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Motivational Sayings

Motivational sayings and phrases can reinvigorate us. Sure, they’re just words. But sometimes, a few good words is all it really takes to rekindle that fire that burns within all of us — that fire that yearns to reach it’s potential.

No doubt, everyone experiences moments or days even when they feel unmotivated, uninspired, and scattered. But, the key to reaching our potential and those dreams that once filled us with hope, is to press on when the going gets tough.

With that being said, there are no better words than this collection of powerful motivational sayings and phrases to help you reawaken your fighting spirit. So, give them a read, and let them inspire and move to feel and act once again, like the Rockstar you are. Let’s get to it.

Best Motivational Sayings to Help You Reach Your Potential

Best Motivational Sayings

1. “You Can Have Results Or Excuses, You Can’t Have Both.”

The person who wastes time making excuses for why they can’t do something, or why something won’t work, automatically puts themselves at a disadvantage against the person who immediately takes action.

So, get to work on achieving the results you seek, and leave the excuse making for your competitors.

2. “A Winner Is A Dreamer Who Never Gives Up.”

There really is only one true way to fail in life, and that is to give up. Slowing down, pivoting, and recalibrating is not the same as giving up. So don’t fret if you’re in a rut, and if things are challenging for you at the moment.

Just stay determined to keep moving forward no matter what, and the obstacles life throws your way will eventually get out of your way.

3. “If You’re Circle Doesn’t Inspire You… You Don’t Have a Circle, You Have a Cage.”

Too many people fail to see that what’s really holding them back is not a lack of ambition, lack of talent, or lack of skills, but rather, a lack of clarity that some of the people in our lives are suppressing our potential.

So, be sure to pay special attention to who the doubters, the negative-nellies, and the short-sighted people are in your life, and minimize the amount of time you spend with them.

4. “Great Things Never Come From Comfort Zones.”

Study a handful of successful people, and you’ll quickly realized that many had to overcome various situations of discomfort before they reached their aims.

So, embrace this motivational phrase, and learn from many successful people who have come before you to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

5. “Pause If You Must, But Don’t Stop.”

Pause, But Don't Stop Motivational Phrase

Success is hard, not doubt about it. But the challenge in reaching your aim is partially what makes what you are striving for so valuable. So, take a break if you must. Recharge, pivot, or reassess your approach, but whatever you do, do not throw in the towel.

6. “Success Is The Best Revenge.”

Remember those who doubted you? Remember the people who laughed at your dreams?

Never forget them. In fact, make it point some day relish in their astonishment of your massive levels of success. Keep pressing forward, and that day will come.

7. “Work Hard, Stay Humble.”

Work hard and you’ll see results. Success always flows towards the hard worker; but, don’t get too ahead of yourself when your success arrives. Don’t let your “wins” lull you into complacency, because that’s when you’ll surely lose.

So, work hard, keep working hard, and regardless of how much success you achieve, always stay humble.

8. “Life Has No Rewind, Enjoy Every Minute.”

It’s easy to forget that what we do matters. Every action or inaction on our part is a collection of what our life is to become. Unfortunately, too many of us take for granted the potential that each day holds for us.

So, let us not waste another moment doing things that won’t enrich lives, let us not waste anymore time on things that don’t bring us closer to our dreams.

9. “Dreams Weigh More Than Excuses.”

If your dreams are truly important to you, you won’t make excuses for why you can’t achieve them. If your dreams are important to you, you’ll do whatever it takes to make them a reality.

So, let your dreams pull you away from those pesky excuses, and nudge you into action.

10. “No One Cares, Work Harder.”

No One Cares Work Harder Saying

This is one of our favorite motivational sayings, believe it or not, most people don’t really care about whether or not you reached your goal, or why you haven’t, especially why you haven’t. Accomplishment is a personal thing. It only matters to the person who has the power to make them real.

So, no more excuses, no more telling others why you can’t or haven’t achieved something. Just get to work on turning our dreams into reality.

11. “Nothing Changes If Nothing Changes.”

They say the definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over again, but expecting different results. So, if truly want to make change and start seeing some progress in your endeavors, do the sane thing, and switch some things up.

12. “Good Things Come To Those Who Go Out And Fu***ng Hustle.”

This is an extremely popular motivational phrase used by many brands across the web. And it’s popular for a reason, it speaks the truth.

You want to see more prosperity, find more luck, and achieve more success? Hustle, hustle, and hustle some more!

13. “Stop Saying “I Wish”, Start Saying “I Will”.”

Wishes are for children. Will is for achievers. So, put away the childish thinking, step up to plate, get into the arena of life and choose to start making things happen for you now.

14. “Hustle Until Your Haters Ask If You’re Hiring.”

The second best way to the silence your haters is to become so unbelievably successful, that they brag to others about knowing who you are. However, the best way to silence them, is to shine so bright, they’d be honored to work for you.

15. “Rest When You’re Dead.”

Rest When You're Dead Motivational Saying

Your competition isn’t taking a break, so why should you? If you want to win the prize, the promotion, the corner office, or have your enterprise succeed, you have to be prepared to outwork the competition. There’s no other way.

So, don’t you dare let up! Keep pushing till you achieve what you are after. It’s the only way. You can rest when you’re dead.

16. “Your Life Is Your Story. Write It Well, Edit Often.”

You are the author of your own life story. Everything you do or don’t do, adds to that story. The great news is, you have your whole life to create an amazing story.

So, do something today that will lend to the creation of an epic chapter.

17. “If You Can’t Change The Cards You are Dealt, Change How You Play Your Hand.”

It’s not what happens to you that makes the difference in how your life turns out, it’s what you do about what happens. So, take ownership of your situation, choose to make the best of it, and the best of it you’ll make.

18. “The Person On Top Of The Mountain Didn’t Fall There.”

We all have to start somewhere. Some of us start near the top, some towards the middle, and others near the bottom. But regardless of where you start, you can’t reach the mountain top if you don’t climb.

So, stay laser-focused on your destination, keep putting one foot in front of the other, and you will eventually reach your mountain top.

