’t.

You Learn:

Some Results I’ve Experienced with Extra Effort

Why You Should Embrace Extra Effort as a Philosophy

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