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steven spielberg net worth

Steven Spielberg is without question one of the most successful filmmakers of all-time. He’s directed some of the most well-known and awe-inspiring films in history, including classics like ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’, ‘Jaws’, ‘Schindler’s List’, ‘E.T’, and ‘Saving Private Ryan’ just to name a few. Spielberg is a moving-making powerhouse, having directed over 34 hit films, and winning three academy awards, he’s managed to build for himself an impressive and sizeable fortune. So, that’s exactly what this page aims to highlight, Steven Spielberg’s net worth, and his estimated annual earning power.

What Is Steven Spielberg’s Net Worth?

steven spielberg net worth

Steven Spielberg’s net worth in 2017 according to Forbes was approximately $3.7 billion. With over $200 million of his net worth tied up in real estate these days, the bulk of his fortune is most likely in assets that have grown at the average annual growth rate of the markets between 7 and 12%.[1]

As such, Steven’s Spielberg’s net worth in 2023 is estimated at approximately $7 billion.

How Much Does Steven Spielberg Make?

Having netted $360 million from Jurassic Park, which grossed $1.03 billion, we can estimate his cut from movies to be at around 35%. Of course this is just an estimate, but if it’s accurate, it mean’s Spielberg has earned at least $3.7 billion from his movies over the past 51 years.

Having grossed over $10 billion for his existing productions, he’s managed to keep a good chunk of this money for himself.

That said, according to Parade, Steven Spielberg’s average annual income is around $150 million per year.[2] But, we couldn’t confirm how they got that number.

So, here is our own baseline income for Steven Spielberg based on the earning power of his net worth alone. To get this number, Spielberg would first need to move all of $7 billion net worth into an income generating asset (like REITS or Dividend Stocks). Then we must infer that Spielberg is a savvy enough investor to earn at least a 4% dividend payout on his fortune, which is doable considering 3 to 5% is the historical average payout for conservative assets.

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Thus, Steven Spielberg’s baseline annual income would easily translate into $280 million per year. Not bad for never having to lift a finger again to earn himself a buck.

Here’s a further breakdown of these numbers:

Steven Spielberg Money Metrics

Money MetricAmount
2023 Net Worth:$7,000,000,000
**Earnings Per Year:$280,000,000
Per Month:$23,333,333
Per Week:$5,385,029
Per Day:$769,289
Per Hour:$32,053
Per Min:$534
Per Sec:$8.9

Note: this is a hypothetical (but very possible) earnings Metric for Steven Spielberg based off of his net worth’s earning power alone.  It does not include how much he potentially earns from on going projects, sponsorships, or consulting, etc. Again, this page and our calculations are for entertainment purposes only.

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How Did Steven Spielberg Get So Rich?

Steven Spielberg has been making movies for over five decades now, so he’s had plenty of time to improve his craft.

Besides being one of the best of the best (if not the greatest) when it comes to directing, much of Steven Spielberg’s success can be pinned down to his expressive imagination, his gift of story telling, ability to keep himself at the cutting edge of technology developments in the film industry, and penchant for making movies that are loved by kids and adults alike.

So, how did Steven Spielberg get so rich? By leveraging his talents and love for filmmaking to create masterpieces for people to enjoy.

Here’s a few of insightful Spielberg quotes that give us a hint at what may have lead him to find the success and riches he now enjoys;

Here’s what you can gather from these quotes. He follows his intuition, he trusts himself. Money is not why he does what he does. He’s driven by something more. And lastly, he dreams for a living. In other words, he followed and continues to follow his dreams.

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Key Takeaways

 Here are the key takeaways from this Steven Spielberg net worth profile:

  • Spielberg’s Net Worth:  $7 billion
  • Annual Earnings **:  $280 million
  • Keys to Success:  Discovered His Gift, Self-Trust, Follows His Dreams

There you have it, the net worth of Steven Spielberg and a handful of insights that may help you get on tracking to finding more success and building your own fortune.

Till you reach your aims,


** These earnings are hypothetical and calculated off of the earning power of Steven Spielberg’s net worth alone, assuming a 4% annual dividend yield.

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