19. “The Harder You Work, The Luckier You Get.”

Action is the goddess of good luck. The more action you take and the more effort you put forth towards creating value for others, the more blessings you’ll have come your way.

So, embrace the hard work, learn to enjoy it, and before you know it you’ll be consider one of the “lucky one’s” who seems to have it all.

20. “Rule #1, Don’t Be #2.”

Rule Number One, Don't Be Number Two

Competition is the way of the world, and if you want to win your prize, you have to prepare to be the best at what you do. No doubt, you can settle for second-best, but if you do, you’ll have only yourself to blame for your second-rate life.

So pay heed to this motivational saying and strive for the best, always.

21. “If You’re Not On Forbes, Get Back To Work.”

Don’t settle. Aim for the highest and best in life, because it’s the only way you’ll ever achieve it. So if you haven’t reached your pinnacle yet, get back to it.

22. “You Miss 100% Of The Shots You Don’t Take.”

Everything is a numbers game. Life, success, relationships, you name it, it’s all a numbers game. And those who keep swinging, keep shooting, keep trying eventually hit their mark.

23. “Keep Looking Up, That’s The Secret Of Life.”

We move in the direction we face, and when we’re down, especially if we keep looking down, well…. we’ll stay down.

So, keep your face to the sunshine and your eyes on the prize, and the day will come when your dreams are realized.

24. “Follow Your Dreams They Know The Way.”

Steve Jobs once said that we should have the courage to follow our hearts and intuition. He said that our hearts somehow already know what we truly want to become. Do you believe it? We do!

Follow your dreams, they truly know the way.

25. “Act As If What You Do Makes A Difference. IT DOES.”

Act As If Quote

Your dreams matter, but if you treat them like they don’t, they’ll prove you right.

There’s an old saying that states “Life’s battles don’t always go to the stronger or faster man, but sooner or later the one who wins, Is the one who thinks he can!

Bonus Motivational Saying

Bonus: “Doubt Your Limits, Not Yourself.”

Doubt Your Limits Saying

They say doubt kills more dreams then failure ever will. Well, if true, perhaps the time has come to for you to start doubting your doubts. Perhaps the time has come for you to start doubting your limits and what you believe is impossible for you.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, the best motivational sayings to keep you inspired for success. We know how easy it is to lose steam and momentum as we strive for those things which are important to us. But, hopefully inspiring phrases and motivational sayings like these will help you get that pep in your step when you need it most.

With being, please share some of this inspiration with others, and don’t hesitate to bookmark the page, so you can back next time your motivation wanes.

Till then,


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Ray Lewis was one of the greatest Linebacker’s to ever play in the NFL, if not the greatest. More than almost any other athlete, Ray Lewis embodies the the true heart of a champion. He exudes a level of focus, determination, and work-ethic like no other. Which is why we’ve decided to publish this collection of Ray Lewis quotes.

Our hope is that they’ll inspire you to emulate the drive and work-ethic that helped Ray Lewis achieve much of his success. May they help you smash through all of your life’s challenges with the same ferocity of one of the most fearsome athletes the NFL has ever known.

So, if you’re ready to get fired up with these highly motivating Ray Lewis quotes, let’s dive right in:

Best Ray Lewis Quotes for Achieving Success

Best Ray Lewis Quotes for Motivation

Ray Lewis is a master motivator, and this initial list is a collection of our best Ray Lewis quotes for helping you achieve more success. Apply the wisdom from these quotes in all you do, and we don’t doubt you’ll eventually find more success in all you do:

1. “Never be comfortable with just enough.” – Ray Lewis

2. “Wins and losses come a dime a dozen. But effort? Nobody can judge that. Because effort is between you and you.” – Ray Lewis

3. “To be the best and stay there, sweat is necessary.” – Ray Lewis

4. “Don’t let your alarm clock, be the only reason you wake up.” – Ray Lewis

5. “The hardest thing to do is work hard when no one is watching.” – Ray Lewis

6. “If you can’t imagine yourself being out of the hood, you’ll keep going back to the hood.” – Ray Lewis

7. “What if we do the impossible?… If I miss anything about my career, it will be to listen to what people say you can’t do and then go do it.” – Ray Lewis

8. “My pain is my badge of honor.” – Ray Lewis

9. “The greatest opportunity is found here today… We already now what yesterday has got for us. It’s already gone. Tomorrow, too far away. What about right now!” – Ray Lewis

10. “I was willing to put in the work.” – Ray Lewis

I Was Willing to Put In The Work Quote By Ray Lewis

11. “I’m pissed off for greatness. Because if you ain’t pissed off for Greatness, that means you’re OK with being mediocre.” – Ray Lewis

12. “One thing about God’s will, you can never see God’s will before it happens. You can only see at the end of it.” – Ray Lewis

13. “It has nothing to do with talent and everything to do with effort.” – Ray Lewis

14. “Man believes in the possible, God believes in the impossible.” – Ray Lewis

15. “I prepare so no one can take what is mine, no one can replace my mind, my heart.” – Ray Lewis

16. “You show me your crowd, I’ll show you your future.” – Ray Lewis

17. “Man doesn’t dictate what you do or how you do it. If you believe in God, believe in God; have your faith in him. That’s where my faith lies.” – Ray Lewis

18. “You have to be careful of people who like to talk a big game but can’t back it up.” – Ray Lewis

Ray Lewis Motivational Quotes

This next batch of Ray Lewis quotes really packs a punch. These are the Ray Lewis motivational quotes that will help you up your intensity and make you want to put everything you got into your tasks at hand. Give them a read and then let them push you to find the success you’re after.

