The Financially Fit Philosophic Pharmacist

The Power of Mindset, Hustle, and Financial Goal Setting with Dr. Adam Rogers

Welcome to the first episode of the Greatness Project, the designated Podcast for this site.

My apologies in advance for the less than perfect audio quality.  Please don’t let the imperfect sound deter you from listening, as there are some valuable bits of knowledge to be gathered from Adam that you can use to improve and grow yourself.

The Show’s First Guest is Dr. Adam Ray Rogers:

Adam is a financially fit philosophizing pharmacist who in this first episode, provides some inspiring insights related to his humble beginnings, lays out the unconventional path he took in deciding on his profession as a pharmacist, and relays some powerful insights on the importance of hustle and mindset as a bedrock of his success, both as a professional pharmacist and as a successful real estate investor.

Our financially fit guest also gives a fresh outlook related to seizing opportunities, detailing why it’s important to evaluate opportunities (especially as we grow and progress in our life) vs. seizing every opportunity that we come across.  Below is a list of some of the main talking points covered in the interview that you may find value in.

You’ll Learn

  • Refreshing Perspective on Seizing Opportunity
  • The Importance of Strategizing Success
  • Why We Should Dream BIG But Start Small
  • The Importance of Balancing Your Efforts to Successfully Reach Your Goals
  • The Importance of Aggressively Planning for Your Financial Future
  • Key Success Factors of a Superstar Pharmacist and Real Estate Investor
  • The Importance of Mindset on Success
  • A Power Mind Hack That Adam Uses to Smash Through Adversity

Resources Mentioned:

Specific Media that Gets Adam Fired Up to Conquer Life.

Music: Linkin Park

Movie: Pumping Iron

Book: Rich Dad Poor Dad  |  Body For Life

Ebook: The Fearless Formula


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Special thanks to Adam for braving the show with his bro.  To learn more about Dr. Adam Rogers and keep up with what he has going on, you can follow him on Twitter.

Until next time!  GO BE GREAT!!!

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