K.M.F. – Keep Moving Forward

Welcome back to the Greatness Project.  Episode 34 is about a simple message that can be summarized in three letters… K.M.F.

Keep Moving Forward - KMF


Today’s episode is a simple, short, solo session.  After reading about how 90% of all businesses fail, and how 92% of all people fail to reach the goals they set out for themselves at the beginning of each year, I thought I’d use this episode to spread some good vibes of encouragement.

Vibes that we can all hear and use from time to time.   My main goal with this episode is to help you keep moving forward towards your goals.  To K.M.F!

You’ll Get

  • Encouragement
  • Virtual Support
  • Why You Need to Keep Moving Forward

Bonus Video

Video Courtesy of Ben Lionel Scott 

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