19. “Before anything great is really achieved, your comfort zone must be disturbed.” – Ray Lewis

20. “All I know is grind.” – Ray Lewis

All I know is Grind Ray Lewis Quote

21. “It don’t matter about me. What matters about me is sacrificing for you, for the ultimate goal, which is us.” – Ray Lewis

22. “My thing… is to come in and be who I am, which is the most dominant player in the game.” – Ray Lewis

23. “Do whatever you gotta do to chase your legacy every second of your life.” – Ray Lewis

24. “Greatness is a lot of small things done well stacked up on each other day after day workout after workout.” – Ray Lewis

25. “Every day of my life, I’m trying to find a different way to get better.” – Ray Lewis

26. “Don’t walk through life just playing football. Don’t walk through life just being an athlete. Athletics will fade. Character and integrity and really making an impact on someone’s life, that’s the ultimate vision, that’s the ultimate goal – bottom line.” – Ray Lewis

27. “So, if I give any credit, besides giving all credit to God, for being healthy, it’s just my workout and how much torture I put my body through in the offseason.” – Ray Lewis

Halfway There:

Keep to it, you are more than halfway through these inspiring Ray Lewis quotes, and the 2nd half only gets better.

See a quote that you like? Share it!

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28. “Pay attention who is for you, and who is against you.” – Ray Lewis

29. “Pain is only temporary, no matter how long it lasts.” – Ray Lewis

30. “Effort is between you and you.” – Ray Lewis

Effort is Between You and You Quote

31. “I’ve got kids that are always watching and I taught them to always finish something you started.” – Ray Lewis

32. “You can either make the play or you can watch the play be made.” – Ray Lewis

33. “No matter the circumstances that you may be going through, just push through it.” – Ray Lewis

34. “We get one opportunity in life. Once chance at life to do whatever you’re going to do, to lay your foundation and make whatever mark you’re going to make. Whatever legacy you’re going to leave; leave your legacy!” – Ray Lewis

Ray Lewis Quotes About Life

Ray Lewis is more than just a great football player. He has stepped up to be an inspiration to countless people through the motivational speeches and inspiring pep-talks he’s given across the country. With that said, his advice is not just applicable to finding success on the football field, but also to finding more success in life.

As such, you’ll enjoy these Ray Lewis quotes about life, and hopefully, they’ll inspire and show the way to live a more impactful one.

35. “You’ve gotta be hungry for it; ready to put everything into it. EVERYTHING! Every second. You have to be the first one to the line. That’s how leaders are born.” – Ray Lewis

36. “The only thing that follows work is results.” – Ray Lewis

37. “If tomorrow wasn’t promised, what would you give for today.” – Ray Lewis

38. “The pain you feel today will be the strength you feel tomorrow.” – Ray Lewis

39. “When I step on the field, it’s on. I know it’s time to go to work.” – Ray Lewis

40. “Whatever you want to do, Go Do It!” – Ray Lewis

Go Do It Ray Lewis Quote

41. “Success is one thing, impact is another.” – Ray Lewis

42. “Don’t the only way to defeat pain is to recognize pain exists.” – Ray Lewis

43. “You got to be willing to walk through a storm. That’s what I tell people all of the time.” – Ray Lewis

44. “Unshakeable faith and passionate work make all your dreams a reality.” – Ray Lewis

45. “Embrace your pain, maintain your faith, do your work, leave your legacy.” – Ray Lewis

46. “Bottom line, your body is a temple, and you have to treat it that way. That’s how God designed it.” – Ray Lewis

47. “I figured something out. And it is no secret what I figured out. Whatever the majority of people were doing, I found myself doing the opposite. I wanted to chase something great.” – Ray Lewis

48. “In any war, you put your back to mine, I put my back to yours, and let’s do what we gotta do.” – Ray Lewis

49. “There’s one secret to hitting hard, and that is to completely dedicate your body. That’s the difference between a man going forward and a man going backward, no matter how big he is.” – Ray Lewis

50. “Do you. Don’t do it to be liked. Do it to be respected.” – Ray Lewis

Do You - Ray Lewis

51. “What’s the difference between you and the man sitting beside you? It’s 1%. In my business. Only 1% make it. If everyone had the same dream, only 1 will make it from this crowd. Who will be that one?” – Ray Lewis

52. “With all the things I’ve been through, the No. 1 thing that I’ve learned is that we’re supposed to help people through this world.” – Ray Lewis

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53. “You’re always one play away from changing the game.” – Ray Lewis

54. “It’s better to be respected then liked.” – Ray Lewis

55. “Respect is earned. Respect is never given.” – Ray Lewis

56. “When that whistle blows we unleash hell.” – Ray Lewis

57. “Life sometimes is the most amazing thing that you can ever experience when it comes to impacting people.” – Ray Lewis

58. “You got to sacrifice something to get anything that you want to get in life.” – Ray Lewis

59. “What have you sacrificed? Everybody wants something. Everybody wants to make more money, everybody wants a bigger house, everybody wants to change their situation. My question… what are you sacrificing?” – Ray Lewis

60. “Your energy is your currency.” – Ray Lewis

Ray Lewis Energy Is Currency Quote

61. “If you principles are the foundations of who you are, then your potential is limitless.” – Ray Lewis

62. “Your principles dictate how committed you are to being successful.” – Ray Lewis

63. “This foundation, you can’t move it. This frame, you can’t bend it. I don’t just train, I push, I demand. My game, never miss it. My heart, never doubt it.” – Ray Lewis

64. “Until you get to the point in your life, that you want to change it where you will sacrifice anything…it’s the only way change is going to happen.” – Ray Lewis

65. “I always tell people who can’t find a way… DON’T EVER GIVE UP!” – Ray Lewis

66. “A goal remains a goal until you write it on a piece of paper, then it becomes a vision.” – Ray Lewis

67. “I always tried to figure out what’s the difference between good and great. Good is fitting in. GREAT is fitting out!” – Ray Lewis

68. “They say old school doesn’t help, I beg to differ. Old school is the reason I am standing here. My momma putting her hands on me… is the reason I am here.” – Ray Lewis

69. “It’s up to us to change the culture. We can’t let social media dictate what our kids see and can’t see.” – Ray Lewis

70. “Turn your pain into power.” – Ray Lewis

Pain Into Power - Ray Lewis Motivation Quotes

71. “Make your greatest power your greatest ability, which is effort, effort, effort, effort.” – Ray Lewis

72. “I learned that there’s a different side of pain. On the other side of it is GLORY, if you push through it.” – Ray Lewis

Bonus Ray Lewis Quote

Bonus: Out of all of the inspiring and motivational Ray Lewis quotes we’ve covered up until this point, this last one is probably our favorite. It’s short, but it says everything you need to know to achieve more success, make a bigger impact, and reach your full potential in life. Here it is….

