Leveraging Resources & Support Systems to Succeed

Power Thoughts From Professor Imelda K. Moises, P.h.D.

Welcome to Episode 002 of The Greatness Project podcast.  In this session I interview Professor Imelda K. Moises, Ph.D.

Success Through Resourcefulness

Power Thoughts From A Proactive Professor:

Imelda is a Zambian Born, American Educated Professor who provides tons of useful insights that can help activate anyone who may currently feel ‘stuck’ where they are at in life.

A big focus of the show is about how to leverage your resources and support systems to reach your goals and ultimately succeed in life.

Imelda also gives us some of her unique strategies for overcoming personal roadblocks, adversity, and reveals insights related to how she reached her own success milestones on her journey to becoming a successful professor.

All in all, there is much inspiration to be found within her story and life experiences.  Below is a summary of some of the main takeaways you’ll get from listening to this episode.

You’ll Learn

  • Why Having a Passion to Succeed is Critical for Achievement
  • The Importance of a Good Support Systems
  • Ways to Leverage Your Resources to Succeed
  • How to Stay Hopeful Amidst Adversity
  • The Importance of Taking Time for Yourself

Resources Mentioned:

Specific media that Gets Imelda Fired Up to Crush Life

Music:  I am by Bon Jovi

Movie:  Long Walk to Freedom 

Book:  Gifted Hands


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Special thanks to Imelda for courageously sharing her life experiences and success strategies on the show.  To learn more about Imelda and keep up with what she has going on, you can visit her University of Miami profile Hereor follow her on Twitter .

Until next time!  GO BE GREAT!!!

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