Harvard, Hardships, and Tech Startups – Dr. Sean Penwell

Perseverance, Pursuit, and Purpose

This is Episode 3 of the Greatness Project. Welcome back friends. In this session I interview a very special guest, my very own brother Dr. Sean Penwell.

Sean Penwell

Dr. Sean Penwell reveals the mindset that helped him earn a $300,000 full ride scholarship to Harvard Medical School, and shares how he was able overcome the challenge of growing up in a single parent household, with three other siblings in one of the worst neighborhoods (The Devil’s Triangle) in the far west Texas city of El Paso.

Perseverance, Pursuit, and Purpose:

In this episode Dr. Sean Penwell also tells of his inspirational and courageous decision to fearlessly pursue his passion of launching a new health oriented tech startup.  Below are some additional takeaways you’ll get from the show.

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You’ll Learn

  • The Mindset of a High Achiever
  • Why Talent Isn’t Everything
  • The Value of Perseverance
  • About Personal Doubt as an Adversity
  • The Importance of Dreaming and Believing Big

Resources Mentioned:

Specific Media that Gets Sean Moving!

Music:  Sabotage

Movie:  Top Gun

Book:  Gifted HandsToqueville

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Special thanks again, to Dr. Sean Penwell for sharing his message and success insights on the show.  You can learn more about Sean via this Physician Spotlight published by the Los Angeles Medical Association, or by visiting the website of his tech startup at HealthStarTech.com.

Until next time!  GO BE GREAT!!!

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  • Sean Penwell

    Thanks again for having me on your show Nate! Looking forward to some awesome future podcasts. I will definitely will be signing up for your subscription list – I need to know when the future podcasts come out. All the best!

  • Jmo

    One of my favorites so far! Very inspiring!