“You Can, End of Story.”

– Ray lewis –

Final Thoughts

Video Credit: Chispa Motivation (Subscribe Here)

There you have it, the most hard-hitting Ray Lewis quotes on the web capable of inspiring your Greatness. Be sure to book mark this page, or come back whenever you want to channel that same relentless energy Ray Lewis used to achieve his Greatness.

With that being said, we hope you enjoyed these quotes, and if you think they can help inspire someone else to become their best, please share this page with them.

Till next time,


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Making Moves Quotes

We still believe in the American Dream here at The STRIVE. We believe that with the right attitude, an inspiring dream, and a willingness to work hard, anything is possible. So, if you’re here in search of a little inspiration to give you that boost to keep striving to further yourself or to improve your circumstances, then you’ll enjoy this collection of Making Moves Quotes.

Give them a read, and let them fire you up so you can get out there and start making moves of your own. Let’s get it!


Best Making Moves Quotes

1. “If you don’t make bold moves, the world doesn’t move forward.” – Richard Branson

2. Hustle in silence and let your success make the noise.” – Anonymous

3. “If you don’t go after what you want, you’ll never have it. If you don’t ask, the answer is always no. If you don’t step forward, you’re always in the same place.” – Nora Roberts

4. “Lay low and boss up.” – Anonymous

5. “Life is a game board. Time is your opponent. If you procrastinate, you will lose the game. You must make a move to be victorious.” – Napoleon Hill

6. “Dream no small dreams for they have no power to move the hearts of men.” – Goethe

7. “The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are.” – Anonymous

8. “Quiet moves often make a stronger impression than a wild combination with heavy sacrifices.” – Mikhail Tal

9. “Patience; this is the greatest business asset. Wait for the right time to make your moves.” – J. Paul Getty

10. “Gotta move different when you want different.” – Anonymous

11. “If you run into a wall, don’t turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it.” – Michael Jordan

12. “Make more moves and less announcements.” – Anonymous

13. “Be confident, be powerful and make moves like a boss.” – Jessica Duckett

14. “Keep making moves. Never stop working. Never stop grinding.” – Anonymous

15. “Life is about making the right decisions and moving on.” – Josh Rayburn

16. “Plot quietly and humbly. Manifest fruitfully and abundantly.” – Anonymous

17. “If you’re serious about changing your life, you’ll find a way. If you’re not, you’ll find an excuse.” – Jen Sincero

18. “Never announce your moves before you make them.” – Anonymous

19. “By working hard, by making the right moves, you can create your own luck, I think.” – Richard Branson

20. “Make moves or make excuses.” – Anonymous

21.  “The path to success is to take massive, determined action.” – Tony Robbins

22. “We uncover our nature through action.” – Steven Pressfield

23. “Look, I don’t dance now, I make money moves.” – Cardi B

24. “Money moves from those who do not manage it to those who do.” – Dave Ramsey

25. “I knew that if I failed, I wouldn’t regret that, but the one thing I might regret was not trying” – Jeff Bezos

26. “Build, not bought. Hustle, not handed. Earned, not given.” – Anonymous

27. “Dream big, start small, but most of all, start.”  –  Simon Sinek

28. “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the things you did.”  –  Mark Twain

29. “The way to get rich is to make money, not to save it.” – Kate Chopin

30. “The rich invest in time, the poor invest in money.” – Warren Buffett

31. “Don’t mistake silence for weakness. Smart people don’t plan big moves out loud.” – Anonymous

32. “Men of action are favored by the goddess of good luck.” – George S. Clason

33. “You can’t make big moves if you’re easily stumped by small thinking.” – Rene Rodriguez

34. “If you wait until you are ready, as the saying goes, you will wait forever.”  –  Gene Simmons

35. “The key to success is to start before you are ready.” – Marie Forleo

36. “I hear you making excuses but I’m far too busy making moves. Join me or be quiet.” – Anonymous

37. “Making a big life change is pretty scary. But know what’s even scarier? Regret.” – Zig Ziglar

38. “One day you will wake up and there won’t be any more time to do the things you’ve always wanted to do. Do it now.” – Paulo Coelho

39. “Go for it now. The future is promised to no one.” – Wayne Dyer

40. “Fortune favors the bold.” – Virgil

41. “Work hard and never make excuses.” – Master P

42. “Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.” –  Steve Jobs

43. “You are what you do, not what you say you do.” – Carl Jung

44. “The future depends on what you do today.” – Mahatma Ghandi

45. “If we fail to adapt, we fail to move forward.” – John Wooden

46. “Expect change. Analyze the landscape. Take the opportunities. Stop being the chess piece; become the player. It’s your move.” – Tony Robbins

47. “The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” –  Walt Disney

48. “Give your dreams all you’ve got, and you’ll be amazed at the energy that comes out of you.” –  William James

49. “Those at the top of the mountain didn’t fall there. Make your move!” – Atlas Rowe

50. “We cannot become what we want by remaining what we are.” – Max De Pree

51. “Action is the foundational key to all success.” – Pablo Picasso

52. “Take action! An inch of movement will bring you closer to your goals than a mile of intention.” – Steve Maraboli

53. “Thinking will not overcome fear but action will.” – W. Clement Stone

54. “If you don’t like where you are at, move. You’re not a tree.” – Anonymous

55. “Make your next move your best move.” – Stephen Williams

Bonus Quote on Making Moves

Bonus: Here’s one last quote we wan to leave you with, with regard to making moves….

“You Cannot Make Progress Without Making Moves.”

– the strive –

Final Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed this collection of Making Moves Quotes. If any caught your eye, please share them, because you never know you you might inspire. A few powerful words, delivered at the right time, can turn someone’s whole world around.

With that said, the only way to achieve what you want in this life is to start making moves, so get after it. And don’t stop till you get there…

Till then,


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You Are A Badass Quotes

Jen Sincero is a #1 New York Times bestselling author, speaker, and motivational coach who’s helped countless people transform their personal lives with her books, online advice, and coaching. With that said, her book You Are a Badass is a powerful resource that can help just about anyone make big and exciting changes in their lives, and level up in general. As such, we’ve rounded up some of the best You Are A Badass Quotes we could find.

Our hope is that they’ll inspire you enough to learn more about Jen Sincero’s life-changing philosophy, and prompt you to begin becoming a badass of your own.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into these power quotes from You Are a Badass:


Best You Are A Badass Quotes

1. “There’s nothing as unstoppable as a freight train full of fu**-yeah.” – Jen Sincero

2. “If you’re serious about changing your life, you’ll find a way. If you’re not, you’ll find an excuse.” – Jen Sincero

3. “You are responsible for what you say and do. You are not responsible for whether or not people freak out about it.” – Jen Sincero

4. “So often, we pretend we’ve made a decision, when what we’ve really done is signed up to try until it gets too uncomfortable.” – Jen Sincero

5. “You need to have a ten-ton gorilla of desire behind your decision or else you’ll wimp out the second things get hard.” – Jen Sincero

6. “You are loved. Massively. Ferociously. Unconditionally. The Universe is totally freaking out about how awesome you are. It’s got you wrapped in a warm gorilla hug of adoration. It wants to give you everything you desire. It wants you to be happy. It wants you to see what it sees in you.” – Jen Sincero

7. “You need to go from wanting to change your life to deciding to change your life.” – Jen Sincero

8. “What other people think about you has nothing to do with you and everything to do with them.” – Jen Sincero

9. “It never ceases to amaze me the precious time we spend chasing the squirrels around our brains, playing out our dramas, worrying about unwanted facial hair, seeking adoration, justifying our actions, complaining about slow Internet connections, dissecting the lives of idiots, when we are sitting in the middle of a full-blown miracle that is happening right here, right now.” – Jen Sincero

10. “On the other side of your fear is freedom” – Jen Sincero

11. “We only get to be in our bodies for a limited time, why not celebrate the journey instead of merely riding it out until it’s over?” – Jen Sincero

12. “Nobody who ever accomplished anything big of new or worth raising a celebratory first in the air did it from their comfort zone.” – Jen Sincero

13. “Never apologize for who you are. It lets the whole world down.” – Jen Sincero

14. “We are all perfect in our own, magnificent, f***ed-up ways. Laugh at yourself. Love yourself and others. Rejoice in the cosmic ridiculousness.” – Jen Sincero

15. “Take care of yourself as if you’re the most awesome person you’ve ever met.” – Jen Sincero

16. “You cut yourself off from the supply of awesomeness when you are not in a state of gratitude.” – Jen Sincero

17. “You are responsible for what you say and do. You are not responsible for whether or not people freak out about it.” – Jen Sincero

18. “Surrendering is the free-falling backwards into the unknown and trusting that The Universe will catch you.” – Jen Sincero

19. “Our thoughts become our words, our words become our beliefs, our beliefs become our actions, our actions become our habits, and our habits become our realities.” – Jen Sincero

20. “Deciding is freedom. Indecision is torture.” – Jen Sincero

21. “In order to kick ass you must first lift up your foot.” – Jen Sincero

22. “Say nice things about your body, dress it up, and take it out. Give it hot sex, luxurious baths, and massages. Move it, stretch it, nourish it, hydrate it, pay attention to it—The better our bodies feel, the happier and more productive we are.” – Jen Sincero

23. “Don’t waste your precious time giving one single crap about what anybody else thinks of you.” – Jen Sincero

24. “If you want to live a life you’ve never lived, you have to do things you’ve never done.” – Jen Sincero

25. “Your reality is created by what you focus on and how you choose to interpret it.” – Jen Sincero

26. “When you love yourself enough to stand in your truth no matter what the cost, everyone benefits.” – Jen Sincero

27. “Most answers reveal themselves through doing, not thinking.” – Jen Sincero

28. “Wallowing in the pain and suffering isn’t going to help anyone, yourself included, any more than starving yourself will help the hungry.  If you want to help the world and yourself, keep your frequency high and do your work from a place of power and joy.” – Jen Sincero

29. “Who you surround yourself with greatly affects how you see your world and how high you set the bar for yourself.” – Jen Sincero

30. “Your beliefs hold the key to your financial success.” – Jen Sincero

31. “When you hang out with whiners, pessimists, tweakers, bleakers, freakers-outers and life-is-so-unfairers, it’s an uphill climb to keep yourself in a positive headspace.  Stay away from people with tiny minds and tiny thoughts and start hanging out with people who see limitless possibility as the reality.” – Jen Sincero

32. “What if you decided to do the most outrageous, most exciting thing you ever dared fantasize about, regardless of what anyone, including your terrified self, thought?  THAT would be living.” – Jen Sincero

33. “All life is either moving forward and evolving or shrinking back and dying.  If you want to evolve in your own life, you have to push through the obstacles instead of running from them.  Obstacles and challenges are the agents of growth.” – Jen Sincero

34. “You are a badass. You were one when you came screaming onto this planet and you are one now. The Universe wouldn’t have bothered with you otherwise. You can’t screw up so majorly that your badassery disappears. It is who you are. It’s who you always will be. It’s not up for negotiation.” – Jen Sincero

35. “Love yourself.” – Jen Sincero

36. “You are perfect. To think anything less is as pointless as a river thinking that it’s got too many curves or that it moves too slowly or that its rapids are too rapid.” – Jen Sincero

37. “The only failure is quitting. Everything else is just gathering information.” – Jen Sincero

38. “You faith in The Universe must be stronger than your fear of not getting what you want.” – Jen Sincero

39. “One of the best things you can do to improve the world is to improve yourself.” – Jen Sincero

Bonus Quote From You Are a Badass

Bonus: Here’s one last final quote from You Are A Badass, it’s a great piece of advice, and we think that there is true power behind it. Enjoy!

“Give Yourself Permission and the Means (Yes, This Includes the Money), to Be Who You Are Regardless of What Anybody Else Things or Believes Is Possible.”

– jen sincero –

Final Thoughts

Jen Sincero created a masterpiece with her book, and as you can tell from this list of top You Are A Badass Quotes, that she has much wisdom and life-changing advice to impart.

With that said, if you have yet to read her book, you can get it here:

Note: We’re reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission

Till next time,


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Best Motivational Videos Ever

Welcome to The STRIVE and our unique list of what we believe are some of the best motivational videos ever.  But, before we get into them we want to have a quick chat with you about motivation in general.

Motivation Can Be Optimized

We believe true motivation begins from within. But, we also believe it can be optimized with motivation hacks like videos, movies, or music. In fact, there is a famous quote regarding motivation, which makes this point well, and it goes like this… “People often say that motivation doesn’t last.  Well, neither does bathing, that’s why we recommend it daily.”  This quote is from Zig Ziglar, one of best motivational speakers of the 21th century. The quote sums up a point that we aim to convince you of, and that is, this…  Motivation needs to be digested on the daily to keep you fired up towards your goals.

Definition of Motivation - Videos

Of course, we believe that true motivation always begins from within.  And that our strongest motivation to achieve will come when we have a crystal-clear vision of exactly what it is that we are trying to accomplish. However, we also believe, that we can rely on external resources to optimize our motivational levels.

Internal + External Motivation = Optimal Motivation

Optimal motivation is the state of maintaining the highest level of intensity and drive towards the achieving of one’s goals in the least amount of time. And it can be achieved when we combine both a strong and clear vision for what we want to do, with external stimulus to keep us primed for moving forward at the pace and intensity in which we began our quest to achieve our grand goals.

In other words, we can always use external motivation as the kick in the pants we need to stay on track to achieve our goals with the enthusiasm and within the time frames we initially set out to achieve them.

Therefore, to help you maintain optimal levels of motivation, we’ve pulled together a list of the 10 best motivational videos ever made.

Motivational Videos

We’ve reviewed hundreds of motivational videos for this page, and these videos are hands down, the best out there. And we did this so you don’t have to waste time viewing motivational video upon motivational video just to find that one that really gets you moving.

So, to add to your repertoire of motivation hacks, give these motivational videos a view.  And if they do the trick, bookmark this page, and come back to them whenever you are in need of optimal motivation.


Best Motivational Videos

Note: Below is our favorite list of timeless motivational videos for optimizing motivation. Each contains a short description, along with an inspiring excerpt pulled straight from the video. Enjoy!

#1 Best Motivational Video Ever

‘Versus’ is one of the most powerful motivational speeches ever. It’s like having a coach or father figure give you a little pep talk to encourage you to step up to the plate and strive for your potential. It’s short, but it packs a punch.

#2 Best Motivational Video Ever

‘How Successful People Think’ is a mashup of inspiring advice from some of the world’s most successful people, like Magic Johnson, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and many more.

#3 Best Motivational Video Ever

‘Simon Sinek On Millennials In The Workplace’ is a must see video of you are a Millennial. The bulk of the video is of Simon Sinek being interviewed by Tom Bilyeu, so it’s not your typical high-energy type of motivational video, but it is motivational none the less. Primarily because of the truthful insights Sinek provides, which will help you want to get your stuff together and start taking more action, to achieve success and something meaningful as a Millennial.

#4 Best Motivational Video Ever

‘Prove Them Wrong’ is short but powerful video that includes inspiring imagery and a handful of encouraging messages from various leaders, motivational speakers, and coaches that will make you want to get to work on achieving success and proving “them” wrong.

#5 Best Motivational Video Ever

‘How Bad Do You Want It?’ is five minutes and fifty one seconds of hard-hitting life advice from motivational speaker and performance coach Eric Thomas. If you’re serious about finding success, by the end of this video, you’ll be ready to make some serious changes in your life.

#6 Best Motivational Video Ever

‘Dream’ is a well-crafted montage of inspiring scenes from a variety of movies, with some of the most thought-provoking words of encouragement from people like Les Brown, Will Smith, and a few others. If you’re looking for motivation, it is definitely worth watching.

#7 Best Motivational Video Ever

‘Everybody Wants To Be a Beast’ is one of the most charged motivational speeches Eric Thomas has ever made. It’s real, raw, and it doesn’t sugar coat the truth about why most people fail to find the success they dream of. It’s a must watch video if you’re looking for motivational video that will practically force you stop making excuses and start taking action.

#8 Best Motivational Video Ever

‘One of the Best Motivational Videos I’ve Ever Seen’ has a long title, but it’s extremely short. The video showcases a handful of real life success stories of people who were told they wouldn’t or couldn’t be successful, yet against all odds, and against their doubter’s predictions, they prevailed. It’s worth the minute it will take you to watch it.

#9 Best Motivational Video Ever

‘Why Do We Fall’ is another masterpiece created by Mateusz M. The video montage starts off with Rocky’s motivating speech to his son, and then blends masterfully with some of the best speeches of all time from movies like ‘Any Given Sunday’, ‘Pursuit of Happyness’, and many more. It’s a great video that will make you want dig deep down to find the motivation you need.

#10 Best Motivational Video Ever

‘Rocky 5 Lessons of Life’ is a highly emotional scene from Rocky 5, where Rocky is reminiscing about a pep talk he had with Micky when he was still alive. It has a slow start, but the climax of the scene makes it one of the most powerful pep-talks you’ll probably ever hear.

Did We Say 10?  

Okay, so we lied a little.  We had to sneak a bonus video in.  It is an old one, but full of fire!  It is also one of the most watched motivational videos ever, ever, ever, ever (failed attempt at an echo).  Seriously, 30,000,000 views and counting.

Bonus Motivational Video

“Unbroken’ is a motivational masterpiece. It consists of some of the most inspirational quotes from visionary Steve Jobs, Les Brown, and others, and combines them with breathtaking, that’s well synced with a stunning soundtrack Do yourself a favor and watch It!

Stay On Track

There you have it, THE list of the best motivational videos ever made. Here’s a quick recap of our list for ease of reference:

  1. ‘Versus’
  2. ‘How Successful People Think’
  3. ‘Simon Sinek On Millennials In The Workplace’
  4. ‘Prove Them Wrong’
  5. ‘How Bad Do You Want It?’
  6. ‘Dream – Motivational Video’
  7. ‘Everybody Wants to Be a Beast’
  8. ‘One of The BEST Motivational Videos I’ve Ever Seen’
  9. ‘Why Do We Fall’
  10. ‘Rocky 5 Lessons of Life’
  • Bonus: ‘Unbroken – Motivational Video’

We hope these videos help you like they have helped us.

We hope they help you create optimal levels of motivation for staying on track and achieving more.  If you found value in this convenient collection of motivational videos by all means share it…

Do you have a motivational video or inspirational video that really gets you fired up to rock life?  Is there a motivational video that you think should be on this list?  If so, let us know in the comments section below.

Also, if you enjoyed this motivational resource, then you’ll certainly enjoy these popular 100 motivational blogs and absolutely love this list of best motivational books ever.

Don’t let your fire wane…stay lit, stay motivated, and whatever you do, don’t stop striving!

Till next time…


PS – If you’ve gone through all of these inspiring videos, but you’re still looking for something more, something more tangible, give this motivational journal a look. It may just be exactly what you need!

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Motivational Rap Songs

Motivation comes to us from a variety of sources. Sometimes it comes to us after reading a good book, or watching an inspiring movie. Other times, it comes after reviewing our goals, watching a moving video, or eyeing over a few powerful quotes. And then there’s music, motivational rap music. That’s right, some of best motivation can be found in motivational rap songs.

It’s doesn’t matter if you’re looking to get hyped up for a big game, motivated to go the gym, or fired up to get your hustle on, motivational rap music always delivers.

With that said, since we cover all things motivation here at The STRIVE, we’ve rounded up some of the best motivational rap songs of all-time. Some songs are newer, while some are classics. Our hope is that they’ll help you get hyped up and motivated to chase your goals and get your hustle on. So, with out further ado, let’s dive into these motivational songs:


Best Motivational Rap Songs

Note: viewer discretion is advised. The motivational rap videos listed below contain explicit lyrics and opinions expressed within them that are solely the artists’, and may not necessarily reflect the opinions and beliefs of the site or it’s affiliates.

1.) Jay Rock, ‘Win’

You’ve got to be determined to win before you actually do. And you’ve got to be willing to cut loose anything and anyone that tries to stand between success and you.

Jay Rock captures this essence extremely well in his enticing hype song, ‘Win’.

2.) Chris Brown, ‘Look At Me Now’

Chris Brown created a classic with this song. His message hits hard and is relatable. No doubt, it’s a message we all aim to eventually express one day, especially to all of our haters and everyone who doubted us.

3.) NF, ‘When I Grow Up’

This is a great motivational rap song by NF. If you’re looking for a fresh sound with a powerful message about following your dreams, this is it.

4.) Drake, ‘Started From The Bottom’

Drake’s ‘Started From The Bottom’ flows well and has a powerful message that resonates with every listener who has ever struggled to make their way. It’s also a motivating song, in that is forces the audience to reflect on their progress, if their arrival to “Here” has yet to be achieved.

5.) Kendrick Lamar, ‘Humble’

There’s a lot to Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Humble’, probably too much for us to unpack here. Without a doubt, this song requires some introspection.

But, the beats alone when combined with the underlying essence and charge of the song, can fire up just about anyone!

6.) Eminem, ‘Till I Collapse’

Is almost as if Eminem was purposely trying to create a motivational rap song with this one. ‘Till I Collapse’ just oozes with lyrics and imagery of never giving up, of pushing forward and persisting no matter what, till you reach your greatness.

If there were a genre of rap known as motivation rap, this gem would be in it.

7.) Nas, ‘Hate Me Now’

Nas is a legend in the rap industry, and he created a timeless work of art with ‘Hate Me Now’. So much so that people are still rocking it to this day. ‘Hate Me Now’ is definitely a power song that will get you hustling just to spite your haters.

8.) Rick Ross, ‘Every Day I’m Hustling’

Rick Ross created what many consider to be a true ‘Hustler’s Anthem’ with ‘Hustlin”. The song’s hook is catchy, motivating, and leave’s the audience wanting to listen to the song again and again.

But most importantly, the song makes you want to get to work on making your money.

9.) T.I., ‘Whatever You Like’

The lyrics of T.I.’s ‘Whatever You Like’ aren’t intentionally inspiring. But, his words do evoke imagery of being a baller or “making it”, and thus having the means to give your lady, girlfriend, or whatever… whatever her heart desires. It’s definitely a status worth striving for, and is motivating to anyone who aspires to give their special “other” whatever it is they like.

Oh, and the beat is on point too, which is another reason why it belongs on our list of top motivational rap songs.

10.) M.I.A.,’Paper Planes’

Many people may have never heard of M.I.A., but she’s been around for awhile, and despite the song being aged a few years, it’s like fine wine, and only gets better with age.

It’s got a slick beat and strong hook that makes you want start “stacking paper” (making money) A.S.A.P.

11.) Meek Mill, ‘Dreams and Nightmares’

‘Dreams And Nightmares’ has a slower tempo than the other motivational rap songs listed. So, it’s not your typical motivational hype song. But the lyrics are powerful and speak truth to getting after it in the real world.

You can really feel Meek Mills’ struggle with climbing to success, being stuck at the bottom, then rising to the top, and then having to deal with haters. It’s a good underdog song that really resonates with anyone who’s had ambition but has been written off and doubted.

12.) Kanye West, ‘Gold Digger’

Kanye West has produced so many great rap songs, but ‘Gold Digger’ has a baller vibe to it unlike others. It has a catchy refrain, and a few powerful lyrics that speak to the ambitious.

13.) Big Sean, ‘Blessings’

‘Blessings’ has a strong beat that is focused. His lyrics showcase his appreciation for all that he’s earned, his blessings. But they also evoke an appreciation for the grind, and the importance putting in the effort to reap your blessings.

It’s a powerful and motivating rap song that you’ll come to appreciate the more you listen to it.

14.) Wiz Khalifa, ‘Work Hard Play Hard’

‘Work Hard Play Hard’ has a slow start, but once it gets going, it’s bumps. This motivational rap definitely belongs in your gym or hard-hitting songs play list.

It’s hook will get you every time.

15.) Cardi B, ‘Bodak Yellow’

‘Bodak Yellow’ just oozes hustle and grind. It’s packed lots of attitude and references to making money moves. Without a doubt, this song belongs on your playlist of motivational rap songs.

16.) 2Pac, ‘Ambitionz Az A Ridah’

Tupac created so many timeless songs it’s difficult to keep track of them all. But ‘Ambitionz Az A Ridah’ is definitely one that stands out, especially if you’re looking to get hyped up and primed to get after it.

17.) Jay-Z & Kanye West, ‘****** In Paris’

Jay-Z and Kanye really pulled together a master jam with this song. It’s just one of those raps song you want to turn the volume up on, and place on replay.

The song is pretty much about balling hard and being a badass, but we’ll just borrow a line from their song and state that no one really knows what the song means, but it’s proactive get’s the people going!’ And that’s all that matters when you’re rocking a motivational rap song!

18.) Eminem, ‘Lose Yourself’

‘Lose Yourself’ has at some point in time, been on just about everyone’s motivational songs playlist. Yes, it’s been around for ages, but it still has a raw and motivating essence to it that make’s you want to start taking action to seize your moment.

19.) Kanye West, ‘Mercy’

Kanye apparently knows what he’s doing when it comes to making great beats, as he’s made the list again for motivating rap songs. No doubt, Ye’s net worth is a reflection of his musical genius and lyrical artistry.

With that said, the lyrics of this song are good, but the beat and the hook is where it really shines.

20.) DMX, ‘Rough Ryders Anthem’

‘Ruff Ryders Anthem’ will forever be on our list of top motivational rap songs. It’s an anthem that has that “war drums” feel to it. It’ll get you bobbing your head every time and deserves a spot on your playlist.

21. ) DJ Khaled, ‘All I Do I Win’

The title of the song says it all. It’s a good motto to live by, and a powerful saying to reaffirm to yourself. With that said, this a good rap song to listen to when you want to pump yourself with confidence.

22.) Fort Minor, ‘Remember The Name’

‘Remember The Name’ belongs on our list of top motivation rap songs because of the sheer intensity of the song. It’s one of those songs that makes you want unleash your inner badass, and let everybody know about as your doing it.

It’s great song to inspire you and move you to lean into your legacy.

23.) Lil Wayne, ‘Money on My Mind’

Lil Wayne has been inspiring and moving people with his lyrics and songs for decades now. But ‘Money On My Mind’ is one of his more hustle focus songs. Because the hustle is really about the love for the grind, not the money.

As such, this song definitely belongs on this list.

24.) Nas, ‘I Can’

‘I Can’ puts Nas on the list again. He definitely penned a masterpiece with this one, creating a song that can an inspire the youth, as well us grown folks. His message is clear, encouraging, and easy to listen to.

So, if there’s one motivational hip hop song you want your kids listening to, it’s this one.

25.) Post Malone, ‘Congratulations’

Last but not least is Post Malone’s ‘Congratulations’. This is a chill song in terms of it’s tempo, but the powerful lyrics and it’s underlying message is where this song pops.

The underlying message of this song, at least from our perspective (we could be wrong) taps into the essence of Malone’s struggle for success, and how he earned it through hard work, dedication, and effort. Qualities unlike those of the people who doubted him and said that he would never make it (the fakers, haters, and posers). In short, it’s one of top motivational rap songs because it touches on what it looks like to succeed and become famous.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, the best of the best when it comes to motivational rap songs. Here’s a quick list to recap what we believe to be the best hype rap songs of pretty much all time. And just for your own awareness, the songs we chose are by no means listed in any particular order. Here they are again for quick reference:

  1. Jay Rock, ‘Win’
  2. Chris Brown, ‘Look At Me Now’
  3. NF, ‘When I Grow Up’
  4. Drake, ‘Started From The Bottom’
  5. Kendrick Lamar, ‘Humble’
  6. Eminem, ‘Till I Collapse’
  7. Nas, ‘Hate Me Now’
  8. Rick Ross, ‘Hustl’n’
  9. T.I., ‘Whatever You Like’
  10. M.I.A., ‘Paper Planes’
  11. Meek Mill, ‘Dreams And Nightmares’
  12. Kanye West, ‘Gold Digger’
  13. Big Sean, ‘Blessings’
  14. Wiz Khalifa, ‘Work Hard Play Hard’
  15. Cardi B, ‘Bodak Yellow’
  16. 2Pac, ‘Ambitionz Az A Ridah’
  17. Jay-Z & Kanye West, ‘N****** In Paris’
  18. Eminem, ‘Lose Yourself’
  19. Kanye West, ‘Mercy’
  20. DMX, ‘Rough Ryders Anthem’
  21. DJ Khaled, ‘All I Do I Win’
  22. Fort Minor, ‘Remember The Name’
  23. Lil Wayne, ‘Money On My Mind’
  24. Nas, ‘I CAN’
  25. Post Malone, ‘Congratulations’

If you enjoyed our selection motivational rap songs, please be sure to share the page with someone who you think could use a little motivation or fire to get them going. Lastly, here are a few addition resources we think you’ll enjoy if you’re seeking even more motivation:

Top Motivational Books

Motivational Audiobooks

Best Motivational Sites

Motivational Hustle Quotes

Motivating Entrepreneur Quotes

Till next time,


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